The best RPGs for Android

Live all sorts of fantastic adventures with our role-playing games for Android: wizards, witches, spells, errant knights, miraculous potions and much more

Pokémon GO 0.317.0 English
Pokémon GO 0.317.0

Complete your Pokédex in the real world

Diablo Immortal 3.0.0 English

The first Diablo game for Android

Magic: The Gathering Arena 2024.38.10.2662 English

Enjoy Magic: The Gathering matches on Android

Pokémon Quest 1.0.9 English

Fight with your cubic Pokémons

Five Nights at Freddy’s World English

RPG inspired by Five Nights At Freddy's

FGO: Fate/Grand Order 2.64.2 English

RPG of strategic battles with cards

Tensura: King of Monsters 1.16.0 English

Accompany the characters of the franchise in a fantastic RPG

PokéLand 0.2.0 English
PokéLand 0.2.0

Rumble-based Pokémon game

Monster Strike 27.5.0 English

RPG game based on monster battles

Pokémon Fire Red 1.1 English

The popular game from the Pokémon saga for Game Boy Advanced

Jujutsu Duel 1.0.2 English

A dynamic RPG inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen

EvoCreo 1.9.14 English
EvoCreo 1.9.14

The alternative version of Pokémon

Pokémon Añil 1.12 English

A review of the classic game with customization options

Minecraft Dungeons 2.0 English

Explore dangerous block dungeons

Pixelmon Town 2.0 English

Train your team of monsters from the Pokémon universe

Solo Leveling: Arise 1.1.26 English

The South Korean webtoon and anime video game

Deepest Sword 1.0 English

A short but intense RPG with pixel art

Attack the Light 1.3.5 English

Android game based on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe

Cisini Stories 1.81.2b English

An otome role-playing game with four romantic interests

Volzerk 1.3.1 English
Volzerk 1.3.1

Explore a beautiful world full of monsters

Dragon Ball Strongest War 1.329.0.0 English

The role-playing game based on Dragon Ball

Angry Birds Epic 3.0.27463.4821 English
Angry Birds Epic 3.0.27463.4821

Original and entertaining epic battles with Angry Birds

Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! 1.2.7 English

Android adaptation of the famous cartoon series

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls 1.1.4 English

Bring back the war between Count Dracula and the Belmonts

Moonlighter 1.13.57 English
Moonlighter 1.13.57

An old-school roguelike RPG

Blade of Pillar 1.0.5 English

A semi-automatic RPG based on the Kimetsu no Yaiba manga

Realm of Mystery 18.2.1 English

An RPG with a large dose of exploration and an original combat system

Learn The Heart 2.0 English

Experience love through a virtual relationship

Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade 1.7.1 English

Star in a new adventure inspired by the mythical anime

Dragalia Lost 2.19.0 English

Protect your kingdom and its dragons

Wuthering Waves 1.0.0 English

Wake up as a Wanderer, recover your memories, and save the world

Gachaverse 0.7.8 English
Gachaverse 0.7.8

Create characters and make up your stories

Green Glass 1.0.5 English

Roleplay and action in an epic medieval eastern setting

Spiral Warrior English
Spiral Warrior

Spinning tops are back in a digital version

X-Hero: Idle Avengers 1.0.89 English

Assemble a team of superheroes to fight against darkness

Will of Shinobi 1.2.100 English

Action RPG featuring ninjas and set in a fantasy world

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes 1.2.1 English

Spectacular ninja battles with Naruto's characters

Black Clover M 1.08.029 English
Black Clover M 1.08.029

An excellent anime-inspired RPG

Castlevania: Moon Night Fantasy 1.9 English

An action RPG from the classic Castlevania saga

Fallout Shelter Online 5.1.1 English

The official Fallout Shelter sequel

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge 1.20 English

Flirt with beautiful spirits from another dimension

Kingdom: The Blood 0.23.57 English

A fantastic ARPG based on the zombie series

Avatar Generations 1.14.397054 English
Avatar Generations 1.14.397054

Relive the adventures of Aang and his friends

Plumber Bro 1.2.0 English

An action game with a more than suspicious inspiration in Mario Bros.

MHST The Adventure Begins 1.0.3 English

Build your team of monsters and face up to other users in online battles

Titan War 1.0.37 English
Titan War 1.0.37

RPG and puzzle game, two in one

Beast Quest 1.0.6 English

Save the world of Avantia from a curse

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught 1.1.0 English

The most brutal fighting game returns in RPG form

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory 117.8.9 English

Lead a squad of girl warriors to save the world

Cookie Run: Kingdom 5.3.002 English

Build the Cookie Kingdom in this action RPG

Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel 3.7.0 English

Bandai Namco RPG with amazing graphics

One Punch Man: World 1.0.0 English

Recreate the events of One Punch Man in this fantastic RPG

Axie Infinity 0.2.67 English

Collect axies and fight to protect the kingdom of Lunacia

Hero Clash 1.0.50 English
Hero Clash 1.0.50

Recruit warriors, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles to save the world

Dynamons World 1.9.89 English

A PvP from the Dynamons series

God Eater Resonant Ops 3.4.0 English

God Eater's monsters and combats are back

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG English

A frenetic action-packed RPG set in the Middle Ages

Merge Three Kingdoms 1.0.7 English

A colorful idle RPG set in the Three Kingdoms period

Sword Art Online VS 1.0.14 English

A new JRPG with graphics straight out of the anime

Night Agent: I'm the Savior 3.591.0 English

Fight against demons with your agent in this spectacular RPG

Dragon Age: Pals Adventure 1.2.0 English

Train dragons and fight monsters in a primitive era

AFK Journey 1.1.138 English
AFK Journey 1.1.138

Take on an epic adventure in a fantastical world

Gacha World 1.3.6 English

Collect anime-style heroes to save the world

Power Rangers: All Stars 1.0.5 English

Defeat all the monsters with your Power Rangers

Top Troops 1.5.7 English
Top Troops 1.5.7

Build your army and conquer territories!

Honkai: Star Rail 2.3.0 English

HoYoverse's new RPG offers a stellar adventure

Purrfect Tale 1.8.0 English

Share your student life with a friendly cat you will need to take care of

Elemental Dungeon 1.16 English

Discover dungeon secrets in this pixelated RPG

Epic Knights: Legend Guardians 1.1.1 English

Fun role playing battle game

Loop Hero 0.9.51 English
Loop Hero 0.9.51

An excellent infinite adventure featuring retro elements

Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop 2.0.00 English

Cut down a tree and fight to become immortal

Snowbreak English

Gather powerful Demonstrations and investigate the dangerous Aleph Zone

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag 3.0.2 English

Two-dimensional RPG based on the popular franchise

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War 1.2.14 English

Build your team of Tokyo Ghoul heroes and fight online

Punishing: Gray Raven English
Punishing: Gray Raven

Fast-paced ARPG in a post-apocalyptic world with a cyberpunk twist

Arcana Tactics 4.0.0 English

Tactical role-playing game with lots of anime characters

Weed Firm: RePlanted 1.7.43 English

Grow marijuana in your room

Dragon Ball Awakening 3.6.0 English

RPG based on Dragon Ball Z

Exiled Kingdoms 1.3.1210 English
Exiled Kingdoms 1.3.1210

A classic role-playing game with an isometric perspective

Middle-earth: Shadow of War English

Defeat Sauron in your return to the Middle-earth

Flame of Valhalla 2.3 English

An MMO inspired by Norse mythology and loaded with content

Dragonheir: Silent Gods 0.210.269671 English

A fascinating adventure RPG where you fight with dice

Myth: Gods of Asgard 1.2.0 English

Join the gods of Asgard and fight Ragnarök

XDRP 0.9.1 English
XDRP 0.9.1

Create your own character and enjoy a virtual social world

Super String 1.0.34 English
Super String 1.0.34

YLAB's webtoon characters star an impressive RPG

The Witcher: Monster Slayer 1.3.102 English

An augmented reality RPG set in the world of The Witcher

Metal Slug Infinity 1.9.11 English

A nice idle-clicker type game for Metal Slug

Hero Wars 1.202.000 English
Hero Wars 1.202.000

Save Dominion from the Archdemon

ChooChoo Heroes 1.2.3 English

A pixel-art RPG

Wasteland Story 24.04.12 English
Wasteland Story 24.04.12

A 2D Action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world

Guild of Guardians 1.2.2 English

A beautiful and complete epic fantasy RPG

Girl Wars 1.0.9 English
Girl Wars 1.0.9

Recruit beautiful warriors to save the world

X-Hero: Marvelous Adventure 1.0.88 English

Defeat the enemies of the Earth with a team of superheroes

Coromon 1.2.12 English
Coromon 1.2.12

A revamped version of Pokémon for mobiles

Epic Heroes 1.0.67 English
Epic Heroes 1.0.67

Assemble a team of superheroes and defend your turf with dinosaurs

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal 3.0.19077 English

The Transformers augmented reality game

Blue Archive 1.60.268947 English
Blue Archive 1.60.268947

A very cute RPG with pretty girls

Stranger Things: 1984 1.0.5 English

A retro 80s RPG based on the Netflix series

Chromatic Souls 2.4.3 English

Medieval fantasy RPG with a classic look

Epic Conquest 2 2.1.0 English

Explore a mysterious open world in this action-adventure RPG

Konoha Ultimate Storm 1.0.4 English

Experience a classic RPG with original scenes from Naruto

Grimvalor 1.2.5 English
Grimvalor 1.2.5

Spectacular roleplay and platform game set in a dark world

Destiny Knights 29.3.1 English

An unforgettable and epic journey in RPG format

BLEACH Mobile 3D 19.1.1 English

The Bleach game for Android

Darkness Rises 1.69.0 English

Save the world from the invading demons

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor 2.5.0 English

A new installment of the Sword Art Online series

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition English

Explore the FFXV universe on your Android

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising 1.4.0 English

Help Katniss to free Panem

Heroes of Destiny 2.4.4 English

Lead your heroes to save the Kingdom of Lerona

Dungeon Quest English
Dungeon Quest

A great RPG for Android

FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight English

An ARPG that is as original as it is faithful to the Mashima manga

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis 1.11.10 English

A remake of the entire Final Fantasy VII saga

Soul Knight Prequel 1.0.3 English

The prequel to the fantastic pixel ARPG

Reverse: 1999 1.0.4 English

Travel through the ages in search of the Storm

Aether Gazer 0.281.904 English
Aether Gazer 0.281.904

Protect the future of mankind on the virtual plane

Mighty Wars 0.16 English

Create a team of warriors and destroy the opposing army

Ninja Ryuko 1.1.1 English

Fight corruption in Kurome

The Eminence in Shadow 2.7.0 English

The official game of the manga and anime isekai

Soul Land Reloaded 1.5.8 English

RPG based on Chinese novels

Bleach: Eternal Soul 2.2.02 English

Official game of the popular anime Bleach

Last Ninja 2.0.6 English
Last Ninja 2.0.6

Create a team of powerful ninjas in this idle RPG

Mighty Party 39.1.4 English
Mighty Party 39.1.4

Turn-based strategic role-playing board game with combat

Ninja Rebirth English
Ninja Rebirth

Amazingly engaging Naruto RPG

Bleach: Immortal Soul 1.8.81 English

Relive the history of Bleach in RPG format

Rich and Famous 53.0.1 English

Be the best emperor in the history of the world

Magic Rampage 6.1.8 English

Fun dungeon RPGs and customizable characters

Onmyoji 1.7.72 English
Onmyoji 1.7.72

Beautiful turn-based battle game with shikigami

Dragon Quest Walk 5.20.0 English

The augmented reality game based on Dragon Quest

Mobile Legends: Adventure 1.1.468 English

An idle RPG inspired by the popular MOBA

SoulCraft 2.9.9 English
SoulCraft 2.9.9

Become a legendary hero

The Last Vikings 1.4.0 English

Set out on a Viking conquest

Monster Legends 17.0.4 English

Build the best monster team to win

Angry Birds Evolution 2.9.18 English

The Angry Birds turn-based battle game

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.32.1304449 English

RPG game for Android based on Star Wars

MARVEL Future Fight 10.1.0 English

Fight alongside your favorite Marvel heroes and villains

Brave Frontier English
Brave Frontier

Collect characters and combine their powers

ZENONIA 5 1.2.9 English
ZENONIA 5 1.2.9

Enjoy an exciting role-playing and action game

Light of the Stars 1.0.21 English

Embark on a mystical journey to save the world

Game of Vampires: Twilight Sun 1.032.014 English

A seductive tactical vampire RPG

Maple Rush 2.0.14 English
Maple Rush 2.0.14

Fight alongside a warrior mushroom to protect their home

Kung Fu Supreme 2.9.1 English

Master the kung fu secrets in this casual game

Sword Chronicles: Awaken 1.0.7 English

Gather epic warriors to defeat the Tenchu Sect

The Tale of Food 1.0.30 English

A mesmerizing RPG where food comes to life

takt op. Symphony 1.2.217 English

Bring music back to the world in this beautiful RPG

#Me 0.9.070789 English
#Me 0.9.070789

Create a 3D avatar and interact with other people in a virtual world

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion 1.1.21 English

A highly entertaining retro RPG full of humor

Anime Gacha! 2.0.1 English

Game of gacha mechanics where you will be able to fight battles with hundreds of characters

MeChat 3.7.0 English
MeChat 3.7.0

Virtual dating simulator with lots of good looking characters

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days 3.8.3 English

RPG based on the anime Konosuba

Shining Nikki 1.1.840861 English
Shining Nikki 1.1.840861

Nikki's adventures sequel comes to mobile phones