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Fake GPS location is an app to establish fake locations and play pranks or deceive applications the functions of which depend on our physical location


Set a false location from your smartphone

January 24, 2024
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Fake GPS applications have always had two main uses. One of them, for people that easily get bored, is to be able to play pranks by faking our location. In other words, pretending that we're somewhere else than where we really are, and share that location to troll our mates. The other use is to deceive apps that offer a service or functions that depend on our geolocation. One of the most popular cases is that of Pokémon GO, who's users used this kind of app to catch creatures despite not being physically at the place in question (Niantic started to take things seriously and cancelled the accounts of users using this kind of app).

How to create a fake GPS position?

Well, it's really easy once you download this application, Fake GPS location, one of the fastest and easiest-to-use. For such purpose, there are two methods:

  • Simply explore the map manually (a map borrowed from Google Maps) and place yourself in the position of your choice. Zoom in if you prefer.
  • Use the manual search engine to find a place by name or its coordinates.

By granting the app the corresponding permissions to access our smartphone's GPS, this location will quickly become our real location for our phone. Therefore, you can start making the most of any service that resorts to the latter to offer its functions. To disable it, simply shut down the Fake GPS process from the notifications tray.

Tinder or Pokémon GO are some of the most popular applications that resort to geolocation and that can be used with this fake GPS.

Main features

All in all, this app offers us the following features:

  • Find locations by exploring the maps or carrying out manual searches.
  • Create a list of your favorite locations and access them quickly.
  • Check your location history.
  • Explore different kinds of maps: normal, satellite, hybrid, topography...
  • Enable or disable the false location according to your needs.

With this APK, you can travel to any place around the world without any problem whatsoever, as it creates a false location for your phone that you can use in any application that may need to know your position. It's also perfect for when your girlfriend or mum asks you to send her your location and you've lied about your whereabouts.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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