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If you want direct communication with your teachers and to be able to see your grades and your school is signed up to Blackboard, this is the app you need

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If when you were a student you had to hound your teachers to get them to bring the grades and exams to class, or if you had to go to their offices to find the information stuck to the door, or had to write down homework or test dates in a notebook, then you must be getting on a bit.

These days the majority of schools and universities either have their own app or use a third-party service to facilitate task management and communication between students and teachers and is even a place where for doing homework and assignments directly.

What to see and do in Blackboard

Blackboard is one of these services and if your school or college uses it you will have an assigned ID number and a password in order to be able to access all the information it features. As a student, you will have access to the following:

  • Updated information on all courses and content.
  • Do tests and assignments right from the app.
  • See all your grades for coursework and exams.
  • Organize Collaborate sessions for distance learning.
Requirements and additional information:
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