Maps and GPS Applications for Android

Turn your Android into a compass, find your bearings and travel the world without getting lost whether on foot or by car with these GPS and map apps

Google Maps 11.129.0104 English
Google Maps 11.129.0104

Google's map, location, and navigation app

Google Earth English
Google Earth

The Android version of Google's application to explore the Earth

Waze English

GPS navigator based on the data of its user community

Wikiloc 3.38.3 English
Wikiloc 3.38.3

App for outdoor sports

Google Street View English
Google Street View

Explore the world from your phone at a street view

Fly GPS 7.2.2 English
Fly GPS 7.2.2

App to set false locations with GPS

Hola Fake GPS 1.184.486 English
Hola Fake GPS 1.184.486

Spoof the GPS location of your Android

Amap - Gaode Maps English
Amap - Gaode Maps

Chinese maps application

iGO Navigation English
iGO Navigation

Complete maps and GPS app

TomTom GO Mobile 3.6.244 English

Real-time routes and traffic

Phone Tracker and GPS Location 1.3.0 English

Phone locator with GPS tracking functions

Fake GPS location 2.1.2 English

Set a false location from your smartphone

Coyote 11.4.2060 English
Coyote 11.4.2060

Maps, speed cams, and traffic in a single app

Sygic: GPS Navigation 24.2.2-2303 English

Fantastic GPS to carry around on your Android device

Life360 24.19.0 English
Life360 24.19.0

GPS locator for members of your family

Fake GPS Run 1.0.2 English

App for faking locations

GPS JoyStick 4.3.3 English

Change your location to test apps based on it

Phone Tracker By Number 6.59 English

Locate smartphones by GPS in real-time

MAPS.ME 15.0.71618 English
MAPS.ME 15.0.71618

An excellent offline maps application for Android

CamSam 3.7.6 English
CamSam 3.7.6

Speedcam detector for Android

Mock Locations 1.85 English

Fake your location on your Android

World Map Atlas 2024 4.0.15 English

Learn geography and explore the world from your phone

Zenly 5.9.1 English
Zenly 5.9.1

Locate your friends in real time

Magic Earth English
Magic Earth

An alternative GPS with offline functions

Radar GO-X 5.8.1 English
Radar GO-X 5.8.1

Locate speed cameras to avoid traffic fines

Fake GPS Location Spoofer 5.8.1 English

Tool to spoof your GPS location

Mappls 9.14.14 English
Mappls 9.14.14

Indian maps and navigation app

GPS Emulator 2.83 English

Change and spoof your GPS location with a tap

Radarbot 9.13.5 English
Radarbot 9.13.5

Receive alerts about traffic incidents and speed cams

GPS Tracker 21.3.1 English
GPS Tracker 21.3.1

Track any mobile phone by GPS

OruxMaps 7.4.22 English
OruxMaps 7.4.22

A great map viewer for athletes

Mobile Number Locator 1.2.6 English

Locate the phone that is calling you on the map

Mobile Tracker 10.5 English

Share your GPS location

Garmin víago 2739 English

The most complete GPS navigation app by Garmin

Fake GPS Location Changer 1.0.15 English

Change your GPS location

Polaris GPS Navigation 9.25 English

With this GPS you will never get lost again

GPS Status 11.0.307 English
GPS Status 11.0.307

The best complement for your Android's GPS

Compass 1.5.2 English
Compass 1.5.2

Basic orientation and positioning system

Organic Maps 2024.03.31-8-Google English
Organic Maps 2024.03.31-8-Google

A navigation app with strict privacy policies

MapXplorer 2.7.m English
MapXplorer 2.7.m

Navigate with offline maps and radar assistance

Speedcam Anywhere 0.1.82 English

Turn your smartphone into a portable radar

Zoemob Family Locator 4.75 English

Check where your family is at all times

CoPilot English

Comprehensive roadside assistance with several navigation options 7.7.0 English 7.7.0

Navigation app for hiking and biking routes

MapCircle 1.05 English
MapCircle 1.05

Conveniently measure distances using your Android

Compass 360 Pro 3.3.134 English

Android compass with a customizable look

Google Maps Go 161.1 English

Lite version of Google Maps for low-end devices

OsmAnd 4.7.15 English
OsmAnd 4.7.15

Maps & Navigation App with Offline Maps

ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation English
ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation

Free access to maps from 104 countries

Bathroom Finder 3.2.1 English

Find the nearest public restrooms

Poop Map 4.11.3 English
Poop Map 4.11.3

Keep track of all the places where you have pooped on this map

Jagat 1.3.2 English
Jagat 1.3.2

Social app to share your location with your friends in real time

Maps Plus 1.3.0 English
Maps Plus 1.3.0

Maps and navigation tools to help you not get lost on the road

AlpineQuest 2.3.2c English
AlpineQuest 2.3.2c

Maps and GPS for athletes and adventurers

calimoto 9.3.1 English
calimoto 9.3.1

Special route planning for bikers

Family Locator 5.29.2 English

Locate your family members at any time

GPS Compass Explorer 1.56 English

Practical and complete compass with GPS functions

GPS Speedometer 15.3 English

Monitor your speed on your Android

AllTrails 19.0.3 English
AllTrails 19.0.3

The app that all hikers should download

FGL Pro English

Fake your location

FindNow 2.0.9 English
FindNow 2.0.9

Find out the location of friends and relatives

Yandex Maps and Navigator 17.6.0 English

The Russian alternative to Google Maps

ViaMichelin 12.1.3 English
ViaMichelin 12.1.3

Plan your trips and travels

NDrive Iberia 11.4.06 English
NDrive Iberia 11.4.06

Powerful GPS navigator

Momego 2023.2.1 English
Momego 2023.2.1

Instant public transport information

BFF 0.2.60 English
BFF 0.2.60

Keep track of your family and friends at all times

Famio 1.22 English
Famio 1.22

Check where your family are at any moment

My Family 1.8.7 English
My Family 1.8.7

Locate your family in real time

Tractive GPS 4.12.0 English
Tractive GPS 4.12.0

Keep track of your pet at all times

Petal Maps English
Petal Maps

The alternative to Google Maps for Huawei phones

Compass Galaxy 3.1 English

Easy-to-use, unpretentious compass

NAVER Map English

Maps and navigation app

KakaoMap 5.10.3 English
KakaoMap 5.10.3

Navigation application through the maps of Korea

Radardroid 3.75 English

Speed trap detector

Speed Camera Detector 1.2.0 English

Anticipate to the speed cameras on Spanish roads

HERE WeGo 4.11.100 English
HERE WeGo 4.11.100

Free maps and navigation for Android

Cee Speed Camera & GPS English

Navigation app for safer driving

StopClub 9.37 English
StopClub 9.37

An app for gig workers who drive for a living

Speed Cameras Radar 3.9.3 English

Discover nearby speed cameras

been 1.1.0 English
been 1.1.0

An app to record the countries you have visited

Geovelo 14.9.1 English
Geovelo 14.9.1

An efficient bike GPS

Earth Camera Online 4.9.4 English

Live video cameras at locations around the world

whoo 0.13.0 English
whoo 0.13.0

Share your location with your friends in real-time

GPSTest 3.9.16 English
GPSTest 3.9.16

Coordinates and other live GPS information

RISER 3.6.4 English
RISER 3.6.4

Routes for solo or group motorcycle tours

REVER 6.0.0 English
REVER 6.0.0

Route and trip planning for bikers

EatSleepRide 4.5.0 English

Routes for bikers, GPS, and group ride functions

MyRide 1.9.18 English
MyRide 1.9.18

Record and share your motorcycle routes

TrailLink 2.1.5 English
TrailLink 2.1.5

Discover nearby trails to enjoy the outdoors

Trailforks 1.58.2 English
Trailforks 1.58.2

Thousands of bicycle routes around the world

GPS Brasil 2.38.01 English
GPS Brasil 2.38.01

Mobile navigator with offline maps

Safe & Found 2.9.1 English

Monitor your children's location and cell phone usage

NukeBlast 1.5.6 English
NukeBlast 1.5.6

Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator

GPS Maps & Route Planner 1.1.7 English

Locate points of interest near your location

BackCountry Navigator 7.1.6 English

Topographic maps without an internet connection

Velociraptor 1.7.2 English

Floating speedometer that works as a navigation companion app

Bikemap 19.13.0 English
Bikemap 19.13.0

The best bike routes in your city

c:geo 2022.12.21 English
c:geo 2022.12.21

Search for objects all over the world

OCEARCH 2.4.26 English
OCEARCH 2.4.26

Shark tracker for mobile phones

Find My Car 4.62 English

Find where you parked your car even without a map

Parked Car Locator 1.14 English

Save the place where you parked your car

Car Find 10.6 English
Car Find 10.6

An app to remind you where you parked your car

Parkify 3.19.3 English
Parkify 3.19.3

Where did I park my car?

Navigation for Google Maps Go 10.74.3 English

Lightweight app with voice prompts to guide us on the map

Outdooractive 3.16.6 English

The perfect mapping app for outdoor sports enthusiasts

Carpin 1.1.29 English
Carpin 1.1.29

Locate and connect your family

Visorando 3.11.10 English
Visorando 3.11.10

The perfect app for hikers

Locus Map 4.5.7 English
Locus Map 4.5.7

Plan and follow your routes with the help of this mapping application

GeoZilla 6.51.38 English
GeoZilla 6.51.38

Find your contacts on the map through their phone

Navitel 11.11.659 English
Navitel 11.11.659

Browser for mobiles with and without connection

Deeper Smart Sonar 9.1.5 English

Radar for easier fishing

Flitsmeister 9.35 English

Navigator for drivers with lots of extra tools

Geocaching 9.47.1 English
Geocaching 9.47.1

Find hidden treasures with this augmented reality app

Compass PRO 7.48 English

Easy to use virtual compass for Android devices

Smart Compass 1.8.5 English

Digital pocket compass with customizable backgrounds

Digital Compass 9.11 English

Compass app for your Android

My GPS Location 3.1.20 English

Check your coordinates and maps

iSharing English

A tool to share your location and send panic alerts

My Location 3.004 English

Map and navigation tool

MapFactor 7.3.32 English
MapFactor 7.3.32

Browser with editable maps

LINE HERE 1.1.3 English

Locate your nearest and dearest in real time

AutoMapa 7.4.8 (5396) English
AutoMapa 7.4.8 (5396)

GPS navigation in Poland and all over Europe

Komoot 2024.18.1 English
Komoot 2024.18.1

Plan your open-air sports activities

GPS Base 4.2 English

Never lose your key location points and have them handy

2GIS: directory & navigator English

A map for Android with a company directory

Yandex.Navigator 17.4.0 English

The Google Maps by Yandex

AccuTracking 5.0.3 English

GPS tracker for Android

TomTom AmiGO 8.757.0 English
TomTom AmiGO 8.757.0

Speed cam alerts by TomTom

TwoNav GPS 5.0.5 English
TwoNav GPS 5.0.5

Powerful GPS navigator for Android

Durcal 7.16.1 English
Durcal 7.16.1

Take care of the elders in the family

what3words 4.32 English

The most remote place on the planet has an address

ViewRanger 10.11.72 English
ViewRanger 10.11.72

The app for hiking fans

SocialDrive 6.0.8 English

Road notification and incident map for drivers

My Maps English
My Maps

Edit your own maps with Google

Folr 1.60.4 English
Folr 1.60.4

Geolocate your beloved ones

Radar Beep 3.0.1 English
Radar Beep 3.0.1

The most complete radar detector for Android

bSafe 4.0.0 English
bSafe 4.0.0

Increase your personal safety

Navmii 3.7.22 English
Navmii 3.7.22

Free GPS navigation system with offline maps

Garmin Tracker 2.2 English

Locate your most important things from your smartphone

Glympse 3.35.9 English
Glympse 3.35.9

Share your location with your contacts

Google Santa Tracker 5.4.2 English

Join Santa Claus on his travels this Christmas