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EvoCreo is an RPG with turn-based combat that captures the essence of the Pokémon saga in a new adventure of collectible monsters adapted to cell phones


The alternative version of Pokémon

January 17, 2024
7 / 10

It is undeniable that the Pokémon saga has created a school. It was such a success that many wanted to take advantage of the situation and make their own derivative products to take advantage of it. This role-playing game offers us a spectacular Pokémon clone that we can enjoy totally free on our mobile devices.

Get all... the adorable little animals

Downloading the APK file of EvoCreo immerses us in Zenith, a world inhabited by humans and some lovely (but scary) creatures called Creo. Our mission in this role-playing game will be to collect Creo, train them and become the best Evoker in the world. References to Pokémon are not even tried to disguise.

Enter the world of Zenith, a world full of monsters called Creo.

In fact, this RPG with turn-based combat and pixelated 2D retro-style graphics presents a title with rules very similar to the game that inspired it. The funny thing is that it is a blatant copy, but the result is fantastic.

When we start our game we must choose between a boy or a girl with a very familiar design. It won't be long before we get our first Creo, and we can choose between three different creatures. Our adventure begins here, collecting over 170 monsters and challenging other trainers to level up our Creo.

More than 170 monsters to capture and fight against!

The proposal has an approximate duration of about 40 hours and has multiplayer features. Of course, we will be able to face our friends and exchange Creo with them. In short, it is a copy of Pokémon, but a very well done copy.

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