The best Miscellaneous Social Networks for Android

Interact and share all sorts of contents with your contacts on these miscellaneous social networks. Publish comments, repost publications, visit different profiles, hit the like button and meet new people

Facebook English

The Android client for the most popular social network

Facebook Lite English
Facebook Lite

Facebook's lightweight app

Snapchat 10.83.0 English

The social network of ephemeral messages

Twitter 8.46.0 English
Twitter 8.46.0

The official client of the 140-character social network

ZEPETO 2.22.2 English
ZEPETO 2.22.2

Create your avatar and meet other users

VK 6.4 English
VK 6.4

The Russian social network par excellence

Helo English

Find and share viral contents

Virtual Droid 2 15.0 English

Meet people and explore virtual worlds with your avatar

Roposo English

The favorite video-based social network in India

Ablo 2.18.1 English
Ablo 2.18.1

Open your mind chatting with people from around the whole world

Face Slim 3.4.1 English
Face Slim 3.4.1

Lightweight Facebook client

MeWe 5.6.7 English
MeWe 5.6.7

A social network that intends to respect your privacy

Mubble 1.0.15 English
Mubble 1.0.15

Social network based on GPS positioning

Twitter Lite 2.1.3--8 English
Twitter Lite 2.1.3--8

Official lite version of Twitter with lower resource consumption

TweetDeck 3.9.633 English

Twitter client for Android

Hoop 2.17.6 English
Hoop 2.17.6

Find new friends on Snapchat

IMVU English

A social network with virtual avatars

GOGO Live 3.1.1-2020031900 English
GOGO Live 3.1.1-2020031900

Broadcast live video and discover other streamers

Triller 9.7.0b80 English
Triller 9.7.0b80

Share your talent on this video-based social network

Quora 2.8.49 English
Quora 2.8.49

Everything you always wanted to know, but didn't dare to ask

Facebook Home 1.2 English

Convert Facebook into the core of your Android phone

ASKfm 4.56 English
ASKfm 4.56

Millions of questions and answers

Hello 3.5.9 English
Hello 3.5.9

Random chats on your phone

Miraculous Ladybug Amino 2.6.31161 English

The social network for Miraculous Ladybug fans

Gab 8.0.2 English
Gab 8.0.2

An uncensored social network

KPOP Amino 2.7.32310 English
KPOP Amino 2.7.32310

A meeting point for k-pop fans

Hornet 6.3.0 English
Hornet 6.3.0

Social network for gays with more to it than just meeting people

WhatsAround 2.1.1 English

A social network for your vacation photos that hands out profits

LGBT Amino 2.7.32310 English
LGBT Amino 2.7.32310

Amino's forum network for the LGTBI community

Owly 2.2.4 English
Owly 2.2.4

Attractive and functional Twitter client

Vero - True Social 1.6.7 English

The new chronological social network and without ads

Carbon for Twitter 2.7 English

All the information of your Twitter account on the home screen

Facebook Pages Manager English
Facebook Pages Manager

Manage your pages from your phone

LinkedIn 4.1.433 English
LinkedIn 4.1.433

The app to find our improve your job and expand your professional network

combyne 5.17.3 English
combyne 5.17.3

Don't leave a single garment unmatched

Bandbond 1.2.1 English
Bandbond 1.2.1

Connect with your favorite hard rock and metal artists

ARMY Amino for BTS 2.7.32310 English

The community in Amino for BTS fans

Undertale Amino 2.7.32310 English
Undertale Amino 2.7.32310

The largest chat community of Undertale

Anime & Manga Amino 2.7.32310 English

The meeting forum for Spanish-speaking otakus

Blind 2.20.0 English
Blind 2.20.0

An informative business community