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Fallout Shelter Online is a sequel to the "friendly" version of Fallout, Fallout Shelter. We will be managing the dystopian life of our nuclear shelter

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A few years ago Fallout jumped from the FPS genre to the management simulator of your own nuclear shelter... with a kinder aesthetic but with the same philosophy, we were put in charge of our vault and we had to manage it. It was much less violent, and it offered us all sorts of dystopian and crazy situations that would occur in the wilderness or wasteland, whichever you preferred.

The continuation of Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Online is its continuation and mixes bunker management with action and RPG. So, we'll need to take care of our shelter, which includes keeping different hazards at bay. In order to do that, we'll need to recruit a number of heroes to venture into the dangerous world outside our bunker.

Get ready to manage resources, characters and equip the shelter with new facilities and explore to expand it. All this with a multiplayer game mode that increases the competitiveness and difficulty in the game and, let's not forget, very good graphics.

These are its main functions and features:

  • You direct the development of the story yourself.
  • Recruit legendary heroes for your shelter and build the best team possible.
  • Expand your shelter and equip it with the best facilities.
  • Explore new places outside your hut and discover all that the wasteland has to offer.
  • Challenge other players in their online game mode.
Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
11 GB

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