Role-playing Games for Android

Live all sorts of fantastic adventures with our role-playing games for Android: wizards, witches, spells, errant knights, miraculous potions and much more

Pokémon GO 0.137.2 English
Pokémon GO 0.137.2

Pokémon comes to the real world thanks to augmented reality

Diablo Immortal English

The first Diablo game for Android

PokéLand 0.2.0 English
PokéLand 0.2.0

Rumble-based Pokémon game

Pokémon Fire Red 1.1 English

The popular game from the Pokémon saga for Game Boy Advanced

Attack the Light 1.1.4 English

Android game based on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe

Girls' Frontline 2.0223_274 English
Girls' Frontline 2.0223_274

Action-packed strategy RPG

Monster Strike 13.3.0 English

RPG game based on monster battles

Another Eden 1.0.101 English
Another Eden 1.0.101

A JRPG you must have on your Android

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG English

A frenetic action-packed RPG set in the Middle Ages

MHST The Adventure Begins 1.0.0 English

Build your team of monsters and face up to other users in online battles

Garena RoV English
Garena RoV

Online dynamic RPG game

Star Wars KOTOR - Knights of the Old Republic 1.0.6 English

The Galaxy's destiny is in your hands

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor 1.2.4 English

A new installment of the Sword Art Online series

Digital War: Summoners Raise 1.3.0 English

Collect monsters and put them to fight

Skylanders Ring of Heroes A.1.0.5 English

A new Skylanders for Android

Pokémon Quest 1.0.4 English

Fight with your cubic Pokémons

Wild Arms: Million Memories 1.0.2 English

RPG of the famous Wild Arms saga

Dragalia Lost 1.0.6 English

Protect your kingdom and its dragons

Digimon Heroes! 1.0.52 English

Digimon's card game

Dungeon Quest English
Dungeon Quest

One of the best RPGs for Android

Dungeon Hunter 5 3.9.0g English

Defend the kingdom of Valenthia


A new Final Fantasy adventure

Monster Legends 7.8.3 English

Build the best monster team to win

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.15.423425 English

RPG game for Android based on Star Wars

Final Fantasy IX 1.4.9 English

The ninth Final Fantasy title

The Walking Dead No Man's Land English

Official video game of The Walking Dead

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom 1.2.1 English

Manage your castle, your army, and your vassals

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim 2.7.0 English

The Elder Scrolls card game for Android devices

MARVEL Future Fight 4.8.1 English

Take part in the battle with your favorite Marvel heroes

Middle-earth: Shadow of War English

Defeat Sauron in your return to the Middle-earth

Darkness Rises 1.16.0 English

Save the world from the invading demons

Disney Epic Quest 0.0.5 English

Role-playing game featuring Disney and Pixar characters

Heroes Charge 2.1.94 English

Build your community of heroes

Spirit Lords 1.0.2 English

The survival of mankind is up to the spirits

Endless Frontier 2.3.2 English

An idle clicker RPG game

Game of Sultans 1.4.01 English

Become a powerful sultan

ZENONIA 5 1.2.7 English
ZENONIA 5 1.2.7

Enjoy the latest instalment of this exciting action RPG

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising 1.4.0 English

Help Katniss to free Panem

Rise of Darkness 1.2.102872 English
Rise of Darkness 1.2.102872

Fight against dangerous demons

Arc the Lad R 1.5.2 English

Lead the construction of a devastated world