The best Miscellaneous Social Networks for Android

Interact and share all sorts of contents with your contacts on these miscellaneous social networks. Publish comments, repost publications, visit different profiles, hit the like button and meet new people

Snapchat English

The social network of filters and ephemeral messages

Facebook 470. English
Facebook 470.

Share your life experiences on the social network

X (Twitter) 10.45.1 English
X (Twitter) 10.45.1

The official app of the microblogging social network

LinkedIn 4.1.950 English
LinkedIn 4.1.950

The app to find our improve your job and expand your professional network

ZEPETO 3.56.000 English
ZEPETO 3.56.000

Create your avatar and meet other users

Facebook Lite 412. English
Facebook Lite 412.

The lightweight version of the Facebook app

VK 8.83 English
VK 8.83

The Russian social network par excellence

Twitter Lite 3.1.1 English

Official lite version of Twitter with lower resource consumption

Parler 4.1.33 English
Parler 4.1.33

News-based social network that claims to defend the user's freedom of expression

Joingy 1.0.0 English
Joingy 1.0.0

Chat and video chat app to talk to anonymous users

NGL 2.3.57 English
NGL 2.3.57

Propose games on Instagram and receive anonymous messages

pixiv 6.110.0 English
pixiv 6.110.0

Social network for manga fans

Project Z 2.70.4 English
Project Z 2.70.4

Make friends with common interests

Gameram 1.75.0 English
Gameram 1.75.0

Social network created especially for gamers

VRChat 2024.2.2 English
VRChat 2024.2.2

Talk to other users in VR chat rooms

Hornet 8.11.0 English
Hornet 8.11.0

Social network for gays with more to it than just meeting people

ChatHub 1.2.7 English
ChatHub 1.2.7

Get in touch with new people via video call

Palphone 2.5.12 English
Palphone 2.5.12

Have anonymous conversations depending on your mood

Custom Cast 1.03.15 English
Custom Cast 1.03.15

Create and customize all types of characters

Ablo 4.62.0 English
Ablo 4.62.0

Open your mind chatting with people from around the whole world

Facebook Home 1.2 English

Convert Facebook into the core of your Android phone

Virtual Droid 2 37.5 English

Meet people and explore virtual worlds with your avatar

Threads 335. English
Threads 335.

Meta launches its own version of Twitter

Weibo 6.3.6 English
Weibo 6.3.6

One of the best Chinese social networks

LYKA 3.7.61 English
LYKA 3.7.61

Share your interests and meet new friends

FRND 2.163 English
FRND 2.163

Social platform for chatting, playing games, and making friends

Mnet Plus 2.5.1 English
Mnet Plus 2.5.1

Connect with other K-pop fans around the world

WorldTalk 5.6.9 English
WorldTalk 5.6.9

Make friends around the world

GOGO Live 3.8.6-2023122200 English
GOGO Live 3.8.6-2023122200

Broadcast live video and discover other streamers

Slick 1.0.20 English
Slick 1.0.20

Say how you feel like nobody is watching

Game Jolt 1.1.12 English
Game Jolt 1.1.12

A gaming community in your pocket

Harpy 0.10.2 English
Harpy 0.10.2

Convenient and well-designed Twitter client

ZeepLive 4.8 English

Meet people from around the world with this video chat app

Litmatch 6.69.1 English
Litmatch 6.69.1

Make new friends and chat with them

IMVU English

A social network with virtual avatars

Quora 3.2.26 English
Quora 3.2.26

Everything you always wanted to know, but didn't dare to ask

Relive 5.26.0 English
Relive 5.26.0

Record your workouts and share them on the social network

Hoop 2.26.2 English
Hoop 2.26.2

Find new friends on Snapchat

LGBT Amino 3.4.33458 English
LGBT Amino 3.4.33458

Amino's forum network for the LGTBI community

Amino 3.5.35050 English
Amino 3.5.35050

Follow the topics that interet you the most

Bermi 2.9.0 English
Bermi 2.9.0

Make money whilst you watch a huge catalog of videos

Buffer 8.1.15 English
Buffer 8.1.15

Take control of your social networks

Meta Business Suite 459. English
Meta Business Suite 459.

Manage your Facebook accounts from your cell-phone

Redact 0.6.2 English
Redact 0.6.2

Delete your presence from social media

Yeetalk English

Speak with users from all over the world and learn languages

Bluesky 1.76.0 English
Bluesky 1.76.0

Short message social network similar to Twitter

Omega 6.0.3 English
Omega 6.0.3

Random video calls with users from around the world

Spotify Live 2.0.78 English
Spotify Live 2.0.78

The Clubhouse of Spotify

HoYoLAB 2.56.0 English
HoYoLAB 2.56.0

The community of players of miHoYo games

Clubhouse 23.11.16 English
Clubhouse 23.11.16

Debate about almost anything in your social club

Tiya 4.30.0 English
Tiya 4.30.0

Social network for text and voice chat

Club Cooee 1.10.10 English
Club Cooee 1.10.10

Interactive and customizable 3D chat

Nimses 5.5.53 English
Nimses 5.5.53

A social network that rewards your online activity

Mubble 2.0.13 English
Mubble 2.0.13

Social network based on GPS positioning

Unfold 8.82.0 English
Unfold 8.82.0

Shape up the ideas you want to transmit

TweetCaster 9.4.7 English

The favorite Twitter client of millions of users

Chatrandom 4.2.0 English
Chatrandom 4.2.0

Video chat with random people from all over the world

Grace 3.0.0 English
Grace 3.0.0

You can meet people online

MarinDeck 20230801 English
MarinDeck 20230801

Twitter client that brings the TweetDeck experience to your mobile

Glamour 4.0.0 English
Glamour 4.0.0

App for chatting and making video calls with other users

Kiwi Music 174.0.0 English
Kiwi Music 174.0.0

Simple social network for sharing your music with your friends

Bondee English

A virtual space to meet your friends

Metricool 3.6.17 English
Metricool 3.6.17

Tool to manage social networks from your cell phone

BUD 1.42.0 English
BUD 1.42.0

A social network to hang out with friends in the metaverse

Meta Creator Studio English
Meta Creator Studio

Tools for managing your Facebook page

Linktree 2.39.0 English
Linktree 2.39.0

Add your links to the bio of your social networks

Litmatch Lite 6.66.0 English

Make new friends and share the coolest moments of your life

Oasis 0.36.0 English
Oasis 0.36.0

Create an avatar, dive into a virtual world, and meet people

SoulChill 3.16_b2406132 English
SoulChill 3.16_b2406132

Meet new people to chat and play games

WeGamers 4.3.1 (17076) English
WeGamers 4.3.1 (17076)

The community where gamers gather

Houseclub 1.0.8 English
Houseclub 1.0.8

Unofficial Android version of Clubhouse

Hello Yo 5.6.2 English
Hello Yo 5.6.2

Participate on a social network with audio and voice chats

NOKA 1.3.00 English
NOKA 1.3.00

Social network to meet people from all over the world

Zaky 2.21.3 English
Zaky 2.21.3

Be part of a great community and make new friends

Anime & Manga Amino 3.4.33458 English

The meeting forum for Spanish-speaking otakus

Gab 8.0.2 English
Gab 8.0.2

An uncensored social network

LMK 2.53 English
LMK 2.53

Search for and find new friends

Bristlr 2.5.0 English
Bristlr 2.5.0

App to hook up aimed at bearded men

yesHEis 136.0.0 English
yesHEis 136.0.0

Share your Christian faith

Weverse 2.17.0 English
Weverse 2.17.0

Follow the social activities of your K-Pop idols

MeWe English

A social network that intends to respect your privacy

Face Slim 3.4.1 English
Face Slim 3.4.1

Lightweight Facebook client

Helo English

Find and share viral contents

Vero - True Social English

The new chronological social network and without ads

TweetDeck English

Twitter client for Android

Tusky 19.0 English
Tusky 19.0

Client for the social network called Mastodon

Yik Yak 4.10 English
Yik Yak 4.10

Communicate anonymously with nearby users

Plume 6.30.22 English
Plume 6.30.22

Twitter mobile client

LINE BAND 17.0.1  English
LINE BAND 17.0.1

Improve how you connect with your groups of friends

HootSuite 9.8.0 English
HootSuite 9.8.0

Access all your social profiles from this App

chkdsito 1 English

An app for showcasing social networks

Scret 4.2 English
Scret 4.2

Share your Scret link and get anonymous questions from friends and strangers

Blink 0.8.15 English
Blink 0.8.15

An interactive map to share your location with your friends

W App 1.53 English
W App 1.53

Anonymous surveys for school and high school students

TONIT 1.81.0 English
TONIT 1.81.0

Biker social network

Handshake 1.18 English
Handshake 1.18

App to agree on plans with your friends

Vibras 1.2.1 English
Vibras 1.2.1

Send out good vibes to your friends

Funmoji English

Mimic emojis in crazy challenges

WAM 3.0.0 English
WAM 3.0.0

A social network for participating in virtual tournaments

KakaoMusic 4.61.3 English
KakaoMusic 4.61.3

Social network for listening to and sharing music

Moments 3.2.0 English
Moments 3.2.0

Plan, share, and store moments

Hive Social 2.6.3 English

Social network halfway between Twitter and Instagram

Followers Analyzer for Twitter 4.7.6 English

Analysis and statistics of your Twitter account

Apphi 9.1.3 English
Apphi 9.1.3

Social media manager with simplified functions

Statusbrew 03.2.14 English
Statusbrew 03.2.14

A practical and straightforward social media manager

Noobly 0.1.78 English
Noobly 0.1.78

Meet other players and play online

Postcron 4.0.0 English
Postcron 4.0.0

Schedule your social media posts

Hookle 3.14.7 English
Hookle 3.14.7

Social media manager for entrepreneurs and small businesses

PLANOLY 4.05.3 English
PLANOLY 4.05.3

Social media planner

Yelly! 16.0.0 English
Yelly! 16.0.0

Social network for young people to talk to people of their age group

Everskies 1.1.18 English
Everskies 1.1.18

Create a pixelated avatar and connect with others

Minds 4.41.0 English
Minds 4.41.0

Microblogging social network that presents itself as an alternative to Twitter

obimy 2.3.8 English
obimy 2.3.8

Interact remotely with your loved ones

Mastodon 2.2.4 English
Mastodon 2.2.4

Decentralized and private social network

Yumy English

Chat with random friends from around the world

FaceDAO 1.3.4 English
FaceDAO 1.3.4

A social network built on blockchain

Quack 5.235.0 English
Quack 5.235.0

Make friends with the friends of your friends

Truth Social 1.10.10 English
Truth Social 1.10.10

The version of X made by and for Donald Trump

MAGA Hub 5.13.52 English
MAGA Hub 5.13.52

A social network for Trump supporters

Naver Cafe 5.9.2 English
Naver Cafe 5.9.2

Create or join one of the groups to share moments

WOMO 1.2.2 English
WOMO 1.2.2

Share your life and make friends

Plurk 6.22.0 English
Plurk 6.22.0

A refreshing social network for weirdos and misfits

Always Positive 1.48 English

Find motivation in positive quotes

Wink 5.18.0 English
Wink 5.18.0

Make friends for Snapchat

Bunch 6.34.0 English
Bunch 6.34.0

Play online with friends from all over the world

Goodwall English

Professional development network for young talents

Simple Social 13.5.1 English

All your social networks in a single app

YouStar 8.9.1 English
YouStar 8.9.1

Meet people from all over the world and play with them

Radiate 2.48 English
Radiate 2.48

Connect with people who share your musical tastes

Bela 1.2.4 English
Bela 1.2.4

Chat with your new friends and make video calls

HalloApp 1.14.12 English
HalloApp 1.14.12

Social network offering greater privacy control

Naver Blog 6.15.1 English
Naver Blog 6.15.1

Keep your personal blog and visit other users' blogs

GETTR 1.6.27 English
GETTR 1.6.27

Another social network that takes refuge in freedom

Display Social English

The social network that pays you for creating content

Kutumb 4.2.5 English
Kutumb 4.2.5

A social network created for people in India

Loco 5.4.10 English
Loco 5.4.10

The meeting point for all Indian gamers

PLINK 1.124.3 English
PLINK 1.124.3

Find other players to play online games with

Toluna 3.3.190 English
Toluna 3.3.190

The app that helps us to make our voice heard

Whosfan 1.3.1 English
Whosfan 1.3.1

The meeting place for all K-pop fans.

Beer Buddy 1.9.419 English
Beer Buddy 1.9.419

Let your friends know when you go out for a drink

Angle 5.4.0 English
Angle 5.4.0

Social audio network for like-minded people

Cappuccino 1.4.1 English
Cappuccino 1.4.1

A social network of audio chats

Koo 0.100.6 English
Koo 0.100.6

Connect with Indian users in Indian languages

Stereo 2.5.0 English
Stereo 2.5.0

Social network based on live conversations

Friends Talk 2.2.0 English

Make new friends from your smartphone!

CloutHub 2.0.4 English
CloutHub 2.0.4

Social network without censorship so that extremists and exalted people can blurt out their occurren

Peoople 3.9.16 English
Peoople 3.9.16

User community to get recommendations

Vampr 6.8 English
Vampr 6.8

The musicians' Tinder

Partying 2.8.2 English
Partying 2.8.2

Meet new people and play with them

YourQuote 2.0.4 English
YourQuote 2.0.4

Social network for writers