Studies and Training Applications for Android

Let your Android device help you out in your education with these studies and training applications. You'll find tools to prepare exams and study methods

BYJU'S - The Learning App English

Platform for learning and reinforcement of school subjects

Google Classroom 7.6.341.21.85.04 English
Google Classroom 7.6.341.21.85.04

Google's app for educational environments

Brainly 5.54.0 English
Brainly 5.54.0

App for students in difficulty

Socratic by Google English
Socratic by Google

Settle your academic doubts thanks to your smartphone

Utkarsh 4.0.4 English
Utkarsh 4.0.4

Study platform for Indian and international students

DIKSHA 3.4.569 English
DIKSHA 3.4.569

Indian government platform for students, teachers, and parents

Java N-IDE 1.4.5 English
Java N-IDE 1.4.5

Offline Java compiler

Moodle 3.9.5 English
Moodle 3.9.5

The platform linking students and teachers

PRONOTE 0.1.55 English
PRONOTE 0.1.55

Management tool for French schools

Cozmo 3.4.0 English
Cozmo 3.4.0

The app to play with your robot

Doubtnut 7.8.191 English
Doubtnut 7.8.191

Solve your doubts in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology

Khan Academy 7.3.2 English

Learn with thousands of educational videos

Lingokids 7.28.0 English
Lingokids 7.28.0

English lessons for kids

WitBlox 3.6.0 English
WitBlox 3.6.0

Learn about robotics, electronics, Arduino, drone, and 3D printing programming

Quizlet 6.0.3 English
Quizlet 6.0.3

Study with educational cards

Cursa 2.5.4 English
Cursa 2.5.4

Free online courses for studying on your phone

ClassDojo 5.34.3 English
ClassDojo 5.34.3

Application for teachers to follow up on their students

Edmodo 10.43.0 English
Edmodo 10.43.0

Meeting point for teachers and students

Cxxdroid 3.1 English

Learn and program in C++ on your Android

Vedantu 1.6.9 English
Vedantu 1.6.9

E-learning app adapted to the Indian education system

Udemy 7.10.1 English
Udemy 7.10.1

Access the online course platform from your phone

Programming Hero 1.4.35 English

Learn to program with your mobile while having fun

Additio 8.0.4 English
Additio 8.0.4

A complete digital tool for teachers

Domestika English

Online courses for everyone taught by experts

Alison 3.3.61 English
Alison 3.3.61

Free online courses with certificates

Type Race 2021 1.83 English

Improve your mobile typing speed

AWD 0.45 English
AWD 0.45

Create your own professional code on your smartphone

Canvas Student 6.13.0 English

Platform for the management of academic resources

W3Schools 21 English

Learn programming languages on your mobile 8.2.1 English

Interactive tool for children to learn by playing

Learn to Draw 3D 6.5 English

Step-by-step guide to drawing objects in three dimensions

Ruangguru 5.11.1 English
Ruangguru 5.11.1

Indonesian online learning platform for different educational stages

Unacademy 6.6.933 English
Unacademy 6.6.933

Alternative learning method

IndiaBIX 2.2 English

Learn and practice aptitudes for your future job

UACloud 1.0.6 English
UACloud 1.0.6

Access all of the online services offered by the University of Alicante

Cambly 2.19.3 English
Cambly 2.19.3

Find on online English teacher

My Study Life 6.2.7 English

The app for good students

Google Primer 4.420.0 English
Google Primer 4.420.0

Improve your professional skills with Google

Kahoot! 4.6.6 English
Kahoot! 4.6.6

Teaching app for Android based on games

Sight Words 6.5 English

Application to learn how to read