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Rumble is a platform that advocates for uncensored video posting. In it, you will find crazy content and videos related to all conspiracy theories


Uncensored video content platform

June 9, 2021
6 / 10

There is a much-manipulated debate in recent times about what is freedom of speech. Especially among those with totalitarian political opinions and those who claim that pseudo-science is at the same level as science. Cornered and expelled from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, they have fled to other social networks like Gab or Parler, for example, where they can spread their stupidity without anyone cutting them off. To these platforms, we can now add Rumble, a video social network that includes monetization options.

Make money with your conspiracy theories

In this video platform, you will find the most select and right-wing extremist Americans, deniers of all sorts (COVID, climate change, snow...), and gurus who claim to cure cancer with a diet of plants. It offers video streaming, people to follow, the option to comment, vote... and of course, the necessary functions for you to join and share content if you too suffered from a concussion when you fell off your cradle as a baby.

The following are the main features that Rumble has to offer:

  • Create your own profile and upload your videos.
  • Follow other users.
  • Rate your videos by sliding your finger left or right like you would in Tinder.
  • Win money with every favorable rating and participate in a daily money draw.
  • Detailed earnings report.
  • Participate in play-battles with other users.

Beyond the various crazy ideas of people who long lost it, this platform claims to be a constant and profitable income source for video creators who can't lay their eggs in other places like YouTube or Vimeo. The developers should improve the interface, by the way, which is not very user-friendly.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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Susana Arjona