Curiosity about how others see us is natural. In the case of WhatsApp, this mystery can be especially intriguing, as it is an application we use daily to communicate with family, friends, and even the person we are interested in.

If you've ever wondered how that special friend, co-worker, or person who steals your sleep has saved you on WhatsApp, relax, you are not the only one. Many WhatsApp users are wondering the same thing.

The good news is that in this guide, you will discover under what name you have been saved on WhatsApp through a simple and legitimate method. This is the only way to satisfy your curiosity and discover what nickname your contacts have given you.

How to see under what name you were saved on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, by itself, does not offer a feature to see how your contacts have saved you. Nor are there any third-party apps that can do so. So, to know how they saved you on their contact list, the best way is to ask your friend to send you your contact information.

Yes, we know it sounds pretty basic and straightforward, almost like it could hardly be considered a trick, but trust me, it is the only sure way to get such information.

To do this and not fail in the attempt, the other person must open their contact list in WhatsApp, open your chat, and then tap the paperclip icon at the bottom right next to the send button.

Once there, tap “Contact”, and ask the person to look up your number in the list and send it to you. Another way to achieve this is to ask your friend to tap on your profile name, tap on the three vertical dots in the menu, and tap on “Share”. Upon completion, you will receive a digital contact card that will reveal how they have you saved on WhatsApp.

How to view the name with which you have been added to WhatsAppHow to view the name with which you have been added to WhatsApp

Now, how can you get someone to share your contact info with you without arousing suspicion? This is where subtlety and communication come into play. You must make it look like a very casual request.

You can say something like this: “Hey, could you send me my contact number via WhatsApp? I haven't memorized it and I need it urgently, please.” This way, your friends will not suspect you are looking to find out what name they used to save your contact on WhatsApp.