The Instagram close friends list is a way to send content, specifically our stories, to a particular group of people. Unfortunately, there is no specific option to know who is on the list of another user. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether or not we are part of the VIP list of another person.

However, there is an interesting detail that we must take into account. When someone shares a story with their best friends, the edge of the profile image shows a greenish hue, different from the usual colors. You can see an example in the following screenshot.

Story in greenStory in green

This indicates that the user shared the content only with its best friends list. Therefore, if you see the profile image of another user bordered in green, it means that you are part of its list.

You must note that Instagram does not send notifications to users that they are on the best friends list. Nor does it indicate that they were removed from it or specify when they were added.

The best friends list, a feature that was launched in late 2018, is available to all users. Its objectives can be diverse, and you can use it to share content with people close to you, create a select group of accounts, or simply group certain users.

This feature is only a small part of the many new features that Instagram has launched in recent years. Thanks to it, users can carefully filter who they share their stories with, increasing their privacy.