Language Learning Applications for Android

Learn different languages from your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to several learning methods that make the most of the functions of mobile devices

Tandem 2.4.2 English
Tandem 2.4.2

Learn to speak other languages by means of conversation exchanges

HelloTalk 4.2.0 English
HelloTalk 4.2.0

Practice languages with native speakers

Duolingo 5.3.4 English
Duolingo 5.3.4

The app to learn languages on your Android

HelloChinese 5.6.4 English

Learn Mandarin Chinese while playing and having fun

Scripts 33.15 English
Scripts 33.15

Learn languages and characters at full speed

Monki Chinese Class 4.4.0 English

Learn Chinese from your smartphone

Rosetta Stone 8.7.0 English

App for learning a range of languages

Cake 2.9.3 English
Cake 2.9.3

Simple system to learn English with videos

Mondly 7.9.0 English
Mondly 7.9.0

Alternative to Duolingo learn languages

WordUp Vocabulary 3.0.1 English

Learn English at your own pace and without getting bored

Wlingua English 4.0.6 English

Improve your English from your phone

Andy 3.0.0 English
Andy 3.0.0

Learn English by chatting with a chatbot

Arabic Learning for Kids 6.3.3582 English

Arabic course for children

Le Conjugueur 2.82 English

App for conjugating verbs in French

Learn German. Speak German 7.8.0 English

Learn German comfortably on your Android

HiNative 8.22.1 English
HiNative 8.22.1

Learn languages with the help of native speakers

Kanji Study 4.7.0 English

The ultimate tool you need to learn kanji

LingoDeer 2.99.65 English
LingoDeer 2.99.65

Learn languages with this visual app

ABA English 5.6.8 English

English learning method

Fun English 22.0.3 English
Fun English 22.0.3

A colorful tool for kids to learn English

British Council LearnEnglish Grammar 3.9.5 English

Excellent app to practice and improve your English

Memrise 2.94_25011 English
Memrise 2.94_25011

Learn languages with a revolutionary method

Innovative 101 2.5.5 English

Learn dozens of languages with your smartphone

JA Sensei 5.4.0a English
JA Sensei 5.4.0a

An all-in-one course for learning Japanese on your Android

FunEasyLearn Arabic 6.3.5 English

Free and easy Arabic course

Learn Spanish Phrases 14.0.1 English

Learn the most useful words in Spanish

Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic 7.10.0 English

Free course to learn Arabic on smartphones

Learn Russian. Speak Russian 7.10.0 English

A fast, fun, and free Russian course

Learn Italian for Beginners 4.9 English

Italian course for beginners with lots of games

SpeakTribe Spanish 2.5.10 English

Learn the most practical Spanish

Drops: Learn Russian 35.66 English

Excellent app for learning Russian with Android

FunEasyLearn Italian 6.3.2 English

Learn the basic words of Italian while having fun

Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish 7.8.0 English

Learn Spanish with the Mondly Method

Learn Italian. Speak Italian 7.8.0 English

42/5000 Learn to speak Italian with your Android!

Drops: Learn Arabic 35.66 English

Your app to learn Arabic

Wlingua Spanish 4.0.5 English

Learn Spanish once and for all

italki 3.23.2 English
italki 3.23.2

Learn languages with native teachers

Lingvist 2.65.7 English
Lingvist 2.65.7

Learn languages at your own pace

DW Learn German 1.0.1 English

Free German course adapted to all levels

Learn French Phrases 14.1.0 English

Learn the most commonly used sentences in French