Education and Leisure Applications for Android

Learn languages, check the encyclopedia, spend your free time cooking or playing sports… Study, learn or have fun with your hobbies thanks to these apps

Google Maps 11.3.3 English
Google Maps 11.3.3

Google's map, location, and navigation app

Waze English

GPS navigator based on the data of its user community

Google Translate English
Google Translate

Google’s voice and text translator

Apple Pie 1.0 English

Play loud pranks on your mates with this app

Hola Fake GPS 1.182.543 English
Hola Fake GPS 1.182.543

Spoof the GPS location of your Android

Photomath 7.13.0 English
Photomath 7.13.0

Solve any maths operation with your Android's camera

WiFi Hacker Ultimate 3.5 English

A prank to pretend to detect WiFi networks

DofuSports 1.1.37 English
DofuSports 1.1.37

Follow any kind of sports result

Gauthmath 1.5.0 English
Gauthmath 1.5.0

The app that solves all mathematical problems

AiScore 1.7.6 English
AiScore 1.7.6

All the sports scores in real-time

SofaScore 5.91.1 English
SofaScore 5.91.1

The most complete application for sports results

BYJU'S - The Learning App English

Platform for learning and reinforcement of school subjects

FanCode 3.43.0 English
FanCode 3.43.0

Learn all the scores and watch live sports broadcasts

fitpro 1.8.1 English
fitpro 1.8.1

Sync your phone to your activity bracelet

Tandem 3.1.0 English
Tandem 3.1.0

Learn to speak other languages by means of conversation exchanges

bet365 1 English

The online bookmaker's app

Life360 21.7.1 English
Life360 21.7.1

GPS locator for members of your family

PeduliLindungi 3.1.3 English

App to fight COVID-19 in Indonesia

LiveScore 5.7 English

Follow all your favorite sports live

Oxford Dictionary of English 11.9.753 English

The most important English dictionary

Gear Fit Manager for All 3.0.0 English

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

Sweatcoin 73.1 English
Sweatcoin 73.1

The app that pays to you to work out

TikJoke 1.0.2 English
TikJoke 1.0.2

Fake app that imitates TikTok

Fake GPS location 2.0.8 English

Set a false location from your smartphone

OruxMaps 7.4.22 English
OruxMaps 7.4.22

A great map viewer for athletes

Voices of MLBB 2.7 English

Enjoy the voices of the Mobile Legends characters

HERE WeGo 4.1.360 English
HERE WeGo 4.1.360

Free maps and navigation on your Android

Akinator 8.3.1 English
Akinator 8.3.1

The app of the genie capable of reading your mind

Socratic by Google English
Socratic by Google

Settle your academic doubts thanks to your smartphone

Fingerprint Lock Screen 6.2 English

A fun lock screen

MATLAB Mobile 5.6.0 English

Use MATLAB remotely on Android

iGO Navigation English
iGO Navigation

Complete maps and GPS app

Sygic: GPS Navigation 20.8.4 English

Fantastic GPS to carry around on your Android device

FlashScore 3.13.4 English
FlashScore 3.13.4

One of the most complete applications for sports scores

Brainly 5.58.2 English
Brainly 5.58.2

App for students in difficulty

Google Classroom 7.6.381.20.90.2 English
Google Classroom 7.6.381.20.90.2

Google's app for educational environments

Google Earth English
Google Earth

The Android version of Google's application to explore the Earth

Cricket Exchange 21.09.06 English

Comprehensive app with cricket stats and info

MAPS.ME 10.2.3 English
MAPS.ME 10.2.3

An excellent offline maps application for Android

WhatsMock 1.9.2 English
WhatsMock 1.9.2

Create fake WhatsApp conversations to play pranks on your friends