Instagram can capture images and videos without the need to leave the application. If you are having problems with this function, here are some tips to improve its operation or solve it definitively.

The first important point is to check that the application is up to date. Developers not only implement new features in their updates, but they also fix bugs. Therefore, if you are experiencing bugs with the Instagram camera, a new version may have already been released to solve the problem. You can download and install the latest version directly from Malavida with the link below.

On the other hand, it may be a malfunctioning sensor. So, make sure the native camera application works. If not, reboot the device immediately and check again. If the camera still does not work, it may be a hardware problem. At this point, you will have to contact the technical service.

Another practical tip for fixing bugs affecting the Instagram camera is to clean the cache. This kind of stored data is temporary and not essential. Nor do they hold sensitive information, such as your login credentials. So you can perform such cleaning without worrying about erasing something important. Because of this, we forced Instagram to reload most of the sections of your application, thus fixing most errors.

Finally, we also recommend you to do some other minor checks. For example, use Instagram on another device to quickly and easily determine if it is a hardware or software failure. Also, remember that it is important to verify that your Internet connection is working properly. Otherwise, the application may fail to start, affecting the camera's operation. Also, remember that you can use the manufacturer's camera application and then upload the photo or video to the social network. This method is even recommended for higher quality results.