WhatsApp's backups are saved to our Google Drive account if we set it up to do so. Moreover, storing these backups does not take up space in our G Suit cloud storage service. These backups are located in a hidden section within Google Drive that cannot be accessed by the user. This method is intended to allow users to easily retrieve their chats if they change devices.

And what does it take to store our conversations on Google Drive? The following:

  • An active Google account on the phone.
  • Google Play Services installed and enabled.
  • Available space on the phone of at least the size of the backup to be created.

WhatsApp usually asks on its first start if we want to set up the Google Drive backup, but if we have not done so, we can set it up at any moment. To do it, open WhatsApp and tap on the menu button:

Chat window in WhatsAppChat window in WhatsApp

Then, tap on Settings:

WhatsApp’s menuWhatsApp’s menu

Next, we tap on Chats:

Chat settingsChat settings

And then, on Chat backup:

Access to the backupsAccess to the backups

On this screen, we can create the backup in the cloud by tapping on Back up, or we can automate the process by going to the Google Drive settings.

Button to save the backupButton to save the backup

Here, we will have to set how often we want this to happen (daily, weekly, monthly, when the user wishes to do so, or never):

Frequency of automatic updatesFrequency of automatic updates

In which Google account it will be stored:

Account to which the backups with be uploadedAccount to which the backups with be uploaded

And whether the copy will be made only through wi-fi, or by using mobile data and wi-fi depending on which one is available:

If you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, a backup to Google Drive will allow you to restore your conversations at the first start of the application by tapping on Restore:

Button to restore backupsButton to restore backups

Now, you know where your WhatsApp chats are backed up, and how to send them there.