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Discover the mysteries of the Cavern of Longing in Deepest Sword, a fantastic retro-inspired RPG where your character cannot jump but carries a giant sword


A short but intense RPG with pixel art

December 15, 2022
7 / 10

Deepest Sword is an interesting role-playing and platform game with beautiful 2D graphics. Here, we will join a warrior who will enter the Cave of Longing to kill the evil dragon that dwells there. But there is only one problem: our warrior can not jump. However, he has a big sword and is not afraid to use it.

Pixels, heroes, and physics

Physics will become our best friend to move through the platforms of the dungeon. To play, we only have four buttons: two to move to the left or the right and the attack buttons to swing the sword to the left and the right. Swinging our sword and using it as a pole is fundamental because what makes this game different is that our character can not jump. However, controlling our character's movement is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

On each level, we will have to solve puzzles until we reach the dragon, and then, we will have to stab him in the heart with the sword. Or at least try to, because getting to its heart is not going to be easy. To help our endeavor, after each attempt, the smith will give us a slightly longer sword. But the cave will also get longer, so each subsequent run where we try to slay the dragon will be more challenging.

Delve into the Cavern of Longing.

All these features combine to make up a short but really addictive game that stands out for its retro music and a delightful touch of humor. So, by downloading the APK file, we get a refreshing and original experience that proves that size does matter. And best of all, it is free to play (there are not even any advertisements) and very light (it hardly takes up any storage space), so anyone can enjoy this fascinating adventure.

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