Polls are one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp. Until now, if you wanted to make a poll on WhatsApp, you had to use third-party apps or websites. But now, they are native to this messaging app.

Thanks to polls, it is possible to ask something to a WhatsApp group and get concrete answers instead of flooding the conversation with messy and untimed messages. Polls are easy to create, they let you create several options to choose from and, although they are very simple, they will be a great solution for you if you need to organize something in a group.

At the moment, WhatsApp polls are very simple. You will miss the additional features on third-party services, such as adding an expiration date to polls, notifying the group when everyone has voted, and other additions that are likely to be added as polls become popular on this app.

How to make a poll on WhatsApp

WhatsApp polls are integrated with the other features that you can share or send in a WhatsApp chat or group. On Android, to make a poll, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter a WhatsApp chat or group.
  2. Tap on the paperclip icon to display all available options.
  3. Select the green icon that says Poll.
  4. Fill in the Questions and Options
  5. Select the send button and share the poll in the chat or group.
How to create a poll in WhatsAppHow to create a poll in WhatsApp

To create the poll, you have to indicate a question or topic and then the possible answers. You need at least two answers to choose from. Although it is possible to add more, depending on the question you ask. Once the WhatsApp poll is complete, you can share it in the group you were in.

How polls work in WhatsApp

Those in the WhatsApp group will receive the poll to answer. To vote, tap on the desired option. Note that you can choose two or more options from the same poll and change the vote if you changed your mind. However, keep in mind that once you have created a poll, you cannot edit it. You will have to delete it and create a new one.

Below the poll, you will see the View Votes indicator. Anyone can view who has voted for what and the number of votes for each possible answer. If someone has voted for several options, their name will appear several times. It also indicates the date and times of each vote.

Stats of a WhatsApp pollStats of a WhatsApp poll

In short, WhatsApp polls are, for the moment, very simple. You can only delete and/or make as many polls as you want. If you keep the poll selected and tap on the info button, you will see who received the poll, who has viewed it, and who has not voted yet. It is also possible to react to the poll with an emoji. Finally, you can reply to a poll with a text message. But polls are meant to be answered from the available answer choices.

To finish, If you still do not see the option to create polls, most likely it is because WhatsApp is gradually rolling out this feature to its millions of users. Make sure you have the app updated on Android and you will see that it will not take long for polls to arrive in your WhatsApp groups.