There are two ways to send a custom location in WhatsApp. In this guide, we discover them and tell you what steps you need to take to put them into practice.

How to send a custom location in WhatsApp

In WhatsApp, it is possible to send a location to another person without being physically there. This is possible because the application lets you select any point on the map and share it with other users.

To get started, open a conversation, tap on the paperclip icon, and tap on the button to share a location.

Send the location to a contactSend the location to a contact

A button will appear in the upper left corner. With it, you can zoom in on the map and select a specific point.

Open the map on full-screenOpen the map on full-screen

When the map has been displayed, a marker will appear in the center. Move the map to place the pin at the exact point you want.

Explore the map on WhatsAppExplore the map on WhatsApp

If you drop the marker on a street, the specific address to be sent to your contact will appear in the top bubble. Placing the pin on an undefined point, such as a mountain or a park, will show the approximate direction. In any case, your contact will always visualize the exact point where you placed the marker. Tap on Send this location to continue.

Send the customized locationSend the customized location

The personalized location will be shared with the participants of the chat.

How to send a specific point of interest to a contact

Another way to send a custom location is to search for a point of interest in the WhatsApp database. This is useful for sending the address of a monument, a public place, or a business. Simply tap on the magnifying glass button where you will see at the top of the screen.

Search for a waypointSearch for a waypoint

Make a query to see all related results. In the list below, select the one you want to share with another user.

Select the waypoint from the listSelect the waypoint from the list

By simply tapping on the name of the point of interest, it will be sent as a message.

Location sent to the contactLocation sent to the contact

Your contact can tap on the link to view the site in its favorite map application.