TikTok in your Android app lets you comment on the videos you watch. However, if writing a comment seems too limited or cold, you can also create a video response, which is a great novelty. Do you want to start responding to others in this way? Then keep reading. We explain the steps you must take to be able to respond in video format to your contacts' videos.

First, locate the video you want to respond to. Then, tap on the Share button visible on the interface.

TikTok’s share buttonTikTok’s share button

Then, use the React button to create your answer.

Create a reaction to a videoCreate a reaction to a video

Once the entire video has been downloaded, you will access the recording section. Use the shutter button to start recording your response. As you record, the original video will advance.

Move the original videoMove the original video

You can place the video you are responding to in the area of the screen you want. To do this, you just have to tap on it for a long time.

Start recordingStart recording

When the recording is complete, tap on the confirmation button.

Confirm the end of the videoConfirm the end of the video

Once this is done, you can write the text that accompanies your new video and label it according to the theme. Of course, you can add as many effects as you want, just like a normal video. Remember that you can mention the original user to watch the response.

Video answers are an interesting alternative to the usual text answers. TikTok tries to enhance this kind of interaction that has video as the main protagonist.