Instagram is one of the most widely used social media in the world, and there is no shortage of reasons for this. It is addictive to upload photos and videos to let other users "Like" them, and this has millions of people hooked. A "Like" is unmistakable proof that a person is watching the content we upload, but many people wonder if there is any way to know who is stalking our Instagram profile. In this article, we will answer this question.

How to know who looks at my Instagram

The first thing to note about this topic is really important. Instagram does not have any kind of tool or function that lets us know this information natively. However, although many applications in different app stores and websites claim to be able to give us this information, the truth is that none is capable of doing so. All these websites or apps are, in reality, crude attempts to steal our information or login data, which is something we must avoid,

So, is there no way to know who is viewing our Instagram profile? There are several clues that the Facebook and Meta-owned application gives us to use. Up next, we are going to explain all the pieces of evidence available so you can take advantage of them to discover possible "stalkers".

Notifications, your best allies

Now that you know that neither Instagram nor other third-party apps can tell you who has visited your profile, you will be happy to know that the notifications on your smartphone can be your best friend to discover potential visitors. It is important that you have them activated on your smartphone, otherwise, you will be missing a very important "weapon" to discover stalkers. Every time you receive a "Like", your device will receive a notification informing you of this action, thus letting you know that a person is viewing your content.

Having notifications activated is also interesting for those "Likes" that are given unintentionally (which, strangely enough, is quite common given how easy it is to give them). Even if this like is quickly deleted, the notification that arrived on your Android device will not do the same, so unintentional likes can not be completely deleted. It is also quite common when a person starts following you to "Like" old material you have uploaded, which means that person is scrolling through your entire Instagram from start to finish.

A private profile can be your solution

Another option we have is to make our Instagram profile private. If we do this, only those people we have previously approved will be able to see everything we upload, for which they must send us a follow request that we can accept or reject as we see fit. If we do this, we can be sure that the people who send us a request will want to see our content, which is another tool that Instagram gives us to "control" our followers.

The only "but" we can put to this tool is that, once we have approved a follow request, we cannot control whether that person visits our profile once a day or a hundred times a day. Apart from that, it is a good way to know who shows interest in us or not. To make your Instagram private, just follow the steps shown in the following image.

This is how you can set your Instagram account as privateThis is how you can set your Instagram account as private

Stories let us know who is looking at them

At the beginning of this article, we told you that Instagram does not provide any specific tool to know who is viewing our uploaded content, and that is true. However, there is one type of content that can be uploaded to Instagram that does let you see exactly who has seen it: stories. This type of material only stays uploaded for 24 hours, after this, it disappears and can no longer be viewed. Once we upload a story, we will be able to see in real-time all the people who have seen it, although this does not indicate whether they have seen it once or several times.

If you upload several stories in a row, you will know that a person shows interest in you when he has seen all of them and, on the contrary, you will know that those who do not see them or only see the first one and move on to the next one, do not pay attention to you.