Studies and Training Applications for Android

Let your Android device help you out in your education with these studies and training applications. You'll find tools to prepare exams and study methods

Google Classroom 8.0.421.20.90.2 English
Google Classroom 8.0.421.20.90.2

Google's app for educational environments

Brainly 5.117.0 English
Brainly 5.117.0

App for students in difficulty

Kahoot! 5.3.6 English
Kahoot! 5.3.6

Teaching app for Android based on games

Moodle 4.0.2 English
Moodle 4.0.2

The platform linking students and teachers

Khan Academy 7.6.1 English

Learn with thousands of educational videos

PRONOTE 0.1.59 English
PRONOTE 0.1.59

Management tool for French schools

Knowunity 2.47.0 English
Knowunity 2.47.0

Student community for sharing and downloading notes

BYJU'S - The Learning App English

Platform for learning and reinforcement of school subjects

Java N-IDE 1.4.5 English
Java N-IDE 1.4.5

Offline Java compiler

Alison 3.3.87 English
Alison 3.3.87

Free online courses with certificates

Cxxdroid 5.0 English

Learn and program in C++ on your Android

RTO Vehicle Information 10.06 English

Check vehicle information

Socratic by Google English
Socratic by Google

Settle your academic doubts thanks to your smartphone

Doubtnut 7.8.191 English
Doubtnut 7.8.191

Solve your doubts in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology

Periodic Table 2022 0.2.118 English

A virtual periodic table

SoloLearn 4.10.0 English
SoloLearn 4.10.0

Learn different programming languages

Udemy for Business 5.9.0 English

Professional courses for companies and employees

Typing Speed Test 6.8 English

Improve your typing skills using your mobile

GoToWebinar 3.12.2 English
GoToWebinar 3.12.2

Attend online seminars from your mobile device

Lingokids 7.59.0 English
Lingokids 7.59.0

English lessons for kids

Cursa 2.5.4 English
Cursa 2.5.4

Free online courses for studying on your phone

AWD 0.45 English
AWD 0.45

Create your own professional code on your smartphone

ClassDojo 5.55.0 English
ClassDojo 5.55.0

Application for teachers to follow up on their students

Udemy 7.25.0 English
Udemy 7.25.0

Access the online course platform from your phone

Ready Maker 2.5.33 English
Ready Maker 2.5.33

Learn to program and build your virtual worlds

DIKSHA 3.4.569 English
DIKSHA 3.4.569

Indian government platform for students, teachers, and parents

SIS Punjab 5.5.4 English
SIS Punjab 5.5.4

Control your kids' academic activities

Complete Music Reading Trainer 1.2.11-73 English

A video game for learning to read music

Music Theory Helper 2.5 English

A basic music course for learning music theory 8.44.0 English 8.44.0

Interactive tool for children to learn by playing

Learn to Draw 3D 9.7 English

Step-by-step guide to drawing objects in three dimensions

AnkiDroid Flashcards 2.15.6 English

Study and learn with flashcards

Programming Hero 1.4.35 English

Learn to program with your mobile while having fun

HOMER 4.11.0 English
HOMER 4.11.0

Educational program to help kids learn while playing

Platzi 43.76.139 English
Platzi 43.76.139

Educational platform with tons of tech courses

Music Tutor 2.18 English

A virtual music teacher to learn solfège

Learn Computer Course 1.20 English

Complete computer course for beginners

Plickers 4.5.6 English
Plickers 4.5.6

Fantastic assessment tool for teachers

Course Hero 2.9.95 English
Course Hero 2.9.95

The app that helps you to do your homework

Learn Java 3.8.2 English
Learn Java 3.8.2

Learn Java from your smartphone

Learn C++ 3.3.8 English
Learn C++ 3.3.8

Learn to program on your Android

Dcoder 4.0.68 English
Dcoder 4.0.68

Edit and test your code on a smartphone

Sphero Edu 6.1.0 English
Sphero Edu 6.1.0

Program your robot to do cool things

W3Schools 21 English

Learn programming languages on your mobile

Skillshare 5.4.2 English
Skillshare 5.4.2

Online creative class platform

Quizlet 6.10.2 English
Quizlet 6.10.2

Study with educational cards

Blackboard 6.12.0 English
Blackboard 6.12.0

All your grades and course information

12min 1.69.0 English
12min 1.69.0

Learn in twelve minutes

Additio 8.0.4 English
Additio 8.0.4

A complete digital tool for teachers

TinyCards 1.0 English

Quickly learn anything by playing fun games

BlinkLearning 5.0.0 English

eLearning platform present in thousands of schools

Leo con Grin 5.5.164 English
Leo con Grin 5.5.164

Fun reading course to start learning

PragerU 3.1.4 English
PragerU 3.1.4

Educational videos that will open your mind

Teachmint 5.14.0 English
Teachmint 5.14.0

Online teaching platform

Vivace 3.9.0 English
Vivace 3.9.0

Practical exercises for learning to read music

Read Music 1.0.60 English
Read Music 1.0.60

Learn to read music by practicing on your phone

BrainPOP 2.2.11 English
BrainPOP 2.2.11

App featuring educational movies on a range of subjects

StudySmarter 7.0.1 English

Study cards and other educational resources

Computer Networks 2.1.37 English

Learn the basics of computer science and programming

Computer Course 75.0 English

Computer course for beginners

Canvas Teacher 1.14.1 English

Digital platform for teachers, students and parents

Seesaw Class 7.7.5 English

Educational platform to inspire students

Stepik 1.204 English
Stepik 1.204

Free online courses on technology and computing

STEPapp 2.0.16 English
STEPapp 2.0.16

Turn learning into a game

Klassly 6.2.1 English
Klassly 6.2.1

A communication channel between parents and teachers

3D Brain 1.0.3 English
3D Brain 1.0.3

Learn the secrets of the brain

Shaw Academy 3.89 English

Take online courses from your mobile

SchoolFox 6.3.0 English
SchoolFox 6.3.0

A communication platform for schools

LinkedIn Learning 0.234.5 English

Acquire the necessary skills for your professional development

Type Race 2021 1.93 English

Improve your mobile typing speed

BirdNET 1.83 English
BirdNET 1.83

Identify bird sounds with your smartphone

CppDroid 3.3.3 English
CppDroid 3.3.3

Learn to program on your Android

Canvas Student 6.14.1 English

Platform for the management of academic resources

WitBlox 3.6.0 English
WitBlox 3.6.0

Learn about robotics, electronics, Arduino, drone, and 3D printing programming

Cozmo 3.4.0 English
Cozmo 3.4.0

The app to play with your robot

Codecademy Go 1.14.0 English

Learn programming on your Android

edX 2.26.2 English
edX 2.26.2

Mobile online courses from educational centers around the world

Enki 2.8.0 English
Enki 2.8.0

Learn JavaScript, Python, CSS and more

Programming Hub 5.1.50 English

Learn how to program on your Android

Brainscape 1.0.1611867404 English
Brainscape 1.0.1611867404

Flashcards collection to optimize your studies

StudyBlue 5.63 English
StudyBlue 5.63

A community to share learning cards

Cram 1.6.5 English
Cram 1.6.5

Set of flashcards to study

Noon Academy 4.3.10 English
Noon Academy 4.3.10

App for studying and learning online

MasterClass 2.19.0 English
MasterClass 2.19.0

Platform for master classes given by experts

ChalkLit 8.0.0 English
ChalkLit 8.0.0

Platform with resouces and tools for teachers

Vedantu 1.6.9 English
Vedantu 1.6.9

E-learning app adapted to the Indian education system

Mimo 3.81 English
Mimo 3.81

Learn how to program today

Drawing & Painting 2.28 English

Learn different drawing techniques

ANTON 1.7.3 English
ANTON 1.7.3

A home learning application

MEB E-OKUL VBS 2.0.8 English

Information app for parents of Turkish students

SchoolNet 1.35.1 English
SchoolNet 1.35.1

Latin American school management platform

IndiaBIX 2.2 English

Learn and practice aptitudes for your future job

Classic Anatomy 1.1.6 English

Play with human anatomy

Edubook 3.4.9 English
Edubook 3.4.9

The app to work with the digital book by Vicens Vives

esemtia 6.0 English
esemtia 6.0

Oversee the academic performance of your children

My Study Life 6.2.7 English

The app for good students

Grasshopper 2.66.2 English
Grasshopper 2.66.2

Learn to code in JavaScript

Google Primer 4.501.1 English
Google Primer 4.501.1

Improve your professional skills with Google

Edmodo 10.60.4 English
Edmodo 10.60.4

Meeting point for teachers and students

Sight Words 6.5 English

Application to learn how to read

Coursera 3.29.0 English
Coursera 3.29.0

Access the online university from your Android