Studies and Training Applications for Android

Let your Android device help you out in your education with these studies and training applications. You'll find tools to prepare exams and study methods

ClassDojo 4.31.2 English
ClassDojo 4.31.2

Application for teachers to follow up on their students

Khan Academy 5.2.1 English

Learn with thousands of educational videos

AnkiDroid Flashcards 2.8.4 English

Study and learn with flashcards

Udemy 4.3.0 English
Udemy 4.3.0

Access the online course platform from your phone

Coursera English

Access the online university from your Android

Sight Words 6.5 English

Application to learn how to read

Craftsy Classes 4.3.2 English

Online crafts classes

Kahoot! English

Teaching app for Android based on games

Edmodo 9.10.0 English
Edmodo 9.10.0

Meeting point for teachers and students

Google Classroom 4.10.392.07.35 English
Google Classroom 4.10.392.07.35

Google's app for educational environments

Google Primer 3.202.1 English
Google Primer 3.202.1

Improve your professional skills with Google

PRONOTE 0.1.29 English
PRONOTE 0.1.29

Management tool for French schools

Grasshopper 1.18.1 English
Grasshopper 1.18.1

Learn to code in JavaScript