Social Networks for Android

Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances thanks to these social network apps. Discover and meet new people based on your interests or work

Instagram English

The most popular image and video social network

Facebook English

The Android client for the most popular social network

Facebook Lite English
Facebook Lite

Facebook's lightweight app

Instagram Lite English
Instagram Lite

The lightweight Instagram client

IGTV English

Much more video on Instagram

Twitter 7.49.0 English
Twitter 7.49.0

The official client of the 140-character social network

Pinterest 6.54.0 English
Pinterest 6.54.0

The Android app of the social network of inspiring images

VK 5.3 English
VK 5.3

The Russian social network par excellence

Instwogram 7.12.0 English
Instwogram 7.12.0

Use two Instagram accounts at the same time

4Liker 7 English

Receive automatic likes and comments on Facebook

Facebook Plus 1.1 English

Alternative Facebook client for Android

Hublaagram 2.0 English

Become an Instagram influencer

Vigo Video - Hypstar 4.5.0 English

Upload your video to this short video social network

dj Liker 1.0 English

Automatic likes for your Facebook posts

GBInstagram 1.5.0 English

Instagram client with more functions

Fazon+ 1.2.0 English
Fazon+ 1.2.0

Promote your Instagram account

Instagram Plus 10.14.0 English

An Instagram client with extra functions

Vero - True Social 0.10.6 English

The new chronological social network and without ads

TweetDeck Desktop 3.9.633 English

Twitter client for Android

Meteor+ 1.0 English
Meteor+ 1.0

Boost your social network accounts

2Face - Multi Accounts English

Create copies of your installed apps

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & Parallel APP 1.2.3 English

Clone applications in a parallel and independent space on your smartphone

BIGO LIVE - Live Broadcasting 3.14.3 English

Streaming-based social network

Meteor Neutrino Boost 1.0 English

Enhance your social networks

Joy.Live 2.5.0 English
Joy.Live 2.5.0

Stream live from your phone

Unravel 2.0.4 English
Unravel 2.0.4

Play and make friends at the same time

Who Visit My Profile? - Whats Tracker for WhatsApp 2.6 English

App to spy on who visits your WhatsApp profile

MocoSpace 2.6.98 English
MocoSpace 2.6.98

A chat to meet people and maybe more

Secret 12 English
Secret 12

Share secrets anonymously

SUPER 2.2.0009 English
SUPER 2.2.0009

Share plenty of fun

Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face 4.0.8452 English

Use two simultaneous accounts on WhatsApp or other Android services

Sarahah 1.0.08 English
Sarahah 1.0.08

The honesty app arrives on Android

Ustream 3.2.1 English
Ustream 3.2.1

Play live events and broadcast them on your own channel

Tumblr English

The Android application for the most heterogeneous social network

Direct from Instagram English
Direct from Instagram

Send funny messages to your Instagram contacts

GO Multiple 2.61.0 English
GO Multiple 2.61.0

Start two different sessions at once on the same app

Twitter Lite 2.0.0--24 English
Twitter Lite 2.0.0--24

Official lite version of Twitter with lower resource consumption

Cheez - Funny VLOG & Dance Off 2.4.1 English

Prove your talent on Cheez, the vlogging social netwokr

OGInsta+ 10.14.0 English
OGInsta+ 10.14.0

Add more possibilities to your Instagram account

Spotbros English

Share information with nearby people