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6.0.5 With Fly GPS, you can set fake GPS locations, simulate geolocations in photos, or simulate travel for games such as Pokémon Go without leaving your home
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All our smartphones incorporate a GPS that keeps us always located unless we manually deactivate this option. This is used for several purposes and for different applications ranging from tracing a route with Google Maps to finding a restaurant in the neighborhood where you are, as well as to studying our habits and providing us with useful information in our daily lives. It is a geolocation system that is usually precise and accurate but on certain occasions, the user may want to show a fake GPS location and it is totally possible through third-party applications such as Fly GPS.

A user may want to fake the location of the smartphone for different reasons. Users initially used this app to be able to search for and capture Pokémon from Pokémon Go from all over the world without having to leave home, to increase the number of distances traveled on the game map to earn candy or hatch eggs, or to visit that Gym or Incursion of their interest without having to get off the couch (although Niantic has greatly complicated its use through different blocks and temporary bans).

Forget about that elusive Kangaskhan that only lives in Australia.

However, it can also be useful and fun to play pranks by faking the location of an image or our own on a map and this option is still possible. Any friend will believe that we are on the California beaches and not on our couch if we show a picture of the sea with such false geopositioning data as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Our smartphone will travel from our backyard to Tokyo in three short screen taps.

Main features

  • It lets you mark a precise position on the world map and use it as fake geolocation of the smartphone.
  • Displays the history of previously used faked locations.
  • The service is based on the Google Maps API.
  • The user can import and export locations.
  • The Favorites tab lets you store fake locations to be used frequently.

If you are wondering how the Fly GPS geopositioning system works, it is very simple, just move around the map with the joystick and press with your finger on the place where you want to pretend you are. Then, on the pop-up label, you can decide whether to start geopositioning at that point, stop GPS, or add the location to favorites.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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