Willennys Martínez

Willennys Martínez

About me…

My career path is as diverse as it is exciting. Despite my background in Petrochemical Engineering and a master's degree in Educational Management, I embarked on the world of writing and content editing with a specialized focus on the Android ecosystem and its applications. I've had a very self-taught experience, and the truth is that it has been wonderful. Thanks to my audacity, I discovered my true passion and vocation for writing.

I am versatile and not afraid of change. This has allowed me to specialize in the Android ecosystem while having a solid understanding of Apple and its products. I have been testing applications, software, and even video games for over 5 years to provide readers with valuable and quality content.

And while articles, tutorials, guides, tips, tricks, and technology news are my specialty, do not be surprised if you find me writing about any other topic. After all, I have an engineer's heart, so whatever I do not know, I research it.

In addition to my passion for writing, I maintain a strong commitment to SEO that you can see in the structure and optimization of every article I write. The writing world has taught me so many things, so even as time goes by, I am still convinced that choosing this world was the best decision I've ever made. Sound crazy? Maybe! But my dreams and my perseverance are stronger.

I am not an expert in everything. But I am passionate about learning.
Some short questions…
  • What operating system do you prefer or use the most?

    Windows and Android.

  • In your opinion, which is the best mobile operating system?

    Android is more customizable.

  • What application is a must on your computer?

    Office, Chrome, and LightShot are a must.

  • And on your smartphone?

    If I have to choose, my choices would be Trello, Gmail, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

  • Do you have a favourite game?

    I'm going for the classics... Tetris

  • Fond of social networks? Which is your favourite?

    We get along just fine. I stick to TikTok.

  • If you had to choose, which would you say has been the greatest technological invention of the last century?

    The Internet is still #1.

  • Who do you consider has contributed most towards the development of software?

    Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs... There are many. So, I do not know, you tell me.

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