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With Fly GPS you can establish fake GPS locations and send false directions, simulate geolocations on your photos and cheat when playing Pokémon GO

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As you already know at this stage, smartphones incorporate a GPS system that allows us to be located at any moment (yes, you can disable it). It's used for several different purposes and by different applications, from establishing a route with Google Maps to finding a nearby restaurant. It's precise and accurate geolocation system, but why would we want to spoof your position? Some people find it useful...

Why fake my GPS position?

There's no need to go and ask the developers of Fly GPS for Android because we can find quite a few good reasons ourselves: from playing jokes with our geolocation spoofing our location on a map to trying to trick applications that are based on geographical criteria.

These are the most basic reasons and that's where Pokémon GO comes in since it has granted this kind of app quite a lot of popularity among the public.

Main features

  • History of fake locations.
  • Works on the Google Maps API.
  • Import and export locations.
  • Establish favorite locations.

If you're wondering how the global geopositioning system of Fly works, it's really easy: you only have to explore the map and press on the place where you want to pretend to be. Then from the pop-up window, you only have to choose between geolocating yourself at that position, stopping the GPS or adding the location to your favorites.

Why does Fly GPS shut down when I open Pokémon GO?

A few lines above, we mentioned the augmented reality game as one of the greatest promoters of this kind of application. Precisely because they allow users to find creatures located all over the world without moving from their current position... In other words, they help them to cheat and complete their Pokédex easier.

However, the game didn't detect this kind of app at the beginning but as they realized how many people were using GPS spoofers to cheat, they've become more restrictive with their use. So, if Fly GPS shuts down it has to do with the restrictions implemented by Niantic... and don't forget that you can get banned if they detect you're making use of this kind of application. If this fake GPS doesn't work or freezes, that's because you've been caught out.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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Antony Peel
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