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Facebook allows you to use all its functions and features from a phone or tablet. Discover what your friends and contacts are up to from your profile

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The concept of social networking has been going around long before the arrival of the Internet. The thing is that with their irruption in educational centers and workplaces first, and homes later, they have gradually developed to become what they are nowadays in the digital world. Mark Zuckerberg, and his company with headquarters in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, has plenty of responsibility for the latter. He's the guy behind Facebook, a social network that has become an ecosystem itself, capable of putting up a fight against Google in terms of information management.

A window to the Internet for millions of users

The truth is that it has become the channel that millions of users from all over the world use to access the Internet: all the contents they consume are offered through this social network that they can also use to stay in touch with friends, read the news, watch videos or see the weather forecast. That's the reason why it has now gone beyond web browsers on PC, Mac or Linux to arrive on smartphones and tablets with its application for mobile devices.

What will we find in this version for Android?

It basically offers the same service that we can access on our computer's desktop, but now from our mobile phone. Thus, anyone can use this service, whenever they want and wherever they go... because nowadays a high percentage of Internet users only go online from their phones.

This mobile version will satisfy users that only access the Internet on their smartphones or tablets.

  • Check the activity of friends, users, and pages you follow.
  • Update your status.
  • Share photos, videos, and documents stored on your phone.
  • Receive notifications about the activity generated by your publications or with updates about the profiles you follow.
  • Comment on your friend's walls and reply to comments.
  • Play games integrated into the social network.
  • Set your own profile photo.
  • Manage your profile and your pages.

Instant messaging and phone calls

This is one of the functions that many users miss because some time ago it was possible to chat from the Android client itself. However, to give its instant messaging and chat app a boost, the guys at Menlo Park forced the user to install its Messenger that assumes these functions, as well as others, such as free phone calls by means of VoIP.

Does it waste too many resources?

Well, this is one of the many drawbacks of this mobile version: it eats up our battery as well as consuming loads of data. That can be solved by either installing the Lite version that allows us to carry out basic functions or creating a shortcut to the web version on our home screen and accessing it from our browser. Both options use up fewer resources than the official app.

What's new in the latest version

  • The latest version comes along with a few bug fixes and some stability and speed improvements.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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