The dark mode that many developers integrate with their applications lets users use them in low-light environments with greater comfort. In the case of Facebook, its developers have already implemented it natively. Let us explain how you can activate it.

Enabling dark mode in the official Facebook application

Before continuing, you must check if you have the latest version of the Facebook application. Dark mode will only be available in the latest version. Once you have checked this, go to the options menu and open the Settings & Privacy section.

Open the options menuOpen the options menu

Tap in Dark mode.

Dark mode settingsDark mode settings

Select On to enable the dark mode. Similarly, you can use the Use system settings option to have the application use the system settings.

Enable the dark modeEnable the dark mode

By doing this, the appearance of Facebook will change, using dark shades in its interface.

Dark mode in FacebookDark mode in Facebook

As you can see, no true black colors are used in any case. This is not a dark mode intended to save battery life. Rather, it is designed to make content visualization more enjoyable.

How to force dark mode on Facebook

If for some reason, you cannot download and install the latest version of Facebook, you can force the dark mode using the developer options. You must activate them from the Software information section, by tapping repeatedly on Build number.

Enable the developer optionsEnable the developer options

Go back to the list of the main options and tap on System.

System optionsSystem options

Now, go to Developer options.

Developer optionsDeveloper options

Look for the Override force-dark option. Activate it using the slider.

Force the dark modeForce the dark mode

From now on, all those applications, including Facebook, that do not incorporate a native dark mode, will use an interface with black shades. You should also note that for this method to be effective, the dark mode must be enabled in your device's settings.

How to enable dark mode in Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite supports the activation of the dark mode. All you have to do is go to the application settings.

Open Facebook Lite’s optionsOpen Facebook Lite’s options

From there, look for the Dark mode option and activate it.

Turn on the dark modeTurn on the dark mode

In this case, it is not possible to ask it to adapt to the system settings, so you must always use the application in dark mode.