The best Social Network MODs for Android

If you’re not too happy with the official client of your favorite social network, try downloading any of the MODs available for different social platforms, improve their functions and increase their possibilities to the max

InstaUp 12.7 English
InstaUp 12.7

Get likes and followers on Instagram

GetInsta 2.9.5 English
GetInsta 2.9.5

Keep track of your Instagram

Neutrino+ 6.0.1 English
Neutrino+ 6.0.1

Get more likes and followers on Instagram

TopFollow 4.0.1 English
TopFollow 4.0.1

Get followers and likes for your Instagram profile

4Liker 2.6 English
4Liker 2.6

Receive automatic likes and comments on Facebook

Insta Aero 17.0.1 English
Insta Aero 17.0.1

Manage your Instagram account with extra functions

Hiketop+ 4.2.0 English
Hiketop+ 4.2.0

Get more followers on Instagram

Yolikers 2.9 English

Autoliker for Facebook

Instagram Plus 10.14.0 English

An Instagram client with extra functions

FB Liker 2.1.0 English
FB Liker 2.1.0

A like generator for your Facebook publications

GBInstagram 1.60 English

Instagram client with more functions 96.0 English 96.0

Get more reactions to your social network publications

Machine Liker 1.3 English

Add 'likes' to your Facebook publications

Postegro 1.30 English
Postegro 1.30

Pry your friends' profile pics on Instagram

Instander 15.0 English
Instander 15.0

Instagram MOD that extends the functions of the official social network app

VipTools 3.0 English

Get more visibility for your TikTok account

Ghosty 1.4.5 English
Ghosty 1.4.5

App for Instagram snoopers

Wefbee 1.2 English
Wefbee 1.2

Get more likes and followers on Facebook

Facebook Plus 1.1 English

Alternative Facebook client for Android

FLikes 4.0.4 English
FLikes 4.0.4

Increase your Facebook likes and get more followers

dj Liker 1.0 English

Automatic likes for your Facebook posts

Snapchat Plus 1.7 English

Download pics and videos from Snapchat

LeetGram 1.9 English

Get followers and likes on Instagram

Hublaagram 2.0.18 English
Hublaagram 2.0.18

Become an Instagram influencer

TikTok 22.9.3 English
TikTok MOD 17.6.3

TikTok MOD for downloading videos

Apental Calc 8.10 English

Loads of likes and comments for your Facebook publications

InstaULTRA English

MOD for Instagram

Xprofile 1.0.64 English
Xprofile 1.0.64

An app to offer stats about your Instagram account

AbLiker 2.2 English
AbLiker 2.2

Increase the reactions to your Facebook publications

FireLiker 1.0 English

Get automatic likes and followers

Reports+ 1.009 English
Reports+ 1.009

Receive performance reports about your Instagram account

Who Follows 1.0.5 English

All metrics and analysis of your Instagram account

Famedgram 1.3.4 English
Famedgram 1.3.4

Increase your number of followers on Instagram

OGInsta+ 10.14.0 English
OGInsta+ 10.14.0

Add more possibilities to your Instagram account

Profile Tracker 24 English

Who follows you on Facebook and Instagram?

Follower Analyzer for Instagram 9.0.4 English

Analyze what kind of users you have on Instagram

Followers Up Stats 1.1.0 English

Check your stats on Instagram

InstaXtreme 20 English

Instagram MOD to download pics and videos

Magic Followers 1.0.2 English

Get followers on Instagram

Meteor Neutrino Boost 1.0 English

Enhance your social networks