To put GIFs in the WhatsApp status, we have two options: using our image gallery or using an application.

Set GIFs as WhatsApp status from the gallery

To use this method, you must first have the GIF you want to put on your phone. Knowing this, open WhatsApp and tap on the Status tab:

Status tab in WhatsAppStatus tab in WhatsApp

Then, click on My status to add one:

Button to insert your own statusButton to insert your own status

The camera application will open. Slide your finger up to open the gallery:

Camera open in WhatsAppCamera open in WhatsApp

From the gallery, select the GIF:

GIF saved to the galleryGIF saved to the gallery

Tap on it and then on the send button to put it in your status:

GIF to send to statusGIF to send to status

When you have done so, it will be set in your status:

GIF already pinnedGIF already pinned

Setting a WhatsApp Status GIF with an Application

In this case, we are going to use the app from the most popular GIF repository on the Internet, which is no other than Giphy, and that you can download here below.

When you have installed it, open it and you will find this on the screen:

Giphy’s home screenGiphy’s home screen

You can choose a GIF from those displayed on the main screen, but you can also use the second button on the left at the bottom of the screen to explore the latest trends or GIFs by category:

Giphy’s explore buttonGiphy’s explore button

Additionally, you can always use the search bar on the home page to find the one that interests you most:

Searching for GIFs in GiphySearching for GIFs in Giphy

In any case, when you have found the GIF you are interested in, tap on it to open it. You will see it at a larger size, and you will also see a button shaped like a paper airplane. Tap on it:

GIF selectedGIF selected

Now, the options for sharing will appear. Of all the ones offered, we tap on WhatsApp:

Share on WhatsAppShare on WhatsApp

In the next menu, tap on My status and then on the green button:

Share the GIF on our statusShare the GIF on our status

On the editing screen, we tap on the Send button:

Sending the GIF to the statusSending the GIF to the status

We make sure it has been set in our WhatsApp status:

GIF pinned to our statusGIF pinned to our status

Set a GIF as a WhatsApp status with the internal camera

This is as simple as opening WhatsApp, going to the Status tab, and tapping on My Status:

WhatsApp’s status tabWhatsApp’s status tab

The device camera will activate. We will have to tap and hold the button used to take pictures so that it starts recording a video:

WhatsApp’s cameraWhatsApp’s camera

Now, we can record whatever we want with our camera, but for no longer than five seconds. When we are done, we will see this on the device camera:

Video recorded in WhatsAppVideo recorded in WhatsApp

With the sliders at the top, we can adjust the duration of the clip, and to the right, we can select that the video plays as a GIF. When we have set the duration of the GIF, we tap on the Send button:

Video length edited and format changed to GIFVideo length edited and format changed to GIF

And now, we make sure it has been set in our status:

GIF created in our statusGIF created in our status

And that is it, if you follow the steps showed in both methods, you will see how easy it is to complete this task.