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Halfway between an interactive novel, dating games, and chatbots, BTS Messenger 3 for Android devices offers us an original experience with BTS members

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The Space Cooky studio brings us a curious app, one of those made by fans for fans. In fact, the developer defines herself as ARMY, that is, Adorable Representative M. C. for Youth, as BTS fans are called. In this game, we will become the new music producer of the South Korean boyband BTS, and we will be able to interact with all the group members.

Choose your answers wisely

BTS Messenger 3 is a curious game quite difficult to define. Thus, it mixes elements of role-playing games, interactive graphic novels, chatbots, and dating games.

You have become the new BTS music producer and work closely with each member.

The game itself is divided into two parts. First, there is the story, consisting of chapters where we have to read and choose an answer when a decision has to be made. Also, we will receive team emails and chat messages.

The messages will be sent to our business mobile phone, to an application similar to WhatsApp. Here, we will take part in private conversations and group chats, and we will participate with answers (we will be able to choose between two possible ones) so that we will be earning points with the group members. In addition, the message speed can be increased, which is a great feature.

Also, this application includes a chatbot to talk to group members. We only have to tap its icon at the top of the main menu. We will be able to "talk" to them on the phone, participate in chat conversations with preset messages, and communicate in an automatic chat where we can type our own questions and answers.

It also features customization options for wallpapers with Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon, and the others, and a section for listening to the band's songs. K-pop lovers should not miss this fun and original app. Go download the APK file, ARMY!

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Space Cooky
Over a year ago
This year
60.7 MB

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