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36.4 Have you firmly resolved that you are going to learn a language? Drops suggests a quick and visual method that will only take five minutes of your day
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The developers of Language Drops surprise us again with this proposal for Android with which we can learn a lot of languages by dedicating it only five minutes a day. This is based on a very visual learning system through simple exercises and games, starting with the letters and following more complex vocabulary. Although you can indicate it the level of difficulty yourself. Right now, it is available for these languages and dialects:

  • Arabic.
  • Yue Chinese.
  • Mandarin Chinese.
  • Danish.
  • Dutch.
  • American English.
  • British English.
  • German.
  • Mexican Spanish.
  • Spanish from Spain.
  • Esperanto.
  • Finnish.
  • French.
  • Greek.
  • Hawaiian.
  • Hebrew.
  • Hindi.
  • Hungarian.
  • Indonesian.
  • Icelandic.
  • Italian.
  • Japanese.
  • Māori.
  • Norwegian.
  • Polish.
  • Brazilian Portuguese.
  • European Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Samoan.
  • Swedish.
  • Tagalog.
  • Thailandese.
  • Turkish.
  • Vietnamese.
Drops eliminates "boring" language learning.

Try this new language learning system

Learning a new language is usually very tedious and boring. Drops eliminates that problem through a very intuitive system that is based on a system of minimalist illustrations and small fast-paced games. In addition, they limit each daily lesson to five minutes, so they get this app to create a certain addiction so you want to use it again and again, instead of being scared, as with a traditional study method.

Each lesson is supported by drawings, ideograms (if they exist in the language) and audios with voices that pronounce each word clearly. Also, you always start with a small review and then quickly move on to new content and you can make the most of your five minutes a day.

If you want to learn a language and you don't have time to lose, it's worth checking it out. Its design is impeccable, although if you want to enjoy all its features you will have to go through the checkout counter.

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María Eugenia Morón
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