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Search for and catch over 600 different Pokémon from the world around you, participate in raids, fight in gyms and challenge your friends in Pokémon GO

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After more than five years of great success, growth and improvement, Pokémon GO continues to make the real world around you a space in which to play and have fun hunting these creatures and battling against other players.

If you decide to start your Pokémon adventure or resume it after some time disconnected from fighting and catching, you will join thousands of trainers from the three available teams (Team Courage, Instinct, and Wisdom) with a shared goal: complete the Pokédex with the more than six hundred Pokémon from the different regions, battle in gyms to earn experience points, and become stronger and stronger and participate in raids to catch the strongest and most difficult to find creatures.

The only way to advance in this adventure is to move forward (sorry for saying the obvious). The real world is your stage and at every step and behind every corner you may find a hiding rare Blaziken from Hoenn, Ho-Oh the legendary bird Pokémon, or just that little Cottonee that seems to want to sneak out of your pokéball.

Join Trainers from all over the planet who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them.

Key Features

  • Players must search for and capture more than 600 Pokémon from the different regions in the real world: Kato, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Teselia, and Kalos.
  • Players can travel with a Pokémon companion that will become stronger with every kilometer traveled together.
  • As in all the different games and series of the franchise, Team Rocket is dedicated to evil. If they appear, players must fight them and save the Pokémon they have kidnapped and cursed.
  • It's a more fun game if you play with friends: you can trade Pokémon, send each other gifts, join raids with them, battle, or take pictures together.
  • To keep things interesting, the game includes dozens of events where you must complete quests to earn rewards or find rare or legendary Pokémon.
  • In the gyms visible on the map, you can battle with one of your Pokémon and other creatures from other members of your team for experience points and prizes or fight to catch powerful Pokémon, only during raids.
  • You can participate in different GO Battle Leagues, organized by levels. Consider the effectiveness of Pokémon types against each other, win online battles and badges against the rest of the community and move up the leagues to become a true Pokémon Master (Ash Ketchum has been fighting for it since 1997).
  • The game includes a store from which you can buy aesthetic complements for your character and all kinds of useful objects such as pokéballs, incubators for eggs, potion, and bait modules.

What's new in the latest version

  • The new season begins.
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