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April 17, 2020
8 / 10

Chinese is clearly the language of the future and that our Asian neighbors do not make things easy for us… We talking about an extremely complex language that requires years of study and learning to achieve good understanding, writing, and speaking skills.

This app puts all the necessary tools at our disposal to help us and facilitate the way, and these tools are all welcome. Pleco, for example, is a comprehensive learning system with different and useful features: several dictionaries, a document reader, a memory card system to learn the different Kanjis and an OCR system to recognize or search for words.

Main features

Among the different available options for Android, this is probably one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive one, thanks to the following functions:

  • It includes very good free dictionaries (up to 10 through additional downloads) and many more via in-app payments.
  • Users can draw kanji they do not recognize for the app to recognize them.
  • The app includes an OCR recognition system to recognize the words that users need to understand.
  • It includes audio pronunciation of more than 34,000 words.
  • Supports traditional and simplified characters, Zhuyin and Pinyin.
  • It includes videos with animations to learn to trace each Chinese character.

Requirements and additional information:

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