MEB E-OKUL VBS offers parents and legal guardians of Turkish students detailed reports of their kids' academic performance including grades and attendance

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It has to be acknowledged that children today have it tougher in some respects than we ever did: technology means that their parents can get detailed reports on their academic performance whenever they want. As is the case with MEB E-OKUL VBS.

The app from the Turkish Ministry of Education

With this application from the nice, friendly, not-at-all extremist and basic-individual-rights-defending Turkish government, parents of children in their education system are able to see the central information regarding the academic performance of their offspring. It offers information like the following:

  • Information on class attendance.
  • Exam dates.
  • Subject grades.
  • School notices.
  • Books read.

Using this app parents and guardians will be able to monitor students more closely and will therefore be more able to contribute to improvements in their academic performance, so that the students will grow up to be the good people of tomorrow.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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Sean Mitchell
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