Knowing the name that your contacts have assigned to you in their address book is possible by following a special method. Let us explain how to do it step by step.

A method that requires convincing another person

Before continuing, we should clarify that this guide does not refer to any official method. In other words, no WhatsApp feature lets you know how other users have saved you in their contact list. However, you can take advantage of WhatsApp's contact sharing feature to have the other user send you your card. During the process, it will keep the name you have been assigned in your friend's address book.

Of course, for this process to be successful, you will have to convince the other person to send you your own phone number. However, it is a rather strange request that may raise suspicions and cause your contact not to agree.

How to know what name you have been added to WhatsApp with

The first thing you should do is enter into the conversation you are having with the person from whom you wish to obtain the information. Start a new chat if necessary with the lower right button.

Create a new conversationCreate a new conversation

In the list of contacts, choose one to start a conversation. Select the contact you wish to request your contact card from to find out under which name you have been saved.

Open the chat with your contactOpen the chat with your contact

Then, persuasively ask your friend to send you your own number. If necessary, explain how to do it step by step so your friend can use the appropriate method.

Request the card to be sentRequest the card to be sent

Make sure your card is sent to you using the WhatsApp contact sharing option. In no case will it help if the other person types your number directly on the keyboard and sends it to you. If everything went well, you will receive a card that includes your number. The name that appears in it is the one used by the other user to register you in their address book.

View the name assigned to you by your contactView the name assigned to you by your contact

As you can see, this is a relatively simple process, although it will only be successful under these circumstances:

  • Your contact knows the procedure for sending a card.
  • The other user is willing to send you your own number.
  • You have been registered in your contact's address book.