Education and Leisure Applications for Android

Learn languages, check the encyclopedia, spend your free time cooking or playing sports… Study, learn or have fun with your hobbies thanks to these apps

bet365 1 English

The online bookmaker's app

SkyView 3.6.3 English
SkyView 3.6.3

Enjoy gazing at the sky and the stars

Google Earth English
Google Earth

The Android version of Google's application to explore the Earth

Akinator 8.5.19 English
Akinator 8.5.19

The app of the genie capable of reading your mind

FlashScore 5.0.1 English
FlashScore 5.0.1

One of the most complete applications for sports scores

Google Translate 2022. English
Google Translate 2022.

Google’s voice and text translator

MATLAB Mobile 5.9.0 English

Use MATLAB remotely on Android

Google Maps 11.37.1 English
Google Maps 11.37.1

Google's map, location, and navigation app

Duolingo 5.63.3 English
Duolingo 5.63.3

The app to learn languages on your Android

LiveScore 5.15.1 English
LiveScore 5.15.1

Follow all your favorite sports live

Waze English

GPS navigator based on the data of its user community

NBA App 12.0525 English
NBA App 12.0525

The official NBA application

Google Classroom English
Google Classroom

Google's app for educational environments

JW Library 13.1 English

The official Jehovah's Witnesses application

Yuka 4.21 English
Yuka 4.21

Find out if you're eating healthy

Weather - The Weather Channel 10.51.0 English

The Weather Channel app for Android to check the weather

King James Bible 3.9.1 English

Read, study, and share the Bible

Fitbit 3.58 English
Fitbit 3.58

The app to shape up with your sports wearables

AccuWeather 8.3.1-2 English
AccuWeather 8.3.1-2

One of the most complete weather apps

GeoGebra 6.0.713 English
GeoGebra 5.0.714.0

The Android version of the mathematical operations program

NASA App 2.02 English
NASA App 2.02

NASA information on your mobile

Yahoo Weather 1.31.2 English

The Yahoo! weather forecast

wikiHow 2.9.6 English
wikiHow 2.9.6

Consists of tens of thousands of explanatory tutorials

Wikipedia 2.7.50409 English
Wikipedia 2.7.50409

The biggest reference work in the palm of your hand

Mathway 4.0.7 English
Mathway 4.0.7

Application to solve math problems

Tasty 1.64.0 English
Tasty 1.64.0

The most popular Facebook recipes on your phone

Google Street View English
Google Street View

Explore the world from your phone at a street view

BBC Weather 4.1.6 English

The weather forecast according to the BBC

Muslim Pro - Ramadan 2022 12.6.9 English

The app for Muslims

Aarogya Setu 2.0.1 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Strava 260.13 English
Strava 260.13

Compete while you train

3BMeteo 4.5.3 English
3BMeteo 4.5.3

An app for checking the weather forecast

Wikiloc 3.24.26 English
Wikiloc 3.24.26

App for outdoor sports

Cricbuzz 5.05.25 English
Cricbuzz 5.05.25

Cricket scores and news

ESPN 6.70.0 English
ESPN 6.70.0

Android application of the sports news group

WordReference 4.0.62 English

Online dictionary, translator and thesaurus

Daily Horoscope 5.3.21 English

See your future in the stars

iHoroscope 5.51 English

Discover what the future holds in store

Corona Warn App 2.24.0 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Tandem 3.33.1 English
Tandem 3.33.1

Learn to speak other languages by means of conversation exchanges