Social Network Apps for Android

Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances with these social network apps: conventional social media, video and photo-sharing platforms, microblogging sites, professional networks, etc. Discover and meet new people based on your interests or work

Instagram English

The most popular image and video social network

TikTok 17.8.2 English
TikTok 17.8.2

A social network for short viral videos

Facebook English

The Android client for the most popular social network

Facebook Lite English
Facebook Lite

Facebook's lightweight app

Snapchat English

The social network of ephemeral messages

Tinder 11.26.0 English
Tinder 11.26.0

The most popular dating app on Android

Badoo 5.192.3 English
Badoo 5.192.3

One of the dating applications par excellence

Instagram Lite English
Instagram Lite

The lightweight Instagram client

Twitter 8.67.0 English
Twitter 8.67.0

The official client of the 140-character social network

IGTV English

Much more video on Instagram

Lasso English

A short-video social netwok

ZEPETO 2.26.1 English
ZEPETO 2.26.1

Create your avatar and meet other users

Pinterest 8.38.0 English
Pinterest 8.38.0

The Android app of the social network of inspiring images

VK 6.15.0 English
VK 6.15.0

The Russian social network par excellence

4Liker 2.6 English
4Liker 2.6

Receive automatic likes and comments on Facebook

Neutrino+ 3.2.0 English
Neutrino+ 3.2.0

Get more likes and followers on Instagram

FB Liker 2.1.0 English
FB Liker 2.1.0

A like generator for your Facebook publications

Insta Aero 13.0.0 English
Insta Aero 13.0.0

Manage your Instagram account with extra functions

GetInsta 2.0.0 English
GetInsta 2.0.0

Keep track of your Instagram

AbLiker 2.2 English
AbLiker 2.2

Increase the reactions to your Facebook publications

GBInstagram 1.60 English

Instagram client with more functions

Joy.Live 2.8.5 English
Joy.Live 2.8.5

Stream live from your phone

Apental Calc 6.50 English

Loads of likes and comments for your Facebook publications

Hiketop+ 4.2.0 English
Hiketop+ 4.2.0

Get more followers on Instagram

TikTok Lite 17.0.2 English
TikTok Lite 17.0.2

Lightweight version of the app of one of the trendiest social networks

Machine Liker 1.3 English

Add 'likes' to your Facebook publications

Snack Video English
Snack Video

Asian video social network 96.0 English 96.0

Get more reactions to your social network publications

Postegro 1.30 English
Postegro 1.30

Pry your friends' profile pics on Instagram

Lamour 2.4.0 English
Lamour 2.4.0

Find a date and meet people from all over the world

Famedgram 1.3.4 English
Famedgram 1.3.4

Increase your number of followers on Instagram

Ola Party 1.2.5 English
Ola Party 1.2.5

Video chat with users from around the world

VipTools 2.0 English

Get more visibility for your TikTok user account

LivU 01.01.36 English
LivU 01.01.36

Dating app based on video chat

Instagram Plus 10.14.0 English

An Instagram client with extra functions

Snapchat Plus 1.7 English

Download pics and videos from Snapchat

Hublaagram 2.0 English

Become an Instagram influencer

dj Liker 1.0 English

Automatic likes for your Facebook posts

Ego.Live 2.3.5 English
Ego.Live 2.3.5

Social network for video broadcasts

LeetGram 1.9 English

Get followers and likes on Instagram