Applock is an application for our Android device useful to block the applications, documents, or images that we want through a security PIN or a pattern. Something very useful when you do not want people to access certain files that you consider very personal or applications that you do not want others to see.

Sometimes, we have so many passwords or unlocking patterns that we forget them. If this happens to us, there is a very simple way you can skip the blocking of AppLock on Android. You do not need to have your phone rooted or any other application downloaded, just follow the steps shown below:

Recover applications

The simplest and easiest way to bypass AppLock is to uninstall it completely from your Android device. To do this, hold down the application from the application box and then tap on Uninstall.

Search for the app in the application traySearch for the app in the application tray

In the pop-up window, confirm the uninstallation:

Confirm the uninstallationConfirm the uninstallation

As we can see, it is relatively easy to bypass the security of this application just by uninstalling it. We say relatively since this only works for blocking applications, for documents such as photos, videos, and so on, it is different.

Recover documents (photos, videos, and more)

When we hide a document with AppLock, it is automatically hidden from the device and it is not enough to uninstall it to see the document again. This solution is very simple and in 5 minutes, it will be done:

We have to reinstall the AppLock application that we will find at the end of this guide:

Download the applicationDownload the application

We repeat the steps when installing the application and go to the Vault tab:

Access to the Vault tab where we can find the documentsAccess to the Vault tab where we can find the documents

Select the type of document you want to unlock:

Select the type of documentSelect the type of document

Select the folder where the photos or videos you want to unlock are located:

Select the photo folderSelect the photo folder

Select the photos/videos we have blocked:

Select the photoSelect the photo

Tap on the padlock to unlock it:

Unlock the photo by pressing the lock iconUnlock the photo by pressing the lock icon

With this guide, we have shown you how we can easily recover the applications we have blocked or the documents we have hidden with the application.