X-Hero: Idle Avengers Android

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X-Hero: Idle Avengers is a spectacular role-playing game with turn-based combat and lots of characters inspired by all different superhero franchises


Assemble a team of superheroes to fight against darkness

August 19, 2022
8 / 10

The forces of evil are at work in different parts of the world. Luckily, we'll have the help of a bunch of cool superheroes to save the world.

Avengers... assemble!

X-Hero: Idle Avengers is an idle RPG with 2D turn-based combat. Our mission is to recruit a team of superheroes to help us stop the threat to Earth. And the funny thing is that the characters are inspired by various franchises, like Marvel or DC, but also by others (like the Russian movie Guardians).

Summon different avengers and fight against the darkness!

The game is divided into levels. In each level we have to fight various enemies with our warriors. The turn-based battles are really cool, as they offer a very cool comic book aesthetic.

However, our task is reduced to choosing six warriors and their training, as the battles are automatic. In addition, we can increase their speed or simply skip them.

As we progress, we get resources to recruit new superheroes through the gacha system. But we will also have to level them up, evolve them and equip them with the best weapons and armour.

One of the most interesting details of this title is that each character has their own spectacular design and powers. They are also classified into six classes, which will be essential when it comes to forming well-balanced teams.

On the other hand, the APK download also includes multiplayer battles and lots of adventures. Fans of superhero comics will love it.

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