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3.0.1 Do you want to learn English and improve your vocabulary? WordUp Vocabulary is a language learning app for Android that will help you learn new words
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When we are learning a language, one of the most important parts we have to study is the vocabulary. Grammar helps us to know how to express ourselves, but we cannot express ourselves if we do not know the words. This fantastic educational app developed by the Geeks studio helps us learn English vocabulary every day and reinforce the knowledge we already have. Let us show you how it works.

Strengthen your English vocabulary

Once you have installed the WordUp Vocabulary APK file on your Android, you will have to perform a small test, indicating the words you know and those you do not. The system will then tell you what your level is compared to a native and encourage you to continue to expand your knowledge.

To do this, this app is based on a daily system of short duration depending on your interests, time, and needs. This way, you can choose from four objectives:

  • Casual: five minutes a day and 600 words a year.
  • Regular: ten minutes a day and 1,100 words a year.
  • Serious: 15 minutes a day and 1,500 words a year.
  • Champion: 20 minutes a day and 1,800 words a year.

This is different from any application of vocabulary you have ever seen!

Each word you search for and learn comes with a description in the language you want and the pronunciation in audio recorded by native speakers. You can choose between an English or an American accent. You will also be able to watch videos, famous quotes, examples in sentences, and news where the word you are working with is used. In this way, the system tries to make you "live" and feel the word so that it is engraved in your memory.

All the words you need to know in English

With this app you can learn the 20,000 most useful words of the English vocabulary, learning a handful of them every day and being able to review them the following days and months with the spaced repetition function. Additionally, it includes a section with movies and TV shows, where you can search for what you are going to watch and learn the related vocabulary while enjoying the movie. However, this function corresponds to the pro version of the app.

You can also test your knowledge with exams, this option is especially suitable for intermediate and advanced English students and native speakers who want to expand their vocabulary. However, if you have just started your journey in the English language, it may not be the most suitable platform for you, as you will need to have a basic knowledge of the language to be able to explore its full potential.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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