Do you suspect a friend or several have blocked you on Facebook? Unfortunately, usually, where there's smoke, there's fire. Although the social network does not warn users when someone blocks them, certain clues and indications allow us to confirm our suspicions. Discover which they are below.

What happens if someone blocks you on Facebook

When a friend with a private Facebook account stops being your friend, you can only see the contents they share publicly or those in which you are tagged. However, if someone blocks you on Facebook, the consequences are more radical.

Specifically, you will not be able to view the profile of the person who has blocked you, nor the comments, interactions, or updates they post on their account. You will also not be able to contact this person in any way, invite them to events, or tag them in your posts. In other words, if a Facebook user blocks you, for all practical purposes he or she will disappear from the social network for you.

However, the blocks are applied individually to each profile. This means that if the user has other profiles, they will not be blocked.

How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Facebook does not send a notification when another user blocks you. Therefore, all that remains is to consider possible indications of the blockage, although some of them are quite clear. We offer you some methods that will help you dispel all doubts.

Try to tag the user in a post

When you start typing a user's name to tag them in a post, Facebook automatically displays the matches.

Try to tag the user in a postTry to tag the user in a post

If the user's name does not appear in the suggestions, this indicates you have been blocked. However, this may also occur under other circumstances.

Try searching for the person's profile

If the user's name does not appear in the search engine, they may have blocked you. However, this also happens when the user deletes their Facebook account.

Use the Messenger chat

Another thing you can do is to open Messenger, Facebook's private message chat. If your chat with that person disappeared without a trace, you can be sure something is wrong.

Use Messenger's chatUse Messenger's chat

You can also try entering their name in the To field in the menu to send a new message. Remember that this can also happen if the user has decided to delete their account completely.

Log in to your profile and view your friends list

Another option is to check your friends list directly. You will find it in your profile.

Go to your profile and check your friends listGo to your profile and check your friends list

If one of your friends doesn't show up, you know what that means.

Check your profile comments

If the user who blocked you wrote comments on a post on your profile or a mutual friend's, you should still be able to see them. However, their name will appear in bold and you can't use it as a shortcut to visit their profile.

Check the comments on your profileCheck the comments on your profile

Again, this may be due to other reasons.

Create a new Facebook account

The method that will give you the most definitive answer is to create another Facebook account. If you search for the profile of the person you think has blocked you and it appears, it means that they have indeed blocked you.