Language Learning Applications for Android

Learn different languages from your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to several learning methods that make the most of the functions of mobile devices

Tandem 1.8.8 English
Tandem 1.8.8

Learn to speak other languages by means of conversation exchanges

Monki Chinese Class 4.4.0 English

Learn Chinese from your smartphone

Mondly 6.3.0 English
Mondly 6.3.0

Alternative to Duolingo learn languages

Duolingo 4.3.1 English
Duolingo 4.3.1

The app to learn languages on your Android

TripLingo 6.0.0 English
TripLingo 6.0.0

Learn Spanish adapted to your needs

Babbel 20.4.0 English
Babbel 20.4.0

Learn languages in an entertaining manner

Listen & Speak 1.8.3 English

A personal language teacher on your phone

busuu English

Interactive exercises and quizzes to learn many languages

Memrise 2.94_9707 English
Memrise 2.94_9707

Learn languages with a revolutionary method

VocApp 3.0.62 English
VocApp 3.0.62

Method to learn languages from your phone

LingLing 1.1.242 English
LingLing 1.1.242

Learn English in only ten months

Vocabulary Notebook 2.1 English

A notebook to learn words in other languages

English with Lingualeo 2.7.0 English

Intuitive system to learn English with Android