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NextDoor is the app of the social network that can connect an entire neighbor community. Engage with your neighborhood and use it communicate with them

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One of the digs that many people have at the modern society has to do with the fact that we're becoming more and more wrapped up in our own business without relating with anyone else because of technology. But precisely technology want to change that appreciation thanks to tools of the likes of NextDoor, the social networks especially conceived to bring together people from the same neighborhood.

How does this neighborhood social network work?

It's really simple as we only have to introduce our postcode and validate our location by means of our device's GPS. From there on, we can register as a member of the neighborhood and communicate with the rest of neighbors by means of public or direct messages. We can post all sorts of messages: to search for a job, to solve problems, to organize events or even to plan neighborhood patrols to guarantee our safety.

These are the main features of this application for all those nosey neighbors that are always sticking their noses into none of their business and taking on the role of some kind of mayor:

  • Find the location of your neighbor's house on the map.
  • Community board or wall.
  • Send direct messages to your neighbors.
  • Organize your publications in the forum by topic.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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