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Would you like to become a Java developer? The Learn Java application offers users easy to follow lessons to learn Java programming, step by step.


Learn Java from your smartphone

April 29, 2022
7 / 10

We all suffer from the endemic problem of lack of time. We don't have time to have fun, relax, cook or study. Or do we? With this educational app by the SoloLearn studio, you can learn Java programming anytime, anywhere, and put your coding skills into practice. All you need to do is download the free APK file and put yourself to the task.

A programming course with uncomplicated and effective lessons

Learn Java is an app that invites users to learn Java on your cell-phone. Through an elegant and beautiful interface, you can study 64 lessons to learn to code in this programming language step by step.

Lessons have exercises to help reinforce what you have learned. You will go from the basic concepts and build on them, unlocking other more interesting topics, such as conditionals, loops, arrays, classes, and objects, among others. And, at the end of the course, we will obtain an official SoloLearn certificate.

Learn Java in a vastly improved environment with more lessons, opportunities for real exercises, and community support.

One of the most interesting details of this app is the users' comments, who give their two cents worth in each fragment of the lessons and exercises. On the other hand, this learning platform includes a tool for writing code and compiling and numerous examples of ready-made programs to learn from them.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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