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If you like classic platform games, you will definitely find that Magic Rampage, a game where your customizable character explores the dungeons, very cool

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Asantee studio invites you to enjoy a beautiful title in which the genres of role-playing and platform games are mixed in a world full of dungeons and the most diverse enemies. In addition, it offers several game modes and different kinds of customizable characters with color ranges.

An exciting platform game that combines the RPG genre with gameplay full of frantic action.

In each dungeon, players will cross secret areas, lots of collectibles, and several NPCs (non-playable characters) that will help us in our adventure. Likewise, depending on our character, we will also have dozens of weapons, be they throwing knives, hammers, or magic sticks.

Recover the look and feel of the best classic platforms games of the 90s with updated and interesting game mechanics.

RPG, action, and platforms

Your mission in each level is to advance through the screen while overcoming different obstacles, defeating enemies, and collecting the various items you will find along the way, however well hidden some of them may be. Of course, you will also have to measure yourself with different final bosses. And all this, while recovering the nice distinctive design of the classic platform games of the 90s and 16-bit video consoles.

As if that were not enough, Magic Rampage is compatible with controls, physical keyboards, and joysticks for you to enjoy the adventure however strikes your fancy. Add different game modes to the mix:

  • Campaign. The classic where players have to go through dungeons, castles, and forests to fight all kinds of grotesque beings in order to discover who has captured the king.
  • Competitive. Face other players in random dungeons and scale places in the overall ranking.
  • Weekly dungeon. Every week, you can enjoy a unique dungeon with three levels of difficulty and a time limit.
  • Survival Mode. The longer you manage to keep alive, the better rewards you will get.

Choose your character

This game invites you to select your character's class among warrior, wizard, druid, priest, sorcerer, thief, and many more. Each one has different features, abilities, and powers, so choose wisely the one that best suits your playing style.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
This year
This year
117 MB

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