Social Network Apps for Android

Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances with these social network apps: conventional social media, video and photo-sharing platforms, microblogging sites, professional networks, etc. Discover and meet new people based on your interests or work

Instagram English

The preferred social network for photography

Neutrino+ 7.0.2 English
Neutrino+ 7.0.2

Get more likes and followers on Instagram

Postegro 1.51 English
Postegro 1.51

Pry your friends' profile pics on Instagram

Tinder 13.21.1 English
Tinder 13.21.1

The most popular dating app on Android

TikTok 27.1.3 English
TikTok 27.1.3

A social network for short viral videos

Facebook 393. English
Facebook 393.

Share your life experiences on the social network

Instagram Plus 10.14.0 English

An Instagram client with extra functions

Snapchat English

The social network of filters and ephemeral messages

Badoo 5.297.1 English
Badoo 5.297.1

One of the dating applications par excellence

Twitter 9.65.6 English
Twitter 9.65.6

The official client of the microblogging social network

Instander 16.0 English
Instander 16.0

Instagram MOD that extends the functions of the official social network app

FetLife 3.0.3 English
FetLife 3.0.3

The social network for fetishism lovers

Snack Video English
Snack Video

Asian video social network

VipTools 3.0 English

Get more visibility for your TikTok account

Facebook Plus 1.1 English

Alternative Facebook client for Android

Pinterest 10.42.0 English
Pinterest 10.42.0

The Android app of the social network of inspiring images

Likee 3.99.2 English
Likee 3.99.2

Bring some life to your videos applying dynamic effects

BIGO LIVE 5.33.3 English
BIGO LIVE 5.33.3

Streaming-based social network

ZEPETO 3.17.200 English
ZEPETO 3.17.200

Create your avatar and meet other users

LinkedIn 4.1.755 English
LinkedIn 4.1.755

The app to find our improve your job and expand your professional network

Bumble 5.296.1 English
Bumble 5.296.1

Meet new people and professional contacts

Meetic 5.82.0 English
Meetic 5.82.0

Find your significant other

GetInsta 2.9.5 English
GetInsta 2.9.5

Keep track of your Instagram

InstaUp 17.4.0 English
InstaUp 17.4.0

Get likes and followers on Instagram

TopFollow 4.5.6 English
TopFollow 4.5.6

Get followers and likes for your Instagram profile

Yolikers 3.8 English

Autoliker for Facebook

Facebook Lite 332. English
Facebook Lite 332.

Facebook's lightweight app

Moj 40.3.4 English
Moj 40.3.4

A short video social network from India

Instagram Lite 330. English
Instagram Lite 330.

The lightweight Instagram client

Gbox 0.6.23 English
Gbox 0.6.23

Boost your Instagram with all these options

Xprofile 1.0.64 English
Xprofile 1.0.64

An app to offer stats about your Instagram account

Plenty of Fish English
Plenty of Fish

The see is full of fish... find yours

Twitter Lite 3.1.1 English

Official lite version of Twitter with lower resource consumption

VK 8.7 English
VK 8.7

The Russian social network par excellence

FireLiker 1.0 English

Get automatic likes and followers

Unfollowers 5.0.3 English

Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

IGTV English

Much more video on Instagram

Tumblr English

The Android application for the most heterogeneous social network

Tagged 9.55.1 English
Tagged 9.55.1

Meet people for friendship and whatever comes up

Twoo 10.18.9 English
Twoo 10.18.9

The best way to meet new people

Flickr 4.16.33 English
Flickr 4.16.33

The app of the largest online photography community

TikTok Lite 27.5.2 English
TikTok Lite 27.5.2

Lightweight version of the app of one of the trendiest social networks

Ghosty 1.4.5 English
Ghosty 1.4.5

App for Instagram snoopers

Lamour 3.25.0 English
Lamour 3.25.0

Find a date and meet people from all over the world

Snapchat Plus 1.7 English

Download pics and videos from Snapchat

Hublaagram 2.0.18 English
Hublaagram 2.0.18

Become an Instagram influencer

Grindr 8.20.0 English
Grindr 8.20.0

Gay and bisexual dating app

OkCupid 71.3.0 English
OkCupid 71.3.0

The dating app that shows you results adjusted to your profile

VMate 2.71 English
VMate 2.71

Short-video social network similar to TikTok

LOVOO 137.0 English
LOVOO 137.0

Meet and chat up people in your area

Parler 2022.2.26 English
Parler 2022.2.26

News-based social network that claims to defend the user's freedom of expression

qmiran 22 English
qmiran 22

Find out who is looking at your posts and profile on Facebook and Instagram

Apental Calc 8.30 English

Loads of likes and comments for your Facebook publications

TikFans 3.3.0 English
TikFans 3.3.0

Get more followers on TikTok

NS Follower 9.1.2 English

Get more followers for your Instagram account

FiraFollower 10.5 English

Get followers for your Instagram account

Jet Follower 4.9 English

Get new followers and give more visibility to your posts on Instagram

Insta Aero 21.0.0 English
Insta Aero 21.0.0

Manage your Instagram account with extra functions

InstaPro 9.15 English
InstaPro 9.15

An Instagram MOD with many improvements

4Liker 2.6 English
4Liker 2.6

Receive automatic likes and comments on Facebook 106.0 English 106.0

Get more reactions to your social network publications

GBInstagram 1.60 English

Instagram client with more functions

Insta Thunder 8.0 English

An Instagram MOD for downloading posts and Stories

Hiketop+ 4.2.0 English
Hiketop+ 4.2.0

Get more followers on Instagram

JTInstagram 3.0 English

A complete Instagram mod developed by Jimtechs

LivU 01.01.59 English
LivU 01.01.59

Dating app based on video chat

Joy.Live 2.8.5 English
Joy.Live 2.8.5

Stream live from your phone

Salsa Live 1.0.19 English
Salsa Live 1.0.19

Have fun and meet people with this video chat app

Nitro Follower 7.0.2 English

Increase your number of followers on Instagram

FB Liker 2.1.0 English
FB Liker 2.1.0

A like generator for your Facebook publications

MX TakaTak 2.1.2 English
MX TakaTak 2.1.2

The TikTok-style app from the creators of MX Player

Xiaohongshu 7.13.0 English
Xiaohongshu 7.13.0

Social network of images and videos very similar to Instagram.


Video chat social network

Giveaway Picker for Instagram 1.2.6 English

Do a giveaway on Instagram with a tap

iHappy 1.0.84 English
iHappy 1.0.84

The app that helps you find love

Ego.Live 2.3.5 English
Ego.Live 2.3.5

Social network for video broadcasts

Kwai English

Social network of short videos

InsMate Pro 2.4.0b English
InsMate Pro 2.4.0b

Download videos, photos, and reels from Instagram

BeReal 0.58.1 English
BeReal 0.58.1

A peculiar way to share your daily life with your friends

TikTok 27.1.3 English

A TikTok client with extra functions for the social network

MalluFollow 1.0.3 English

Increase your Instagram followers quickly

CooMeet 0.5.5 English
CooMeet 0.5.5

Chat with thousands of girls eager to meet you

Hive Social 1.0.8 English

Social network halfway between Twitter and Instagram

TikTok 27.1.3 English
TikTok MOD 17.6.3

TikTok MOD for downloading videos

Qwick live 1.17.0 English
Qwick live 1.17.0

Video chat with users from around the world

The OG App 1.3.3 English
The OG App 1.3.3

Customize your Instagram to your taste

Vskit 4.8.1 English
Vskit 4.8.1

Video editor and social network, all in one

Who Follows 1.0.5 English

All metrics and analysis of your Instagram account

BuzzCast 2.7.31 English
BuzzCast 2.7.31

Video chat with people from different countries

Tami Pro 1.1.01 English
Tami Pro 1.1.01

Live Video Linking App

Follower Analyzer for Instagram 9.0.4 English

Analyze what kind of users you have on Instagram

Hornet 6.3.0 English
Hornet 6.3.0

Social network for gays with more to it than just meeting people

LiveMe Pro 4.5.25 English
LiveMe Pro 4.5.25

Chat on video or watch the live streams of other users

Mastodon 1.1.3 English
Mastodon 1.1.3

Decentralized and private social network

Profile Tracker 24 English

Who follows you on Facebook and Instagram?

dj Liker 1.0 English

Automatic likes for your Facebook posts

TikTok Now 1.7.2 English
TikTok Now 1.7.2

Share your most authentic moments with your TikTok friends

Wefbee 1.2 English
Wefbee 1.2

Get more likes and followers on Facebook

Face Slim 3.4.1 English
Face Slim 3.4.1

Lightweight Facebook client

Followers Up Stats 1.1.0 English

Check your stats on Instagram

Giveaway Plus for Instagram 1.1.7 English

Simple tool to make personalized sweepstakes on Instagram

AbLiker 2.2 English
AbLiker 2.2

Increase the reactions to your Facebook publications

BlindStory 2.0.6 English
BlindStory 2.0.6

Secretly watch and download Instagram stories

Chispa 3.10.1 English
Chispa 3.10.1

Dating App for Latinos

InstaXtreme 20 English

Instagram MOD to download pics and videos

FunXD 8.8.311 English
FunXD 8.8.311

Funny video platform

InstaULTRA English

MOD for Instagram

Tiki 3.4.2 English
Tiki 3.4.2

An Indian alternative to TikTok

Tumile 03.01.54 English
Tumile 03.01.54

Video chat app to meet and date people

Machine Liker 1.3 English

Add 'likes' to your Facebook publications

Sargam 4.1.0 English
Sargam 4.1.0

Short music video social network

NGL 1.3.0 English
NGL 1.3.0

Receive anonymous messages on Instagram

Quora 3.0.44 English
Quora 3.0.44

Everything you always wanted to know, but didn't dare to ask

Blued 4.0.4 English
Blued 4.0.4

Application for gay contacts

ZAKZAK Pro 1.0.6582 English
ZAKZAK Pro 1.0.6582

Make friends via video chat

Wink 4.28.0 English
Wink 4.28.0

Make friends for Snapchat

4Fun 6.06 English
4Fun 6.06

Have fun watching Indian videos and making friends

LiLi 1.50 English
LiLi 1.50

Enhanced Instagram version

Chat Alternative 604039 English

Meet and chat with people from all over the world

Gab 8.0.2 English
Gab 8.0.2

An uncensored social network

Pinterest Lite 1.1.0 English

The lite app for Pinterest

Maybe You 1.1.13 English
Maybe You 1.1.13

Dating platform to meet other singles in your town

CamSurf 3.9.5 English
CamSurf 3.9.5

Application of camera 'roulette' to meet people

Helo Lite English
Helo Lite

A video social network with tons of content users can download

Truth Social 0.1.7 English

The Twitter of and for Donald Trump

Meta Business Suite 352. English
Meta Business Suite 352.

Manage your Facebook accounts from your cell-phone

Weishi English

A Chinese social network of short videos

OGInsta+ 10.14.0 English
OGInsta+ 10.14.0

Add more possibilities to your Instagram account

Cupi Chat 8.5.6 English
Cupi Chat 8.5.6

A simple and effective dating app

Clubhouse 22.04.28 English
Clubhouse 22.04.28

Debate about almost anything in your social club

LeetGram 1.9 English

Get followers and likes on Instagram

Linktree 1.6.5 English
Linktree 1.6.5

Add your links to the bio of your social networks

IstLike 4.2.1 English
IstLike 4.2.1

Get likes for your Instagram posts

Helo English

Find and share viral contents

AbGram 2.0.0 English
AbGram 2.0.0

Get likes and followers for your Instagram account

Passion 1.2.0 English
Passion 1.2.0

Meet new people via chat and video calls

Hot Video for Tiktok 2.2 English

Set Tiktok videos as wallpaper

Bermuda Video Chat 2.10.1 English

A video chat app for meeting people from all over the world

Meteor Neutrino Boost 1.0 English

Enhance your social networks

AntiLand 7.021 English
AntiLand 7.021

A private chat to share your most secret thoughts

Insta Online 1.7 English

A parental control app for Instagram

VotTak 1.1.49 English
VotTak 1.1.49

The cutest videos on the web on your smartphone

Story Saver for Instagram English

Download stories from Instagram

Evermatch 1.1.38 English
Evermatch 1.1.38

Dating app for finding a partner

Zynn English

App for short videos like TikTok

Famedgram 1.3.4 English
Famedgram 1.3.4

Increase your number of followers on Instagram

Douyin 20.9.0 English
Douyin 20.9.0

Chinese version of TikTok

4k Followers 1.0 English

Get more followers on Instagram and become an influencer

Freer Pro 3.3.2 English
Freer Pro 3.3.2

Boost your social media profiles

Ablo 4.61.0 English
Ablo 4.61.0

Open your mind chatting with people from around the whole world