To download a copy of the data that Facebook has about you, first open the app and tap the menu button:

Facebook’s main interfaceFacebook’s main interface

You will get to this screen:

Facebook’s options menuFacebook’s options menu

Scroll down until you see the Settings & Privacy section. Tap on it:

Settings and Privacy section in Facebook’s menuSettings and Privacy section in Facebook’s menu

A menu will be displayed. Tap on Settings:

Settings and Privacy section opened outSettings and Privacy section opened out

In the settings section of the app, which looks like this:

Main view of Facebook’s settingsMain view of Facebook’s settings

Search for Your Facebook Information and tap on Download Your Information:

Your personal information section on FacebookYour personal information section on Facebook

It will take you to a screen to download your information. In this section, Facebook lets you choose if you want to download all your data, or if you want to choose what you want to download. To do so, you will have to check or uncheck the ticks you see next to each section:

Selection of the elements we want to checkSelection of the elements we want to check

You will also be able to choose the period your report will cover, either from the time you entered the social network or a time frame defined by you. You can also choose whether you want to download your info as an HTML or JSON document, and the quality you want your media files to be downloaded in. When you have finished reviewing all your information, click on Create File:

Creating the file with our personal informationCreating the file with our personal information

You will get to this screen:

Page to request the file’s downloadPage to request the file’s download

You will be informed hereby that your request has been generated, and that depending on the size of the information request, your document will contain one or more files. Also, depending on the size of your request, Facebook will take more or less time to generate a collection of all your data. The application will send you a notification when it is finished, after that, you can proceed to download it by clicking on Download:

Downloading the personal informationDownloading the personal information

Then, a browser window will open, where you will be asked to enter your password to download it:

Re-entering the password to access the fileRe-entering the password to access the file

The data will be stored on your device when you do so. We warn you that the amount of information this social network has about you is shocking, but if you really want to know what they know and what they do not, this is how you do it.