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With Facebook Moments you'll be able to have the photos that you and your friends take at any event, celebration or trip of any sort all in the same place

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Facebook Moments is now available on Google Play. The Android version of this application to create photo albums about specific moments allows us to bring together all the pictures of an event, party, trip, etc. and exchange them with our contacts instantly.

Put all your pictures in order

According to who appears in them or when they have been taken, you choose. Organize them as you wish and share them with your friends. Furthermore, it allows you to create albums collaboratively as your friends can add their own pics whenever they want.

Your pics and those of your friends in the same place.

  • Save your photos in an organized manner and in a safe place.
  • Share several photos at once without needing multiple text messages or emails.
  • Save the pictures in your gallery.
  • Share photos directly on Facebook, Instagram or Facebook Messenger.
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