There are many reasons to block another person on Instagram. For example, if the user may take advantage of your posts to spam, make inappropriate comments about your content, or even engage in violent behavior. However, Instagram lets you apply serious restrictions to these types of users by blocking their accounts. But what are the effects of taking such action? Below, we specify the consequences.

The moment you block another user, they no longer have access to your profile. Therefore, the person will no longer be able to interact with us through comments. Of course, the user will also lose the right to like our content. In this sense, it is interesting to know that the blocking has retroactive effects, as it affects previous comments and "likes", which are removed from our profile.

Additionally, the blocked user cannot view your photos, videos, or stories. It also can not find your profile in the search bar. Of course, restrictions also affect direct messages. The conversations before the blocking are maintained, but you will no longer be able to send new messages to the blocked contact or receive new messages from its account.

Please, note that if your profile is public, anyone, including the person you blocked, can access it through a web browser, and without identifying themselves, view the content you have uploaded.

Finally, do not worry, Instagram never notifies the blocked account that these restrictions have been applied. Do not forget that, if the blocking is too drastic, you can choose to eliminate a person as a follower. In case your profile is private, the consequences will be similar.