The best RPGs for Android

Live all sorts of fantastic adventures with our role-playing games for Android: wizards, witches, spells, errant knights, miraculous potions and much more

Pokémon GO 0.281.3 English
Pokémon GO 0.281.3

Complete your Pokédex in the real world

Magic: The Gathering Arena 2023.29.10.2102 English

Enjoy Magic: The Gathering matches on Android

Diablo Immortal 2.1.0 English

The first Diablo game for Android

Pokémon Quest 1.0.6 English

Fight with your cubic Pokémons

FGO: Fate/Grand Order 2.50.0 English

RPG of strategic battles with cards

Five Nights at Freddy’s World English

RPG inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel 3.7.0 English

Bandai Namco RPG with amazing graphics

Tensura: King of Monsters 1.16.0 English

Accompany the characters of the franchise in a fantastic RPG

Monster Strike 26.1.0 English

RPG game based on monster battles

PokéLand 0.2.0 English
PokéLand 0.2.0

Rumble-based Pokémon game

Pokémon Fire Red 1.1 English

The popular game from the Pokémon saga for Game Boy Advanced

Minecraft Dungeons 2.0 English

Explore dangerous block dungeons

Dragon Ball Strongest War 1.328.0.5 English

The role-playing game based on Dragon Ball

Pixelmon Town 2.0 English

Train your team of monsters from the Pokémon universe

Learn The Heart 2.0 English

Experience love through a virtual relationship

Castlevania: Moon Night Fantasy 1.9 English

An action RPG from the classic Castlevania saga

Dungeon Quest English
Dungeon Quest

A great RPG for Android

Wild Tamer 2.40 English

Frees the ancestral animals from the curse

Dragonheir: Silent Gods 0.203.229941 English

A fascinating adventure RPG where you fight with dice

Black Clover M 1.02.069 English
Black Clover M 1.02.069

An excellent anime-inspired RPG

Blade of Pillar 1.0.5 English

A semi-automatic RPG based on the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga

Konoha Ultimate Storm 1.0.4 English

Experience a classic RPG with original scenes from Naruto

Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! 1.2.7 English

Android adaptation of the famous cartoon series

Avatar Generations 1.07.371642 English
Avatar Generations 1.07.371642

Relive the adventures of Aang and his friends

Deepest Sword 1.0 English

A short but intense RPG with pixel art

Moonlighter 1.13.40 English
Moonlighter 1.13.40

An old-school roguelike RPG

Dance School Stories 1.1.44 English

Triumph as a dance star

Angry Birds Epic 3.0.27463.4821 English
Angry Birds Epic 3.0.27463.4821

Original and entertaining epic battles with Angry Birds

Sword Chronicles: Awaken 1.0.6 English

Gather epic warriors to defeat the Tenchu Sect

Epic Summoners English
Epic Summoners

Assemble a team of heroes to fight the forces of evil

Daisho: Survival of a Samurai 1.2.0 English

Forge your destiny in Japan's Sengoku era

Mighty Wars 0.14 English

Create a team of warriors and destroy the opposing army

Digital Girls 4.20.40 English
Digital Girls 4.20.40

Collect monsters that evolve into beautiful girls

Honkai: Star Rail 1.3.0 English

HoYoverse's new RPG offers a stellar adventure

Beast Quest 1.0.6 English

Save the world of Avantia from a curse

Anime Gacha! 2.0.1 English

Game of gacha mechanics where you will be able to fight battles with hundreds of characters

Super Auto Pets 67 English

Automatic animal combat game

X-Hero: Idle Avengers 1.0.89 English

Assemble a team of superheroes to fight against darkness

Spiral Warrior English
Spiral Warrior

Spinning tops are back in a digital version

TMNT: Mutant Madness 1.48.0 English

Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles save the world

Medabots 3.3.0 English
Medabots 3.3.0

Strategy combat RPG between robots

Destiny Knights 29.3.1 English

An unforgettable and epic journey in RPG format

Vampire's Fall: Origins 1.15.616 English

Dark open world RPG with turn-based combats

Green Glass 1.0.5 English

Roleplay and action in an epic medieval eastern setting

Sdorica 3.7.1 English
Sdorica 3.7.1

Awesome Japanese role-playing game

Guild Masters 1.310 English

An automatic role-playing combat game


A new installment of Final Fantasy for Android

Darkness Rises 1.69.0 English

Save the world from the invading demons

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire English

New installment of Final Fantasy for Android

Angry Birds Evolution 2.9.6 English

The Angry Birds turn-based battle game

ChooChoo Heroes 1.2.3 English

A pixel-art RPG

Dungeon Boss 0.5.15965 English
Dungeon Boss 0.5.15965

Unleash the battle for control of the dungeons

Brave Frontier English
Brave Frontier

Collect characters and combine their powers

SOULS 1.1.0 English
SOULS 1.1.0

Free the sealed souls of the heroes and save the world

HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse 1.0.4 English

Summon the best heroes to defeat the darkness

Dino Knights 1.0.19 English
Dino Knights 1.0.19

Become a dinoknight and defeat your enemies

Monster Hunter Now 61.0 English

Hunt monsters as you explore the real world

Angel Fantasia 1.0.047 English

Destroy enemies non-stop in this idle retro RPG

Revue Starlight Re LIVE 1.0.50 English

Fight in spectacular stage battles with the Stage Girls

Omniheroes 1.4.5 English
Omniheroes 1.4.5

Assemble a team of beautiful valkyries to fight darkness

Dual Blader 1.8.8 English

Help a young girl defeat the dragon that killed her mother

Missing Land 1.0.63 English
Missing Land 1.0.63

Make your way through a hostile world full of dangers

Demon Sword 1.1.15 English
Demon Sword 1.1.15

A dark RPG with an oriental aesthetic

The Tale of Food 1.0.30 English

A mesmerizing RPG where food comes to life

The Era of Overman 1.1.12 English

The official idle RPG of the Korean webtoon

Tales of Yokai 2.5 English

Summon legendary yokai to fight in epic battles

Titan War 1.0.24 English
Titan War 1.0.24

RPG and puzzle game, two in one

Madtale 1.40 English
Madtale 1.40

An idle RPG set in a twisted version of classic fairy tales

Echocalypse 1.4.0 English

A fascinating post-apocalyptic sci-fi SRPG

Master of Knights 0.3.5 English

A pretty SRPG with anime-style turn-based battles

Myth: Gods of Asgard 1.2.0 English

Join the gods of Asgard and fight Ragnarök

Tower of God: New World 1.00.02 English

Ascend through the Tower of God together with the webtoon characters

Loot Heroes 0.3.8 English

A dynamic and colorful cooperative RPG

MiniLife: Tournament English

Work as a team in 5v5 combats to defeat the enemy

Snowbreak English

Gather powerful Demonstrations and investigate the dangerous Aleph Zone

XDRP 0.1.0 English
XDRP 0.1.0

Create your own character and enjoy a virtual social world

Smithing Master 0.22.0 English

Forge equipment pieces and fight monsters

takt op. Symphony 0.3.602 English

Bring music back to the world in this beautiful RPG

Hyperdimension Fight 1.0.22 English

Idle RPG starring your favorite anime characters

BrownDust2 1.20.41 English
BrownDust2 1.20.41

A wonderful RPG with a nostalgic look

MARVEL World of Heroes 0.15.1 English

Become a Marvel superhero in the real world

Unknown Knights 1.0.49 English

An endearing strategic RPG with a retro touch

Hunter Raid 1.1.3 English

Join a monster hunter in an epic adventure

Mortal Path 2.1.1 English

Embark on an adventure to become immortal

Legendary Master Idle 1.0.8 English

Join the crusade of a warrior who wants to avenge her father's death

League of Angels: Pact 1.0.15 English

Assemble a divine team of angels to fight evil

Aether Gazer 0.279.65 English
Aether Gazer 0.279.65

Protect the future of mankind on the virtual plane

Captor Clash 1.3.3 English

Thrilling, action-packed battles

Ninja Ryuko 1.1.1 English

Fight corruption in Kurome

Shadow Slayer 1.1.99 English

A dark RPG with exquisite designs

Wild Fighter 1.1.0 English

Punch your way through this somber RPG

Legend of Almia 18.0 English

Discover the truth behind Almia's collapse

Tap Force 1.68 English
Tap Force 1.68

Street fights with a retro flavor

Slayer Legend 420.3.9 English
Slayer Legend 420.3.9

Slay the demons that have crept into this world

Valiant Force 2 1.7.3 English

The long-awaited sequel to the mythical RPG

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna 1.1.3 English

A beautiful vertical RPG with spectacular designs

Outerplane 1.1.0 English
Outerplane 1.1.0

Embark on an epic adventure in another world

Demian Saga 1.0.6 English

Recruit pirates to travel to the land of the gods

Black Deck 1.21.1 English
Black Deck 1.21.1

Traditional card battles

Higan: Eruthyll English

Assemble a team of beautiful she warriors to search the limits of reality

Kung Fu Saga English
Kung Fu Saga

Experience an epic adventure in a fantastic world

OneBit Adventure 1.3.105 English

An interesting oldschool roguelike

Volzerk 1.3.1 English
Volzerk 1.3.1

Explore a beautiful world full of monsters

Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse 1.2.4 English

Survive in a world on the brink of disaster

Rumble Knights 1.6.2 English

A dynamic idle RPG with a retro feel

Guan Yu Idle 4.122 English

Become the general of the Three Kingdoms

Summoners War: Chronicles 1.5 English

Use your summoner powers to protect a fantasy realm

King's Choice English
King's Choice

Rule your own kingdom and decide your destiny

Rage Mage 1.0.6 English
Rage Mage 1.0.6

A lighthearted card game set in a magical world

Rumble Heroes 1.1.007 English
Rumble Heroes 1.1.007

Rescue the princess and rebuild the kingdom with your group of heroes.

Pixel Fantasia 2.0.44 English

Save a world of pixels

Limbus Company 1.0.1 English

Explore a gloomy city with 12 sinners

LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth English

One of the turn-based battles in LoTR: Heroes of Middle-earth

Tower of God: Great Journey 2.1.16 English

The official game of the successful webcomic

Master League 1.0.27 English

A hybrid proposal: idle RPG and puzzles

Dicey Elementalist 1.0.39 English

Nice dice and fantasy game inspired by Yahtzee

Epic Ninja 1.0.0 English
Epic Ninja 1.0.0

A fantastic strategic RPG inspired by Naruto

Idle Berserker 1.1.33 English

A dark ARPG with addictive mechanics

Ever Legion 0.3.299 English
Ever Legion 0.3.299

Save the land of Nevria from the zombie invasion

Eversoul 0.16.17 English
Eversoul 0.16.17

Collect souls of beautiful girls to save the world

Airship Knights 1.2.8 English

Become the captain of a flying boat

Hero Clash 1.0.9 English
Hero Clash 1.0.9

Recruit warriors, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles to save the world

The Eminence in Shadow 1.0.7 English

The official game of the manga and anime isekai

BraveNine Story 1.6.8 English

A beautiful visual novel with RPG elements

Dragon Village Arena 1.1.2 English

Become the best dragon trainer

Shadow Brides 1.0.41 English

Save the world with the help of your waifus

Sword Art Online VS 1.0.14 English

A new JRPG with graphics straight out of the anime

Neural Cloud 1.3.0 English

Lead a group of beautiful female warriors

Rogue Vill 0.7.3 English
Rogue Vill 0.7.3

Discover the secrets of the cursed dungeon

Girls' Connect 1.0.195 English

Assemble a team of powerful (and beautiful) female warriors

Legend of Slime 1.15.0 English

Help a brave slime to defeat the evil humans

Dear, Ella 1.4.2 English
Dear, Ella 1.4.2

Help princess Ella to change her destiny

Black Crown 2.2.009 English
Black Crown 2.2.009

Embark on an epic journey to save Princess Pepperoni

SEOUL Apocalypse 1.3.0 English

Addictive underground-style AFK RPG

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory 110.8.14 English

Lead a squad of girl warriors to save the world

Panilla Saga 4.2.305 English
Panilla Saga 4.2.305

Become a hero to save a broken continent

Millistar Raiders 1.0.7 English

Save the kingdom of Pigs with a group of unlikely heroes

Lonely Survivor 1.10.0 English

Improve your skills to defeat thousands of enemies

Dekaron G 1.1.112 English
Dekaron G 1.1.112

A journey into the past to save a world from destruction

MementoMori 1.3.2 English

Lead a group of witches to save the world

X-Hero: Marvelous Adventure 1.0.88 English

Defeat the enemies of the Earth with a team of superheroes

Time Raiders 1.8.579245 English
Time Raiders 1.8.579245

Travel to a dark underworld and defeat the forces of evil

Torchlight: Infinite 1.2 English

Embark on an epic journey to restore light

Metamon Island 1.5.2 English

Embark on a journey to train monsters

Myths of Moonrise 1.2.1 English

Help restore order in the night world

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas 0.6.105 English

Save the world and lay the foundation for the next generation of heroes

Among Gods! 1.6.2174144 English
Among Gods! 1.6.2174144

Gather a team of epic heroes to defeat darkness

Infinite Magicraid 1.20.0 English

Recruit epic heroes and save the Lowes continent

Coromon English

A revamped version of Pokémon for mobiles

House of the Dragon 1.9.0 English

Bring a dragon of the west to your world using augmented reality