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Twitter users have access to the official client that joins all the functions of the social network in a simple interface where usability is paramount

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At this point, this social network needs little introduction, which together with Facebook has become another way of communicating with both acquaintances and strangers. And all with a reduced number of characters: at first 140, today a maximum of 280, to express ourselves and share multimedia material of all kinds.

Much more than a social network

With the client for Android devices you will see for yourself the importance of this platform. Twitter has become not only a place where you can count on relationships in the network, but also a source of information that allows us to know what is happening immediately and what thousands of users are talking about at the same time.

Find out what is being talked about, what is worrying, what is interesting... in short, find out what is trending.

By downloading the APK and installing it on your smartphone you will have the usual actions that can be performed with the social network: tweet, retweet, check what is Trending Topic, group your messages with hashtags, follow and unfollow... all from a basic interface and with a clear design to make our interaction with other users as rich an experience as possible.

Main features

  • Publish your tweets.
  • Allows you to customize your profile, add a photo, description, location and cover.
  • Notifications of mentions, follows, favorites and retweets.
  • Find out what is Trending Topic in real time.
  • Follow other users.
  • The use of hashtags allows you to follow content according to topics and keywords.
  • Link your tweets to photos, videos, GIF animations and websites.

Everything that happens also happens on Twitter

The role of this social network soon transcended the role of an alternative means of communication. The direct communication it offers between users has led to it being used in all kinds of events and developments: sports, entertainment, catastrophes, riots... thanks to it we have been able to know with immediacy from what BTS, the POTUS or Piqué think from their profile, to what happens during the last elections in the United States, in the summer large fires or in the war in Syria.

Millions of people log on every day for information and entertainment.

It has become a social medium in which anonymous users and celebrities, company profiles and others can express themselves and talk to each other directly, without intermediaries of any kind, and largely thanks to the proliferation of the smartphone that capitalizes on much of the activity it records. All this with its own language of ats, hashtags, favs, and company that have made it one of the biggest phenomena of recent years.

An increasingly complete and controllable microblogging system

Although the bluebird social network started out as a basic text-based communication system, today it is a network of multimedia content that continues to grow day by day. Among the major changes still available today (there are options that disappear after a short time, such as Periscope or audio messages), we must mention the change in the maximum number of characters, the integration of Fleets (ephemeral 24-hour stories like those of Instagram or Facebook) or the possibility of integrating video material of increasingly longer duration.

In addition, users have more and more control over the tweets they write, read or in which they are mentioned, as the network now allows users to remove themselves from a conversation, block RTs if necessary, ask for permission to be mentioned, remove mentions from a tweet or, in the future, tweet only to users interested in a particular topic or hashtag, or editing tweets with the much-awaited button promoted by Elon Musk.

What's new in the latest version

  • New dark mode with two options, dim and lights out, with an automatic configuration option.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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