First, there is no official way to download videos from Instagram. However, some tricks will help you save videos, stories, and live broadcasts from your own cell phone. Let us show you how to do it in this article.

How to download Instagram videos with Telegram

The first way we will show you to download videos from Instagram is a trick based on Telegram, a very popular instant messaging application.

The first thing you must do is find the video you want to download. Then, tap on the three dots to open the options menu.

Open the video options menuOpen the video options menu

Tap on Share to.

Share the post with other appsShare the post with other apps

Share the post in Telegram.

Share the post in TelegramShare the post in Telegram

Use the Saved Messages chat to send the content to yourself.

Saved messages in TelegramSaved messages in Telegram

Tap on Send.

Send content to TelegramSend content to Telegram

Finally, go to the Saved Messages conversation and tap on the three points you will see in the video preview. In the list of options, choose Save to our gallery.

Save the Instagram video in Telegram’s gallerySave the Instagram video in Telegram’s gallery

At that time, the video will have been saved in your phone's local storage.

How to download story videos

Does the Telegram trick work with stories? Sadly, no. But do not worry, if you want to download a video hosted on a story, all you have to do is use a specific application. From Malavida, we recommend Story Saver for Instagram. You can find the download link on this page.

Once you have it installed, you must log in with your credentials.

Login with InstagramLogin with Instagram

Once this is done, go to the Story section and select a user.

Select the user to download storiesSelect the user to download stories

Choose the story you want to download.

Download a storyDownload a story

Tap on the upper right button to start the download.

Start downloading the storyStart downloading the story

After taking these steps, the story will have been saved on your device. By the way, with this application, you can also download IGTV videos and post from the feed.

How to download a live Instagram broadcast

Instagram lets you broadcast live video. Is it possible to save this content locally? Yes, it is, through the use of AZ Screen Recorder. This tool lets you capture everything that happens on your screen, and then, save it as a file in your phone's memory. Use the link below to download and install it.

Then, open AZ Screen Recorder for the floating icon to appear.

AZ Screen Recorder’s floating iconAZ Screen Recorder’s floating icon

Go to Instagram and select a live broadcast. It will appear in the story area on the home page.

Select live streamSelect live stream

Use the floating icon to start recording.

Start recording a live streamStart recording a live stream

When you are done, you can stop the recording by opening the notification bar and tapping on Stop.

Stop recording your screenStop recording your screen

After this, you will have the live broadcast saved in your local storage. Keep in mind that this method captures everything that happens on your screen. Therefore, to optimize the result, configure your phone so that no notifications or other overlapping elements appear.