The best Video-sharing Social Networks for Android

Create, edit, and share short videos, that’s what video-sharing and streaming social networks are all about. Become a social video star by downloading any of the platforms on this list of the best and coolest video-based social networks

TikTok 17.6.3 English
TikTok 17.6.3

A social network for short viral videos

Lasso English

A short-video social netwok

IGTV English

Much more video on Instagram

Joy.Live 2.8.5 English
Joy.Live 2.8.5

Stream live from your phone

TikTok Lite 16.8.3 English
TikTok Lite 16.8.3

Lightweight version of the app of one of the trendiest social networks

Snack Video English
Snack Video

Asian video social network

Ola Party 1.2.5 English
Ola Party 1.2.5

Video chat with users from around the world

MX TakaTak 1.0.10 English
MX TakaTak 1.0.10

The TikTok-style app from the creators of MX Player

Ego.Live 2.3.5 English
Ego.Live 2.3.5

Social network for video broadcasts

Moj 2.0.8 English
Moj 2.0.8

A short video social network from India

Likee 3.45.2 English
Likee 3.45.2

Bring some life to your videos applying dynamic effects

Josh 1.0.10 English
Josh 1.0.10

Video social network similar to TikTok


Video chat social network

BIGO LIVE 4.42.1 English
BIGO LIVE 4.42.1

Streaming-based social network

Roposo English

The favorite video-based social network in India

UVideo English

A social network for Indian videos similar to TIk Tok

4Fun 5.27 English
4Fun 5.27

Have fun watching Indian videos and making friends

Helo Lite English
Helo Lite

A video social network with tons of content users can download

VidStatus 3.7.3 English
VidStatus 3.7.3

Social network based on 30-second videos

LiveMe 4.2.30 English
LiveMe 4.2.30

Chat on video or watch the live streams of other users

Weishi English

A Chinese social network of short videos

VClip English

Social network with short videos and viral content

Zili English

Short-video social networks similar to TikTok

V LIVE 4.9.7 English
V LIVE 4.9.7

Follow the broadcasts of the most important influencers

Kwai English

Social network of short videos

Streamlabs 2.2.1-104 English
Streamlabs 2.2.1-104

Client for broadcasting live on YouTube and Twitch

Vigo Video 9.1.6 English
Vigo Video 9.1.6

Upload your video to this short video social network

VMate 2.71 English
VMate 2.71

Short-video social network similar to TikTok

Welike 3.06.01 English
Welike 3.06.01

Social network full of all sorts of viral videos

Zynn English

App for short videos like TikTok

Mitron 1.2.26 English
Mitron 1.2.26

Social network of short humorous videos

MLiveU English

Introducing a Live video chat

StreamKar 7.5.2 English
StreamKar 7.5.2

Streaming tool to showcase your talents to the world

MoreinLive 5.0.8 English
MoreinLive 5.0.8

Join live video chat rooms with beauty filters

LINE LIVE 2.9.2 English

Share your daily life in your streams

Samosa 5.8.5 English
Samosa 5.8.5

Indian social network with short videos and GIFs

Yome Live 3.3.2 English
Yome Live 3.3.2

Stream your videos live and chat with people around the world

Kalo 1.40.1 English
Kalo 1.40.1

Video social network for Latinos 2.9.8 English 2.9.8

Video streaming app

Chingari 2.6.2 English
Chingari 2.6.2

Indian news and viral video app