Although it took a while compared to other apps such as LINE, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, WhatsApp finally allowed users to use stickers in their chats. This feature arrived at the end of 2018 and, since then, the number of sticker apps for WhatsApp has not stopped growing. These offer a more expressive and fun way to communicate, letting us use the stickers that come by default in the messaging app, those that are downloaded in packs created by third parties, and even create our own with the right tools. Here, you will find the ultimate selection of the best sticker apps to chat on WhatsApp, all of them are very easy to use.

The best free sticker packs for WhatsApp and by categories

WhatsApp stickers can be arranged in different categories and we present below the most popular ones, most of them being humorous in nature:

Best funny and hilarious sticker packs

With the ones you will find in these apps you will always have at hand the necessary funny sticker to spice up a conversation, either with a single contact or in a WhatsApp group. You will be the star.

3D Funny Stickers

Screenshots of 3D Funny Stickers's interfaceScreenshots of 3D Funny Stickers's interface

In 3D Funny Stickers, you will find a wide sticker collection with all kinds of sticker packs to make you laugh. Some are animated and some are static, but all are well organized and with details that indicate aspects such as the number of stickers they contain, the total number of downloads (something useful to get an idea of their popularity), or the date on it was uploaded to the platform. It also has a guide to install them in WhatsApp in case you do not know how to do it.

Stickers Graciosos

Screenshots of Stickers Graciosos's interfaceScreenshots of Stickers Graciosos's interface

Stickers Graciosos offers exactly what its name promises, funny stickers in Spanish. Here you will find a large collection of memes and jokes in sticker format very popular in the Spanish-speaking world of the Internet. The great virtue of this app is that each sticker pack lets you preview its content before downloading. When you find one you like, just tap the button with the + symbol to install it in your favorite messaging app.

Funny Meme Stickers

This collection of stickers for WhatsApp brings together lots of popular memes in stickers that can help illustrate any of our conversations with a lot of humor. Funny Meme Stickers has many designs and it's very easy to install: just press a button to add the pack you want to WhatsApp. And yes, it lets you preview them.

Screenshots of Funny Meme Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Funny Meme Stickers' interface

Best black humor sticker packs

Do you get a kick out of what many consider bad-taste humor? These are the apps you need to bring out your black humor in WhatsApp chats (perfect for when you want to set fire to the school parents' group).

Momo Sad Stickers

Screenshots of Momo Sad Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Momo Sad Stickers' interface

If what you like are memes and stickers a little dark, with Momo Sad Stickers you can download packs of stickers to illustrate your conversations and liven them up with a certain touch of dark humor because not everything is going to be bad jokes and cheesy stuff. It has several packs composed of 16 stickers each: grief, melancholy, sadness, resignation, and more, do not let positivity take over your conversations.

Meme Stickers

Screenshots of Meme Stickers's interfaceScreenshots of Meme Stickers's interface

It offers a wide collection of famous memes including black humor ones that you cannot use in just any conversation, even if you feel like it. Meme Stickers features include downloading complete packs to our gallery, as well as the ability to share them directly with our friends.

Funny Memes Stickers

Screenshots of Funny Memes Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Funny Memes Stickers' interface

This app offers a complete collection of stickers where we will find some innocent or white humor stickers, as well as some somewhat twisted black humor ones. Many of the stickers that we can download from Funny Memes Stickers are based on the most popular memes, including those with or without captions. Something interesting about this app, it hides in its catalog many more stickers than it seems at first glance.

Best memes sticker packs

The best, most popular, and most downloaded memes like the girl with the explosion, Baby Yoda, Julio Iglesias, grumpy cat, Homer Simpson, the old man drinking coffee, the guy who walks with his partner and falls in love with the girl he has crossed paths with, and yes, also "El negro de WhatsApp". All of them and many more are waiting for you in these apps.

Memes con frases

Screenshots of  Memes con frases's interfaceScreenshots of Memes con frases's interface

This app offers sticker packs with Spanish quotes, in case it is not clear enough with an image of what you want to say. Memes con frases has a selection of stickers with various thematic packs that will serve to express approval, laughter, or disappointment with a good facepalm. To install them just click on the + button and choose the option to add. It is compatible with WhatsApp, but also with other apps.

Memes Hub Stickers

Screenshots of  Memes Hub Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Memes Hub Stickers' interface

In Memes Hub Stickers, you will find a lot of memes with text. There are many memes available, so you will find the perfect sticker with the right phrase for every situation. It supports previewing and, perhaps, you will notice that the image quality is superior to most apps of the same kind.

Best animated sticker packs

Moving emojis, in case static ones fall short and you need to emphasize what you want to say. Discover the best GIFs in sticker format.


Screenshots of  MemetFlix's interfaceScreenshots of MemetFlix's interface

This is an app that offers a wide collection of animated stickers for WhatsApp. It stands out for its interface which is more polished than other available alternatives, with a navigation menu that lets you go from one category to another, as if it were a video-on-demand app as referred to by its name. Memetflix lets you browse its categories and view the stickers before downloading them, although this can be done separately or by adding the complete pack.

Animated Sticker Maker

Screenshots of Animated Sticker Maker's interfaceScreenshots of Animated Sticker Maker's interface

In this application, you will find a complete assortment of animated stickers for WhatsApp. Using Animated Sticker Maker you can download the best memes and animated GIFs to brighten up your individual and group conversations. But, beyond the collection of stickers that you can download, you will also find a tool to design your own stickers. You can create them from your images and videos on your device's gallery, so the only limit is your own creativity and imagination.

Best love sticker packs

Do you want to express your feelings via WhatsApp to the person you love the most? Then download the best romantic stickers that you can use to declare your love in a chat.

Love Stickers for WhatsApp

This name is not misleading: Love Stickers for WhatsApp is an app that delivers exactly what it promises. There are lots of romantic sticker packs for WhatsApp to express your feelings to that special person. It is very easy to install, and it also lets you preview each sticker before downloading.

Screenshots of Love Stickers For Whatsapp's interfaceScreenshots of Love Stickers For Whatsapp's interface

Stickers Románticos y Frases de Amor

Screenshots of Stickers románticos y frases de amor's interfaceScreenshots of Stickers románticos y frases de amor's interface

Another application to express your feelings for your loved one. In Stickers Románticos y Frases de Amor, you will find many stickers packs for WhatsApp perfect to get all lovey-dovey in romantic situations of the day to day or on special dates, such as your anniversary or Valentine's Day. There are different designs that are guaranteed to sweeten your relationship and they are easy to download and install.

Best emoji sticker packs

The best emojis in the history of the Internet have found their way into WhatsApp in sticker format. Show off the most legendary emoticons in large sizes

Popular Stickers

Screenshots of Popular Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Popular Stickers' interface

This app is different from others on this list, as it is not an application of sticker packs, instead, it offers us many more things like GIFs, inspirational photos, and motivational messages to share on WhatsApp. In Popular Stickers, after a few questions about our personality (let us hope this is only to offer us customized stickers), we will have access to a huge gallery of resources that we can share in our favorite messaging app. There are over 20 categories to choose from with all kinds of themes.

New Funny Emojis Stickers

Screenshots of New Funny Emojis Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of New Funny Emojis Stickers' interface

If you are looking for emojis in sticker format, then this app is the one for you. In New Funny Emojis Stickers you will find all kinds of stickers that show faces, many of them humanized, expressing feelings such as affection, surprise, joy, sadness, and so on. You can preview all of them before deciding to download them and, in addition, there are many animated emoji.

Best Christmas sticker packs

The best collection of Christmas stickers to congratulate the most endearing and familiar holiday of the year.

Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp

Screenshots of Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp' interfaceScreenshots of Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp' interface

If you are one of those people who are invaded by the Christmas spirit when the last month of the year arrives, you definitely need Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp. Here you will find packs of Christmas-themed stickers to give a festive feel to your conversations, including Santa Claus, fir trees, gifts, snowy landscapes, and everything that is typical of these lovely dates It has a sticker preview feature, so you can take a look before downloading them.

Animated Christmas Stickers

Screenshots of  Animated Christmas Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Animated Christmas Stickers' interface

One of the most complete Christmas sticker pack apps. While its content could have been better organized, it is true that Animated Christmas Stickers offers many stickers to fill our WhatsApp conversations with Christmas spirit, you can add the stickers individually or download the complete sticker pack. It offers both static and animated stickers.

Best movies and series sticker packs

The best and most watched series on on-demand TV platforms, the highest-grossing movies, and the films that have made history and will never go out of season, all have their place in these apps.

TV Series & Movies Stickers

Screenshots of TV Series & Movies Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of TV Series & Movies Stickers' interface

Fans of trendy series and movies have in TV Series & Movies Stickers a complete assortment of stickers for their conversations. With these stickers, fans will have the characters of all kinds of shows and movies at their disposal, both those that we can enjoy in theaters and those that have become successful thanks to on-demand streaming platforms. Explore its complete catalog of stickers and download the best movies and series stickers, all with a touch of humor.

Anime Stickers

Screenshots of Anime Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Anime Stickers' interface

Manga and anime fans also have their special corner when it comes to WhatsApp stickers. They have Anime Stickers, a complete app where you will find both static and animated stickers to liven up your conversations with characters from the most popular Japanese productions. Although its internal organization could be improved, it is worth mentioning that it has a search engine to find stickers. It also offers users the possibility to share their own designs with the community.

Best animal sticker packs

These apps bring together the best stickers of dogs, cats, raccoons, otters, and many others, all the animals popular on the Internet can also participate in your WhatsApp conversations.

Animal Stickers

Screenshots of Animal Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Animal Stickers' interface

Animal lovers will find in Animal Stickers the best packs with dogs, monkeys, squirrels, otters, cats, birds, and all kinds of living critters to use in their conversations. Some of them are part of very famous memes and will serve to bring extra animal humor to the conversation. It offers the option to preview each sticker.

Cat Memes Stickers

Screenshots of Cat Memes Stickers' interfaceScreenshots of Cat Memes Stickers' interface

Cats rule the Internet and there is no better proof than Cat Memes Stickers, a very complete collection of cat sticker packs to give a feline touch to all chats. Many of them belong to the most famous cats on the Internet, so it is essential for any fan of these animals. The process to add the packs to WhatsApp is easy and it also lets users preview the available kittens.

Best apps to create stickers for WhatsApp

If you do not like to get everything done and prefer to create your own stickers, here is a list of some of the best tools to create stickers for WhatsApp. These are apps that let you create stickers for WhatsApp with your own photos:


Screenshots of Stickify's interfaceScreenshots of Stickify's interface

Stickify could well have appeared in the previous section as it also includes lots of pre-made sticker packs of all kinds (it has over 5,000 and new stickers are added with each update). But what we liked most is its creation tool that, unlike others, incorporates web search in case you do not want to use photos from your gallery. It also does not require a minimum of three stickers per pack to add them to WhatsApp.

Screenshots of's interfaceScreenshots of's interface is probably the most comprehensive of all the apps on this list. As in the previous case, it offers us some pre-made stickers perfectly classified by theme, as well as short funny videos to update our WhatsApp status. It also stands out for its creation tool, which is very easy and intuitive, allowing us to add hashtags to our stickers so that others can find them and use them (as long as we give our permission). As in most cases, it requires a minimum of three stickers per pack to be added to the messaging app.

Sticker Studio

Screenshots of Sticker Studio's interfaceScreenshots of Sticker Studio's interface

The PlayStudios tool, Sticker Studio, offers us everything we need to create our own stickers, whether from photos from our gallery, images taken directly with our camera, or text stickers. We can create them in square, circular, triangular, or free-form shapes, and we will always have to create a minimum of 3 stickers to be able to add the pack to WhatsApp. The only drawback is that fitting the image within the chosen shape is not an easy process as it requires a steady hand.


Screenshots of Wemoji's interfaceScreenshots of Wemoji's interface

Wemoji is one of the most popular apps for creating stickers for WhatsApp. It offers us almost the same features as any other sticker creation tool, although perhaps it stands out for the detailed tutorial that offers us the first time we open the app, making everything simpler, and two very distinct menus that separate the creation area from the gallery of stickers already created. Additionally, it also offers the possibility of creating stickers with our photos and access to a lot of predefined attachments, some of which can only be unlocked for an hour (unless we pay, of course).

Sticker Maker

Screenshots of Sticker Maker's interfaceScreenshots of Sticker Maker's interface

Viko & Co has developed several sticker pack apps that have become quite popular, including one of the world leaders in which Donald Trump hogs all the spotlight, but in this case, we highlight its creation tool, Sticker Maker, which is just that, an application to create stickers from our photos without offering any pre-dame stickers. However, its most outstanding feature is that it lets us add up to 30 stickers per pack, with no minimum amount to create a pack, and its cropping and text tools are easier to use than those from other apps on this list.