Instagram stories are popular because of their dynamic, fresh, and natural content. Most users use them to tell anecdotes from their personal lives, to post texts, or even to promote products. Gradually, the developers of the official Instagram application have added new features to the stories. One of them is music. Do you want to put soundtracks to your stories? You have come to the right place. Read on to find out how.

The first step is to start creating a new story. To do this, tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the home page.

Create a new storyCreate a new story

Create the design of your story by making a video, a photograph, or writing a text.

Add text to a storyAdd text to a story

Then, open the sticker selector. You will find its icon at the top of the screen.

Open the sticker selectorOpen the sticker selector

Select Music. This tag is usually the first.

Add a music tagAdd a music tag

Now, use the song list to search through the Instagram recommendations. To search for a specific song, use the text field Search music. Tap on the song you want to add, once you have located it.

Pick up a songPick up a song

Then, make the appropriate adjustments. You can select a specific fragment of the song, add the lyrics, the cover, or modify its duration. When you have everything ready, tap on Done.

Music settings in storiesMusic settings in stories

Everything is ready now. Just tap on Send to to send the content to your story, your contacts, or your best friends list.

Send the storySend the story

Do not forget that, despite having added music to your story, you can continue to use other elements, such as animations, surveys, stickers, or tags.