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If you are concerned about air quality and what you are really breathing, BreezoMeter offers you continuously updated data about the air where you are

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Lately, the press media is telling us that the main cities in the world are contaminated to alarming levels. And they are right. Pollution has an impact on the health of citizens, which is why it should be a serious concern. BreezoMeter is an extremely intuitive app that offers us real-time data about air quality, pollen, and the weather.

A fun, intuitive, and professional way to obtain an index of ambient air quality in real-time.

Is the air I am breathing dangerous?

Just start this tool to know the quality of the air we are breathing at the moment. Enter the address or activate the geolocation to consult the data by zones. You can also see a color-coded map so you know the state of air pollution in other places. This app is available in 93 countries, such as Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, or Norway.

Use BreezoMeter to monitor the quality of the surrounding air where you are, and minimize your exposure to outdoor air pollution.

And that is not all. You also have the possibility to receive alerts if the air quality changes and save your preferred locations. On the other hand, you can check the pollen levels classified by plant types, as well as additional useful information:

  • The usual and current air quality index by zones.
  • Local air pollution.
  • Exposure and health recommendations for children, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, and all populations.
  • The air quality forecast in your area.
  • The actual composition of the air you are breathing at the moment.
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