Weather Applications and Widgets for Android

All the weather information will be at your reach with these weather apps and widgets for Android: sun, clouds, temperature, wind and rain forecast

Weather - The Weather Channel 10.57.0 English

The Weather Channel app for Android to check the weather

AccuWeather 8.5.2-3 English
AccuWeather 8.5.2-3

One of the most complete weather apps

Yahoo Weather 1.37.0 English

The Yahoo! weather forecast

BBC Weather 4.2.1 English

The weather forecast according to the BBC

3BMeteo 4.5.4 English
3BMeteo 4.5.4

An app for checking the weather forecast

Samsung Weather English
Samsung Weather

Weather app for Samsung phones

NOAA Radar 1.56.2 English
NOAA Radar 1.56.2

App to check the weather forecast

WeatherBug 5.45.0-16 English
WeatherBug 5.45.0-16

Check the weather in your area and other regions of the planet

MeteoEarth English

Check the weather conditions around the world

Eye In Sky Weather 4.5 English

Customize your weather app

RainToday English

Check the weather forecast with special attention to rainfall

MIUI Weather English
MIUI Weather

Xiaomi's weather app

Beautiful Widgets 5.7.6 English

The nicest collection of widgets for Android

OnePlus Weather 2.7.72 English

Weather app designed for OnePlus Weather phones

Weather & Clock Widget English

App to check weather information and the time

Weawow 4.7.7 English
Weawow 4.7.7

Check a detailed weather forecast

RainViewer 2.13.1 English
RainViewer 2.13.1

Rainfall alerts and other weather forecasts

Earthquake Alert! 3.0.5 English

Earthquake detector for cell phones

Foreca Weather 4.30.2 English

Check a very detailed weather forecast

Weather forecast 1.63.245 English

Check the weather forecast on your mobile phone

Weather & Radar - Free 2022.4 English

Check the weather in your city

Weather Live 6.41.2 English
Weather Live 6.41.2

Weather information app for Android

Windfinder 3.2.0 English
Windfinder 3.2.0

Wind info any time of the day

Weather Underground 6.11.0 English

Accurate and detailed weather forecasts

Vibration Meter 1.6.8 English

App to calculate the intensity of earthquakes

My Earthquake Alerts 3.2.1 English

Earthquake warning and recording system

Blueair 3.4.0 English
Blueair 3.4.0

Controls indoor and outdoor air quality

Fishing Forecast 7.28 English

Everything you need to know to improve your fishing skills

Windy 25.0.4 English
Windy 25.0.4

Discover the wind forecast

1Weather English

One of the best weather forecast apps

FarmGo 3.6.2152 English
FarmGo 3.6.2152

Weather forecasts for farms

Netatmo Weather English

Control your personal weather station from your cellphone

MyRadar 8.26.1 English
MyRadar 8.26.1

Radar to know the weather forecast

Yr 5.19.9 English
Yr 5.19.9

Weather forecast app

Yandex.Weather 11.28.1 English

Check the weather forecast

Digital thermometer 24.0 English

Measure the room temperature with your phone

Transparent Clock & Weather 6.1.1 English

Time and weather in the same place

MORECAST 4.1.2 English

Detailed weather information on your phone

Rain Alarm 5.4.1 English
Rain Alarm 5.4.1

Complete information about the rain forecast

Ventusky 19.0 English
Ventusky 19.0

Highly detailed weather forecast