Education and Leisure Applications for Android

Learn languages, check the encyclopedia, spend your free time cooking or playing sports… Study, learn or have fun with your hobbies thanks to these apps

NBA App English

The official NBA application

Google Classroom 8.0.421.20.90.2 English
Google Classroom 8.0.421.20.90.2

Google's app for educational environments

bet365 1 English

The online bookmaker's app

FlashScore 5.2.1 English
FlashScore 5.2.1

One of the most complete applications for sports scores

MATLAB Mobile 5.10.0 English

Use MATLAB remotely on Android

Google Maps 11.58.0702 English
Google Maps 11.58.0702

Google's map, location, and navigation app

Google Street View English
Google Street View

Explore the world from your phone at a street view

Waze English

GPS navigator based on the data of its user community

GeoGebra 6.0.744 English
GeoGebra 5.0.745.0

The Android version of the mathematical operations program

SkyView 3.7.1 English
SkyView 3.7.1

Enjoy gazing at the sky and the stars

Yahoo Weather 1.37.4 English

The Yahoo! weather forecast

iHoroscope 5.7.9 English
iHoroscope 5.7.9

Discover what the future holds in store

Google Earth English
Google Earth

The Android version of Google's application to explore the Earth

Google Translate English
Google Translate

Google’s voice and text translator

wikiHow 2.9.7 English
wikiHow 2.9.7

Consists of tens of thousands of explanatory tutorials

Corona Warn App 2.28.3 English

The Robert Koch Institute app for tracing the spread of the coronavirus

Aarogya Setu 2.0.3 English

Information from the Indian government on COVID-19

Mathway 5.1.3 English
Mathway 5.1.3

Application to solve math problems

King James Bible 3.20.2 English

Read, study, and share the Bible

3BMeteo 4.5.4 English
3BMeteo 4.5.4

An app for checking the weather forecast

Tasty 1.72.0 English
Tasty 1.72.0

The most popular Facebook recipes on your phone

Cricbuzz 5.07.00 English
Cricbuzz 5.07.00

Cricket scores and news

Yuka 4.25.1 English
Yuka 4.25.1

Find out if you're eating healthy

BBC Weather 4.2.4 English

The weather forecast according to the BBC

ESPN 6.78.1 English
ESPN 6.78.1

Android application of the sports news group

LiveScore 6.6.1 English
LiveScore 6.6.1

Follow all your favorite sports live

Weather - The Weather Channel 10.61.0 English

The Weather Channel app for Android to check the weather

Muslim Pro - Ramadan 2022 13.4.1 English

The app for Muslims

WordReference 4.0.65 English

Online dictionary, translator and thesaurus

Wikiloc 3.25.12 English
Wikiloc 3.25.12

App for outdoor sports

JW Library 13.3 English

The official Jehovah's Witnesses application

Strava 282.9 English
Strava 282.9

Compete while you train

Daily Horoscope 5.3.23 English

See your future in the stars

NASA App 2.05 English
NASA App 2.05

NASA information on your mobile

Duolingo 5.83.3 English
Duolingo 5.83.3

The app to learn languages on your Android

Fitbit 3.70 English
Fitbit 3.70

The app to shape up with your sports wearables

AccuWeather 8.7.1-1-google English
AccuWeather 8.7.1-1-google

One of the most complete weather apps

Akinator 8.5.22 English
Akinator 8.5.22

The app of the genie capable of reading your mind

Wikipedia 2.7.50398 English
Wikipedia 2.7.50398

The biggest reference work in the palm of your hand

SofaScore 5.98.0 English
SofaScore 5.98.0

All sports results and statistics

Photomath 8.14.0 English
Photomath 8.14.0

Solve any maths operation with your Android's camera

Tandem 3.51.0 English
Tandem 3.51.0

Learn to speak other languages by means of conversation exchanges

Zepp Life 6.4.1 English
Zepp Life 6.4.1

Control all Xiaomi's Mi Band functions from your smartphone

Samsung Weather English
Samsung Weather

Weather app for Samsung phones

Brainly 5.117.0 English
Brainly 5.117.0

App for students in difficulty

iFixit 2.9.2 English
iFixit 2.9.2

An all-purpose repair manual

Faladdin 3.2.14-prod English
Faladdin 3.2.14-prod

Find out what the stars have in store for your future

WeatherBug 5.48.1-4 English
WeatherBug 5.48.1-4

Check the weather in your area and other regions of the planet

Moodle 4.0.2 English
Moodle 4.0.2

The platform linking students and teachers

Symbolab 9.6.17 English
Symbolab 9.6.17

Solve those impossible math problems

Google Digital Wellbeing 1.4.489941911 English

Use your smartphone more rationally

Samsung Health English
Samsung Health

Monitor your workouts and health

Google Arts & Culture 9.2.22 English

The world of art in your hands thanks to Google

Premier League - Official App English

The official app of the English football league

Fly GPS 7.0.0 English
Fly GPS 7.0.0

App to set false locations with GPS

Babbel 21.14.0 English
Babbel 21.14.0

Learn languages in a fun way

NOAA Radar 1.58.1 English
NOAA Radar 1.58.1

App to check the weather forecast

Kahoot! 5.3.6 English
Kahoot! 5.3.6

Teaching app for Android based on games

Cookpad English

Explore and discover recipes from thousands of users

My Horoscope English
My Horoscope

Check your zodiac sign

Google Fit 2022.11.24.01 English
Google Fit 2022.11.24.01

Get fit today with Google

Elf Yourself 11.1.0 English
Elf Yourself 11.1.0

Become a friendly elf

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner 7.2.0 English

Application of cooking recipes of all kinds

Sweatcoin 117.0 English
Sweatcoin 117.0

The app that pays to you to work out

Instructables 1.8 English

All the tutorials you can think of

Khan Academy 7.6.1 English

Learn with thousands of educational videos

PRONOTE 0.1.59 English
PRONOTE 0.1.59

Management tool for French schools

Oxford Dictionary of English 14.0.834 English

The most important English dictionary

BOMBitUP 4.3.1 English
BOMBitUP 4.3.1

Play pranks on your contacts by bombarding them with messages

Apple Pie 1.0 English

Play loud pranks on your mates with this app

Probo 5.21.2 English
Probo 5.21.2

Make predictions and earn money every time you guess correctly

Hola Fake GPS 1.184.486 English
Hola Fake GPS 1.184.486

Spoof the GPS location of your Android

fitpro 2.1.2 English
fitpro 2.1.2

Sync your phone to your activity bracelet

Wearfit Pro 22.02.12 English
Wearfit Pro 22.02.12

Monitor your health with your smartwatch

WhatsMock 1.9.5 English
WhatsMock 1.9.5

Create fake WhatsApp conversations to play pranks on your friends

Fingerprint Lock Screen 6.2 English

A fun lock screen

MeteoEarth English

Check the weather conditions around the world

Star Chart 4.2.2 English
Star Chart 4.2.2

The sky mapped on your phone

Lefun Health 2.45 English

Sync the app with your smartwatch and monitor your physical activity

Gear Fit Manager for All 3.0.0 English

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

VMuslim 2.04.02 English
VMuslim 2.04.02

Tools and resources for the practice of Islam

Alison 3.3.87 English
Alison 3.3.87

Free online courses with certificates

Flora Incognita 3.0.2 English

Identify plants with your cell phone

TextingStory 3.20 English

Write your own stories in chat room format

Hi Dictionary English
Hi Dictionary

Language dictionary with hundreds of languages

Google Maps Go 159.0 English

Lite version of Google Maps for low-end devices

TomTom GO Mobile 3.3.31 English

Real-time routes and traffic

Fake GPS location 2.0.8 English

Set a false location from your smartphone

DeepL 1.2.1 English
DeepL 1.2.1

The translator that can beat Google

Omada 1.3.2 English
Omada 1.3.2

Place bets without spending money

TikJoke 1.0.2 English
TikJoke 1.0.2

Fake app that imitates TikTok

AiScore 2.5.7 English
AiScore 2.5.7

All the sports scores in real-time

Sport Zone 2.2.1 English
Sport Zone 2.2.1

Monitor your training and physical performance

Countdown App 11 English

Countdown to your death

BYJU'S - The Learning App English

Platform for learning and reinforcement of school subjects 2.8.0 English

Results and predictions of cricket matches

FanCode 3.58.0 English
FanCode 3.58.0

Learn all the scores and watch live sports broadcasts

DofuSports 1.1.41 English
DofuSports 1.1.41

Follow any kind of sports result

Additio 8.0.4 English
Additio 8.0.4

A complete digital tool for teachers

Spider-Man: No Way Home 3.4 English

An application with exclusive content from the Spider-Man movie

365Scores 11.7.8 English
365Scores 11.7.8

Live on-demand sports results

WiFi Hacker Ultimate 3.5 English

A prank to pretend to detect WiFi networks

BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score 5.2.7 English

All the scores and results of football matches

Star Walk 2 2.12.4 English
Star Walk 2 2.12.4

Identify stars on your smartphone

Soccer Betting Tips 1.9.3 English

Receive the best predictions for your bets

Nike Football 1.5.2 English

The app to really get stuck into playing football

Screen Translator 1.41.01 English

The app that translates all texts on your device's screen

iCare Health Monitor 3.9.5 English

Instant health checks

HryFine 3.1.4 English
HryFine 3.1.4

The app that complements your smartwatch

Glory Fit 2.8.2 English
Glory Fit 2.8.2

Monitor your physical activity

Funcalls 5.2.9 English
Funcalls 5.2.9

Change your voice and use sound effects in your calls

Hudl 5.97 English
Hudl 5.97

Analyze plays on video to improve teamwork

Course Hero 2.9.95 English
Course Hero 2.9.95

The app that helps you to do your homework

BetMines 2.9 English

Sports betting predictions and tips

Typing Speed Test 6.8 English

Improve your typing skills using your mobile

Java N-IDE 1.4.5 English
Java N-IDE 1.4.5

Offline Java compiler

MeowTalk 1.0.0 English
MeowTalk 1.0.0

Find out what your cat is saying with this translator

MyBible 5.4.2 English
MyBible 5.4.2

A virtual Bible with varied resources

Olive Tree Bible App English
Olive Tree Bible App

A virtual Bible in your pocket

Drops: Learn Russian 36.4 English

Excellent app for learning Russian with Android

Wlingua Spanish 4.8.14 English

Learn Spanish once and for all

CREX: Cricket Exchange 22.03.04 English

Comprehensive app with cricket stats and info

Reverso 9.8.9 English
Reverso 9.8.9

Comprehensive language dictionary and translator

Drink Your Phone English

Drink sodas and cocktails on your Android

Prank Call Wars 1.1.63 English

Play prank phone calls to your friends or not-so-friends

Windy 25.0.4 English
Windy 25.0.4

Discover the wind forecast

Step Counter 1.2.3 English

Mobile Pedometer Application

Voices of MLBB 2.7 English

Enjoy the voices of the Mobile Legends characters

Da Fit v2.0.0-1652-gcb4fef654 English
Da Fit v2.0.0-1652-gcb4fef654

Monitor your health and daily activity

FOXBET Super 6 1.87 English

Hit the result of 6 games to win

Amap - Gaode Maps English
Amap - Gaode Maps

Chinese maps application

Zepp 6.7.7 English
Zepp 6.7.7

The perfect complement for your Amazfit watch

Thermometer++ 5.0.4 English

A thermometer on your mobile

GPS Emulator 2.21 English

Enable fake GPS locations

Meme Creator 7.2.3 English

Meme generator for Android without watermarks

Shabakaty TV 2.3.1 English

Soccer results and standings app

Bravoloto 1.32.8 English
Bravoloto 1.32.8

Play the lottery without spending a cent

Trycorder 5.2.0 English
Trycorder 5.2.0

A tricorder for Android

Garmin Connect 4.52 English

Connect your Garmin wearable to your phone

MLB At Bat 9.4.5 English
MLB At Bat 9.4.5

Follow the North American baseball league on your phone

HelloTalk 4.5.5 English
HelloTalk 4.5.5

Practice languages with native speakers

Life360 22.3.0 English
Life360 22.3.0

GPS locator for members of your family

TomTom AmiGO 8.255.0 English
TomTom AmiGO 8.255.0

Speed cam alerts by TomTom

GPS Tracker 21.3.1 English
GPS Tracker 21.3.1

Track any mobile phone by GPS

Torque 1.2.22 English
Torque 1.2.22

Get to know the performance of your car's engine

Food Network GO 2.18.5 English

Access the programs of Food Network from Android

Garmin víago 2739 English

The most complete GPS navigation app by Garmin

Lifelog 4.0.A.0.39 English
Lifelog 4.0.A.0.39

Register your life on your smartphone

OsmAnd 4.1.11 English
OsmAnd 4.1.11

Free navigation and maps on Android

Knowunity 2.47.0 English
Knowunity 2.47.0

Student community for sharing and downloading notes