Social Networks for Android

Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances thanks to these social network apps. Discover and meet new people based on your interests or work

Snapchat English

The social network of ephemeral messages

Instagram English

The most popular image and video social network

TikTok 11.0.0 English
TikTok 11.0.0

A social network for short viral videos

Facebook English

The Android client for the most popular social network

Facebook Lite English
Facebook Lite

Facebook's lightweight app

Instagram Lite English
Instagram Lite

The lightweight Instagram client

Twitter English

The official client of the 140-character social network

IGTV English

Much more video on Instagram

Lasso English

A short-video social netwok

ZEPETO 2.7.2 English
ZEPETO 2.7.2

Create your avatar and meet other users

VK 5.32 English
VK 5.32

The Russian social network par excellence

Pinterest 7.14.0 English
Pinterest 7.14.0

The Android app of the social network of inspiring images

Joy.Live 2.5.0 English
Joy.Live 2.5.0

Stream live from your phone

Ego.Live 2.3.5 English
Ego.Live 2.3.5

Social network for video broadcasts

TikTok Lite 1.1.7 English

Lightweight version of the app of one of the trendiest social networks

BIGO LIVE 4.13.0 English
BIGO LIVE 4.13.0

Streaming-based social network

Welike 2.9.17 English
Welike 2.9.17

Social network full of all sorts of viral videos

Twitter Lite 2.1.1--26 English
Twitter Lite 2.1.1--26

Official lite version of Twitter with lower resource consumption

LiveMe 4.0.65 English
LiveMe 4.0.65

Chat on video or watch the live streams of other users

Bienks: Instagram Viewer, Downloader 1.4 English

Make the most of Instagram, download photos withou signing up

Vigo Video 10.5.0 English
Vigo Video 10.5.0

Upload your video to this short video social network

Helo English

Find and share viral contents

Melon 1.4.28-melon English
Melon 1.4.28-melon

App to meet people on Android

Face Slim 3.4.1 English
Face Slim 3.4.1

Lightweight Facebook client

TweetDeck Desktop 3.9.633 English

Twitter client for Android

Instagram Direct English
Instagram Direct

Send funny messages to your Instagram contacts

Unfold 3.7 English
Unfold 3.7

Shape up the ideas you want to transmit

Peeks Social 6.2.15670 English
Peeks Social 6.2.15670

Social network based on video communications

OK 18.12.26 English
OK 18.12.26

Social network that integrates different services

Talon Twitter 7.2.6 English

New interesting Twitter client

LinkedIn 4.1.292 English
LinkedIn 4.1.292

The app to find our improve your job and expand your professional network

togetU 1.9.0 English
togetU 1.9.0

Short-video app similar to TikTok

Tellonym 2.11.1 English
Tellonym 2.11.1

Ask and answer questions anonymously

VidStatus 2.8.3 English
VidStatus 2.8.3

Social network based on 30-second videos

Vero - True Social 1.1.3 English

The new chronological social network and without ads

Fenix 1.6.11 English
Fenix 1.6.11

Twitter client with plenty of functions

Triller 8.2.14 English
Triller 8.2.14

Share your talent on this video-based social network

MeWe 5.6.7 English
MeWe 5.6.7

A social network that intends to respect your privacy

Sarahah 1.0.08 English
Sarahah 1.0.08

The honesty app arrives on Android

Google+ English

Enjoy Google's social network on your Android device