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Snake Video is an application to view videos in the same way that TikTok or Snack Video allows, by scrolling through the content by slipping videos

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The TikTok phenomenon has swept the globe, taking even Facebook managers by surprise, as Mark Zuckerberg himself acknowledged. What happens is that the Chinese platform arouses the mistrust of some governments for geopolitical issues, as is the case of the United States or India. And in this Asian country, where its use has been banned, alternatives have appeared such as Snack Video, which is quite successful, or the one we bring you here, Snake Video, which is proposed as an alternative for both the Chinese and its Indian counterpart. Crazy, wow.

Same system: playing videos vertically and sliding with your finger

Nothing will surprise you in this social network of videos that bets on a system identical to the one that has made TikTok the fastest growing social network in recent times. Users can register videos through the app itself or upload them from their device's media gallery, add the audio they consider and share it on their news profile. This will be visible in their followers' feed, in the content suggestions that are shown in a non-random order or through searches, using hashtags.

Here you can find videos of all kinds, such as humorous or of people showing eye-catching skills, also offering the possibility of commenting and sharing the contents through other media.

Of course, the bulk of users of the app is Indian, so the theme and content is aimed primarily at anyone related and familiar with the social context of the country of Hindustan.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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Shay O’Toole
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